Monday, November 17, 2014

a day in the life...

i've been meaning to do one of these posts for years (seriously!) since they are some of my favorites to read on others' blogs. there's just something fun about seeing what other people's day to day lives look like. the stuff that doesn't normally make the cut on the blog :) so, here was our day last friday when i was home with the kids. in all of it's perfect boring-ness: 

5:40 am

ashford starts crying in his crib. he also woke at 3:45, but apparently he is ready to be up for the day now. his crying wakes azalea and of course she is ready to start her day too. usually they last until at least 6am, but apparently not today! here we go! thatcher gets up as well to get ready for work. ashford and i make our way to the living room couch for a little snuggle/nursing session and i look at my phone to find this: 

really mn? it's mid-november, not january! so not ready for this...not that i ever am! 

6:00 am

azalea and thatcher have already had their breakfast, so ashford and i eat together. cheerios and vanilla yogurt for him, english muffin with peanut butter and jam for me. 

7:30 am

thatcher is gone for the day. azalea watches some peppa pig on the computer while i put ashford down for a nap.

 yes, at 7:30am. haha. partly because he woke up so early and partly because he's showing signs of a little cold, so he is re-ady! while he sleeps, i quickly change into clothes (no shower), throw on a little make up and brush my hair. i go clean up the kitchen from breakfast and sweep the floor. 

8:00 am  

i tell azalea it's time to turn off her videos (which is always a battle. today was better than some days). we get her dressed for preschool (another usual battle, but today we play the "how fast can we changes your clothes" game and she thinks it's hilarious. mom win!). ashford sleeps up until it's time for preschool, so azalea and i get some good one on one time. we snuggle in my bed, read some books, and she plays independently for a while. 

9:15 am

we are out the door for preschool, which is just a few blocks away. it's currently 11 degrees out, so we drive (also because ashford and i are planning to run errands after). we get to preschool and learn that her normal teacher "miss jan" is sick and there is a sub named "miss ann". some of the kids are upset by this, but thankfully azalea didn't mind after i assured her that miss ann would be fun! ashford and i head out on our errands. we drive to the bank to deposit some checks for my work only to have me notice that i forgot to stamp the backs of them (arg!), so we leave instead. we head to target (our weekly date). i'm a sucker for getting starbucks whenever i step foot in target, so we order and wait for my drink. 

can you tell he's not feeling like himself? poor guy. ps. i ordered a chestnut praline latte for the first time. i was a little skeptical, but oh my it was delicious! i liked it more than the gingerbread one. breaking news, i know ;) we make our way around target and i (mostly) stick to the list. hehe. 

11:00 am

we get home, put the groceries away, and sit down for a little nursing session again. i love my little snuggle bug. i also eat some lunch (leftover smoked salmon pasta), so i can concentrate on the kids' lunch after we pick up azalea. 

12:00 pm

we pick up azalea from preschool. she had a fun morning. they strung beads on pipe cleaners, had a snack, read stories, and sang songs. she's always so excited to see me, i love it! 

12:15 pm 

azalea refuses to come inside because she wants to "shovel". mind you it's still only 17 degrees out at this point. 

i persuade her to come in about 3 minutes later. whew! i make them lunch. and by "make" i mean, re-heat left over mac and cheese from noodles and co in the microwave and cut up some clementines. we are fancy. 

12:45 pm 

both kids go down for their afternoon naps at the same time (high five!). i clean up the kitchen from lunch, throw in some laundry and sit down to start writing this post. i try to find a balance between being productive while they sleep and taking some "me time" as well. ashford ends up sleeping for almost 2 hours, which was a welcomed surprise!

2:30 pm 

ashford wakes up and we play while we wait for azalea to wake. i also fold the laundry from the dryer. 

3:15 pm

azalea is up from her nap and asks for a snack. this girl eats lunch right before her nap and always asks for a snack the second she gets up. haha. then we play until thatcher gets home. 

5:15 pm 

thatcher is home early. yay friday! there are two excited kiddos (and an excited mama) in our house. 

6:00 pm

after hemming and hawing for quite some time about what to have for dinner, we decide on culver's because it's friday and we don't feel like cooking. (pretty typical).

7:15 pm

i nurse ashford and put him down to sleep

8:00 pm 

thatcher and i tag team putting azalea to bed. it's quite the process lately with lots of excuses and "one more kiss" "i need water" and so on. 

8:45 pm

i put on my jammies, brush my teeth and get into bed. no, i don't usually go to bed that early, but my throat had started hurting during the day, so i thought i'd better get a good night's sleep before my 6 am wake up call on saturday morning ;) 

nighty night! 

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~Dawn~ said...

I love these posts, too!! I've briefly done one last year, but would love to do another one as our days/weeks always change.

Wasn't it genius to put a Starbucks in Target stores?? It gets me every time, too!
Looks like you guys had a great day - I hope Ashford is feeling better.


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