Monday, November 13, 2017

#onedayhh 2017 and the germs that won't quit

thursday of last week was #onedayhh (one day happy hour) on instagram. i have participated in it for the last 3 years (20162015, 2014) and wanted to do it again. basically you post a picture from each hour of your day with a caption and use the hashtag #onedayhh. i personally looooove getting a glimpse into people's day (nosey and i know it!). :) my day was pretty darn boring and i considered quitting around noon, but people commented on my pictures saying they loved following along, so it gave me confidence to finish out the day. they were so sweet to lie to me. ha! 

so, here are the pictures i posted for it, along with some captions: 

7:45am // it's a school day so we're all up and at 'em. not that the kids are ever asleep at 7:45 on a non-school day, let's be real ;) thatcher is leaving for work shortly. the kids have eaten and gotten dressed and are watching their shows. i have showered and am eating my breakfast. we have an hour til it's time to leave to drop off azalea. no school for ashford on thursdays. 

8:50am // we drop off azalea at school and ashford plays out front for a few minutes. the sun came out briefly and the trees around the school lit up. many of the leaves in our neighborhood have dropped all their leaves, but the ones around the school still look spectacular. we head home to play for an hour before we need to leave for his swimming lesson. 

9:45am // ashford has been a basket case since we got home. super whiney and rolling around on the floor. he asks for a snack and i make it for him, then he throws himself on the floor because he doesn't want to eat it. he asks me to play a game with him, then he throws himself on the floor because he can't decide what game he wants to play. he is also telling me that he does not want to go to swimming. i can't quite tell if it's because he's not feeling well or if it's because he knows it's a new session and there will be new kids (we already missed the first week of the session due to sickness. i hate to miss another of the 7 week course). decisions...

10:45am // i got out all the swimming stuff to see if i could get him to rally and go, but no luck. i decided not to push it. we could easily get all the way there and have him refuse to get in the pool or something, so i'd rather just give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not feeling well and wait another week. this is par for the course when it comes to parenthood right? things never go as expected. i keep in mind there are worse things than missing a swimming class or two. 

11:45am // it's lunch time! i heat up leftover trader joes spinach pie (so good!) for me, and ashford asks for a snack lunch, which consists of crackers, cheese, turkey, and some fruit. easy peasy. i have a sparkling water every day with lunch. i used to hate them and randomly tried a la croix a few months ago and realized i'm in love. i blame my fellow women's business incubator board members for my addiction. they are all obsessed. i've been trying other brands too and my favorite is target's simple truth. ashford is clearly tired at lunch, but he usually fights a nap. i'm hoping today he will take one. 

12:45pm // huzzah! ashford is asleep. i had to lay down with him for 30 minutes, but it happened! now i'm under a blanket doing my book keeping work for the day. christmas music is on! soaking up the peacefulness while i can. :) 

1:45pm // ashford is still asleep. i'm done with my work for the day, so i decide to throw in some laundry. i do a load a day to keep up with it. i swear when i skip a day, every basket in the house is overflowing. yikes! 

3:15pm // i finally woke up ashford a 3pm because we needed to get ready to go pick up azalea at school. he was tired! i decided to do an outfit pic for this one, because why not? 

4:15pm // we usually check the mail when we get home from school and today was no exception. i was excited to see my holiday pj pants came in the mail from h&m. it's the little things! the kids have a snack and i try to keep the peace until the tv goes on at 5pm. 

6:00pm // breakfast for dinner tonight! pancakes! we do this about once a week because it's so easy and the kids love it. we are waiting for thatcher to get home from work, then we will eat. then i'm scooting out the door to meet my friends vanessa and casey to see bad moms christmas! i can't wait after being cooped up all day. 

10:00pm // i'm home from the movie. it was really sweet and of course hilarious. i loved it just as much as the first one! i was so thankful for a night out with friends (it was my first time hanging out with casey. we recently met because her daughter is in azalea's gymnastics class and their family is new to seattle). i always joke that asking new moms to hang out is like mom dating. so there you go! my day was pretty boring overall, but it was still fun to share. 

and a quick weekend recap: warning - more sickness ahead! after having a sore throat for most of the week last week, by friday it had gotten really painful so i decided to go to the walk-in clinic. i was convinced it was just a bad cold because i didn't have a fever, but low and behold my strep test came out positive. ok then! i got my antibiotics and headed home. thatcher didn't feel great over the weekend either and got tested for strep, but his came out negative. we took turns taking care of the kids and resting. 

then on sunday, thatcher and ashford boarded a plane for colorado to attend thatcher's grandma's memorial. they are gone until wednesday, so it's just me and the girly who goes to school for 6.5 hours a day. it feels so weird, but i'm excited to have some easy parenting days this week :) 

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