Thursday, November 10, 2016

a day in the life: #onedayhh

this is the third time i've written one of these posts (after participating in #onedayhh on instagram). see 2015 and 2014. if you aren't familiar with it, #onedayhh is when you post one picture for each hour of your day on instagram. it's sort of a fun way to see the "boring" parts of peoples' day that don't normally make the cut on social media. just like the last two years, i discovered it was #onedayhh while scrolling through my instagram feed while eating breakfast on november 2nd (so this is over a week old now). i decided to jump right in. hope you enjoy the look at an average day at our house (it's okay if you are rolling your eyes, i know it is a little silly)...but fun!

7:30 am // our day actually started at about 7:00 (which is sleeping in), but as i mentioned, i didn't know it was #onedayhh until breakfast time. the kids always eat breakfast first thing when they wake up (i usually do as well). at 7:30 they had already eaten and moved into the living room to watch their shows. i like to get them taken care of and then eat (sort of) in peace while they are in the living room. this particular morning i had coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and an open-faced egg and sausage sandwich on toast. that's a pretty fancy breakfast for me, but we had all the ingredients and it sounded good :)

8:30 am // i am ready for the day and quickly make azalea's lunch before it's time to turn off the tv. she eats pretty much the same lunch every day: half a turkey, cheese, and mustard sandwich, goldfish (or a granola bar), grapes, and carrots. 1/3 to 1/2 of it comes home with her every day. sighhh. i mentally prepare myself for the war that is about to go down for the next 45 minutes before we leave for school: lots of sibling fighting, refusals to get dressed, etc. we might need to make some changes to our morning routine, because it's been the bane of my existence lately! 2-3 hours to kill every morning before school is too much!

9:30 am // we are on our (2 block) walk to drop off azalea at school. it's been raining almost every day for.....ever. i guess this is seattle right? but it's starting to get to me. not just a little rain, but lots of it! we hug and kiss azalea goodbye until 3:45 and ashford and i head home before we are supposed to meet up with some friends at a coffee shop.

10:30 am // we are at royal drummer cafe in our neighborhood. last week i got a text from some of the preschool (now kindergarten) parents we have been friends with since last year, asking if anyone wanted to meet up at the coffee shop this morning. it was a lot of fun, but things have sure changed this year - all of the younger siblings (who are 3 and 4 years old) are all in preschool now but ashford isn't yet, so he was the only kid of the group. thank goodness for the toy area they have there!

11:30 am // we have left royal drummer and headed down the hill a couple blocks to the qfc grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner, diapers, and some other random things that make their way into our cart. we got the "car cart" and ashford got his free apple (a promo for kids), so he was pretty content.

12:30 pm // we've eaten our lunch (leftover taco for me and pretzels/hummus/cheese/fruit for ashford) and now we are playing for a bit before it's nap time. ashford really wants me to play with him a lot lately and sometimes i lose perspective of how fleeting this time is with him and grumble about all the things i "need" to get done instead. so i try to make an effort to put all of that on the back burner a couple times a day and just concentrate on playing with him. i also start wondering how nap time will play out. he's been back to napping consistently but every so often he refuses to go down, which makes for a long afternoon.

1:30 pm // nap time was a success! ashford is asleep and i decide to take 15 minutes to veg out on the couch and look at my phone before i need to start working on book keeping for work. i savor every second of it!

2:30 pm // i had a work call from 2-2:40, followed by crossing some things off my 'to do' list. i work for anywhere from 30-90 minutes on any given day. i'm so thankful that this working remotely gig with my employer from minneapolis has worked out so well.

3:30 pm // i usually have to wake ashford up when it's time to pick up azalea from school and today was no different. i'm excited to step outside and discover there is no precipitation falling from the sky!! :) the end of the school day can be a little hectic, but it's nice to see my girl. i always let the kids play on the playground for 30 minutes or so to burn off energy and kill some time before dinner.

4:30 pm // azalea always wants a snack when she gets home (and so does ashford because he always wants to eat, period!) they've been really into kix cereal lately. i hadn't eaten it in years and randomly bought it for myself and they love it. it's low in sugar, so that's nice! they each have a bowl and i eat a small snack too.

5:30 pm // thatcher is on the bus, the kids are watching their shows again, and it's time for me to start making dinner. tonight is noodles and zoodles (zucchini noodles). thatcher is making some changes to his diet in an effort to relieve some stomach issues he's been having, so he isn't eating regular pasta right now. i had been wanting to try making zoodles for a long time, so i bought a spiral cutter from fred meyer and we've done it a few times. they are really good. not as filling or satisfying as regular pasta, but i've been doing 1/2 pasta and 1/2 zoodles in my bowl and i love it! the kids eat regular pasta (with their choice of tomato or pesto sauce) with a few zoodles on the side as their veggie. leftover halloween candy for dessert, of course!

6:30 pm // dinner is done and we're cleaning up the dishes. this was about the time i started hitting a wall. i've been feeling sort of tired and rundown this week (maybe after all my wedding fun?) but either way, i sort of lost momentum on posting for the rest of the night. the kids have a tendency to get very squirrly after dinner and it often feels like bedtime can't come soon enough. this was definitely one of those nights.

10:00 pm // i climb into bed after getting the kids down, doing a load of laundry, writing a blog post and staring at my phone for a good while. i should have gone to bed earlier, considering how tired i was, but oh well. the day is done and it's time to rest up and do it all over again tomorrow. i wouldn't trade my life for the world, but it wears me out most days.

so, there you have it! hope you enjoyed it (if you made it all the way through).

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