Thursday, January 18, 2018

what i wore...since last summer

i've realized it takes me about 6 months to have enough outfit posts on instagram to do one of these posts. i have to admit, it's kinda fun to write about something other than our weekends. so hopefully you don't mind! you'll also notice that a ton of my pieces came from goodwill. you guys, the goodwill in my neighborhood is nuts. i cannot believe how nice the stuff is there. you don't even have to wade through ugly stuff, it's just all cute! which is dangerous ;) so, without further ado, here are some of my favorite outfits i've worn since last july. 

1. this is my most recent outfit post on instagram. i've been seeing lots cute cranberry corduroys out there lately and decided i needed to jump on that train. i haven't owned any cords in probably 15 years, so it feels like branching out. i ordered these from nordstrom, they were on sale for $35. i honestly don't like to pay much more than that for pants, so i knew i had to really love them when they arrived. and i did! the color is so pretty, they are flattering and comfortable. sold! the cream sweater is from old navy and is starting to pill big time, so i need to find a replacement, because i love it. finally, the shoes (which i might love even more than the pants) were a $14 find from ross! that place can be really hit or miss, but these were a big win. they are the perfect blend of a bootie and a tennis shoe. they are super comfortable and i wear them pretty much any time it's not raining. 

2. this cranberry cardigan (seeing a color theme?) was a goodwill find. it was brand new with the tags still on. love that! it's from charlotte russe and it definitely runs small (probably because it's meant for teens - ha). i love the curved cut of it, which is different from all my other cardigans. the gray tank is from a boutique in my neighborhood (kick it boutique). the black jeans are from gap, and while i love them, they have gotten super faded after only a year, so i might need to retire them. black jeans are the worst with fading. anyone have a brand of black jeans that keep their color?

3. this green cardigan (i love me some cardigans!) came from old navy this fall. i love the color, it's a nice and thick, and didn't break the bank. looking at this picture, i don't really love the combo of the cardigan with the flowy white shirt, but live and learn. the white shirt is from target over a year ago and the leggings are zella from nordstrom. have we talked about these leggings? they are the absolute best! i was a little scared off by the price tag (they usually are about $50), but i found this pair at nordstrom rack for $25. they are the most comfy, flattering leggings ever, and they are high-waisted. the leopard flats i ordered from a couple years ago. they are super cute, but i don't wear them a ton because they aren't the most comfortable shoes. 

4. this is a pretty simple outfit, but i love it. the gray sweater is from old navy via goodwill. i've been trying to add to my pull-over sweater collection because they are so easy to wear and nice and warm in the winter. the jeans are old navy rockstars, which i definitely recommend! even if you don't think old navy jeans fit you. give them a try! they go on sale quite often. the boots i snagged for $20 at target at the end of the season last year. i get so many compliments on them and they look so much more expensive than they are! score. 

5. look at me stepping up my game with a scarf. haha! i can't even remember where i got this scarf. somewhere when we lived in minneapolis. i've definitely been drifting more towards neutral-colored outfits in the last year because they look so effortlessly chic. this black cardigan is from old navy (i buy lots at old navy if you couldn't tell). the striped tee is from h&m...and got a hole in it shortly after i bought it. boo! we already talked about the black jeans. the booties have shown up in lots of my outfit posts, i bought them at h&m over a year ago and they have held up really well. they go with everything. i will definitely be getting another similar pair when they bite the dust. 

6. oh look, it's me not in front of the mirror. :) i realized after i made this collage that it cropped out my pretty coral colored denim jacket. bummer! the polka dot shirt is from jcrew via goodwill. the jeans were very short-lived in my wardrobe. i bought them at goodwill and loved the distressed knees, but one day i ripped one of the knee holes while putting them on and they didn't look cute anymore. womp womp. tan booties again. and my favorite tote bag from old navy. for only $25 (at the time i bought it), it has held up pretty well. i call it my "mom bag" because it holds a lot - of snacks. 

7. i like to think of this as my summer to fall transition look. i love the look of shorts with a long sleeved shirt, but it's such a short amount of time that the weather is right to wear that combo. the top is old navy (surprise surprise) via goodwill. it's a boyfriend fit top, so it's sort of wide and boxy, but i like it. the shorts are american eagle via goodwill. they are pretty tight fitting, but i can adjust the length which is nice. 

8. hello coffee! ok, moving on. my striped top is bitten (sara jessica parker's line) via goodwill. i feel like i've shown it on here before. oh well. the periwinkle pants are from loft via buffalo exchange. i go back and forth with these pants. some times i adore them and sometimes i'm not feelin' them. they are sort of a springy color, so maybe that's why.

9. the downside to these small pics is that my cute teal earrings are not easy to see. they really made the outfit because aside from them, this outfit is nothing special. the teal earrings came from nordstrom rack. the shirt i already talked about in #5. the jeans are my favorite old navy rockstars ever. they don't sell them anymore and mine are starting to get really worn out, but i refuse to give them up!  

10. i need to remember to have more of this type of outfit in my life this summer. i'm kind of obsessed! the gray tank is in #2 (i didn't realize i used so many pieces multiple times). the skirt is from old navy a couple years ago and honestly i was just thinking of parting with it because i never feel like wearing it, but seeing this picture makes me change my mind! i don't even remember where the orange belt came from. i have a few different skinny belts and i rarely wear them, so this is good inspiration to start again. 

11. i bought this navy tank top from old navy last spring (for around $6) and it promptly got a hole in the front, so i had to retire it. the skirt is jcrew via goodwill. i love this skirt (the color and the style), but the hem started coming undone at the bottom and it's a linen skirt, so i need to figure out how to fix it by summer. i wore these cognac sandals allll last summer. they are from old navy. i will definitely be wearing them again or getting new ones if they are falling apart. 

12. this last picture is just filler for fun ;) it was from my birthday weekend last summer when i had a little shopping date with myself at buffalo exchange. the chambray top i'm wearing is old navy via goodwill, but it's super old and practically white now. i really need a new one because they are so versatile. of those dresses on the right, i bought the pink lace one with short sleeves. i have yet to wear it, though. maybe this spring or summer. it would be really cute for a wedding, but i don't go to many of those these days.  

so, there we go. see you again in another 6 months, outfit post :) 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

martin luther king weekend

this past week has felt like spring in seattle and it makes me so happy! it's been in the 50's and sunny. we've been soaking it up because while i'm sure the worst of winter (haha, what is that?) is done here, we could definitely get more cold and snow...but maybe not?

friday i volunteered in azalea's class. they were doing a planting science experiment and her teacher needed my help prepping for it and assisting the kids. it will be fun to watch the seeds grow.

friday night we stayed in, scrounged up dinner (i'm in such a rut with planning meals lately), and got the kids to bed after overdue showers for them. switching to showers has been a game-changer. so much quicker than baths!

saturday morning we ventured out on some errands. we needed to get a birthday gift for ashford's best buddy ewan's 4th birthday party later that day. we went to fred meyer and let the kids pick out a gift (azalea was very adamant that she wanted to be involved) ;) we came home and had lunch and then it was off to the party, which was held at the phinney neighborhood center. vanessa rented a room and invited his whole preschool class plus our group of friends, so it was a packed house. luckily there was a playground right outside the room where the kids could run off their energy. they had lots of yummy snacks, and cake of course. the kids had a blast and were all hopped up on sugar. ha! 

we grilled dinner and just relaxed at home the rest of the night. we were all pooped!

sunday was a busy day! in the morning i decided it was new phone day for me! i've had the same android phone for over 3 years (which is pretty ancient in phone years). it was still working, but having a lot of issues. so, i took azalea to the tmobile store with me. my mom got a new phone recently, so i was pretty sure i was going to get the same one, but i wanted to check out some others. i settled on the one my mom has (another LG) and i am sooooo excited about it. it's definitely an upgrade from my last phone (not hard to do). haha! here's to slightly better quality pics on social media and the blog. we came home for lunch and then headed to the pacific science center as a family. it's seattle's science museum and we've only been there once in the time we've lived here. thatcher thought it might be a good place to get a membership to since the kids are getting older. we had a fun couple hours there, the kids loved it. it was really busy, so i'm looking forward to getting over there on a weekday some time.


 my favorite part was the tropical butterfly exhibit. the butterflies were so beautiful and landed on us multiple times. so cool! 

our final outing of the day was a preschool game night potluck. it was held at a party room of a building where one of the families lives. it was the hugest, nicest party room i've ever seen! and it had a rooftop deck with this view:

they had lots of food and games and the kids had a blast running around. thatcher got to meet some of the other parents for the first time. it was a really fun night.

monday thatcher was off work and the kids didn't have school in observance of martin luther king day. i ended up getting quite a few hours to myself because thatcher took the kids to the new paddington bear movie with his coworker karen and her daughter kiara. the company i work for did not have the day off, so i figured i better do some work. i went to java bean and worked for an hour and then went for a walk in our neighborhood before stopping off at the grocery store. it was a beautiful sunny day, so i sat outside and read my book when i got home. pretty exciting stuff! 

we made spaghetti for dinner and hung out with the kids. another fun, busy weekend! i feel like the weeks just fly by. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

old friends, downtown adventures, snoqualmie falls hike

we had a great first week back at school after the two week winter break. i love my kids more than anything, but we all function best when we have some time apart and structure and routine in our lives. so it was a happy week :) ashford was a little hesitant about going back to preschool, but he did great. azalea had a great week too. it's funny to see how her view of school is evolving. last year she was thrilled beyond belief to go to school every single day and this year she has turned into a "big kid" who says things like "i wish it was always break!" she likes school, but she's figured out that being home might be a little less work and responsibility than school ;) i was back to volunteering in her class on friday morning, which was fun.

we went into this weekend with no plans. friday night we stayed in. made dinner, got the kids to bed, and thatcher watched a movie while i dinked around on the computer and my phone. romantic!

saturday morning we decided to divide and conquer :) one of my very first friends i made when we moved to seattle, chrissy, has been living in hamburg, germany since march 2016 for her husband's job. they have a little boy named eli who is a couple months younger than ashford. we haven't seen them since they moved, but they were in town for the holidays, so we were able to get together! ashford and i met up with them at seattle center. we got some coffee and treats and then went to the children's museum. it was so fun to catch up! besides the fact that the boys are way older now and didn't even remember each other (ha!), it felt like no time had gone by. best of all, they are moving back to seattle this summer, so it will be fun to get to hang out on a regular basis again. i didn't get the best picture of the boys this time around, but you can see how they've grown compared to the picture on the right from before they moved:


thatcher and azalea spent the morning downtown at the library and chipotle, and in capitol hill for ice cream. azalea is a huge fan of getting one on one time with us these days to the point that she now pouts if we are all going to do something as a family. haha. we stayed home the rest of the day. it was raining and we were all super tired (though the kids would not nap). we scrounged up food from the fridge for dinner and watched "charlie and the chocolate factory". the kids watched the original "willy wonka" at my mom's over break, so they were excited to find the new version on netflix streaming.

sunday morning we hung out at home. i got some groceries for the week. we decided to head out on a little hiking adventure after lunch to snoqualmie falls, which is just under an hour away. we've been to snoqualmie falls about half a dozen times since we moved here, but we had never hiked to the bottom of the falls before. it was 45 degrees and lightly raining, but it was surprisingly very pleasant hiking weather. it was really busy there too! everything was so lush and green (i sometimes forget it's january). the hike down was better than the hike back up. ashford started throwing a tantrum and refused to walk back, so thatcher had to carry him most of the way. it was only 1/2 mile back, but it was almost all up hill. here are some pictures from our afternoon: 

we made dinner, the kids had overdue showers, and we relaxed for the rest of the night. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

welcome 2018

the new year is here and christmas is packed away. perhaps we can stay healthy for a bit? probably not, but i can dream ;) azalea is back to school today and ashford and i are at the coworking space. it's been so nice having 2 weeks of travel and no real schedule, but i'm happy to get back to some routine for sure. we had a fun, post-christmas week around here. 

we enjoyed some sunny days outside. it felt pretty tropical after being in minnesota :) the kids enjoyed blowing bubbles out on our patio. 

i took the kids to java bean, the library, and the zoo. 

on saturday, thatcher and ashford headed down to tacoma for a model train exhibit date. here are a couple pictures from their morning: 

azalea and i took the bus downtown to have a little holiday fun (it's not over we went to a gingerbread "house" display at the sheraton and then rode the carousel at westlake plaza. then we went to pike place brewing for lunch. that girl looooves going to restaurants (so do i), so i always enjoy taking her because she thinks it's such a thrill. plus taking just her out these days feels like hanging out with a little adult. it's so nice!



ashford was pooped by 5pm. in fact they both took late naps that day and didn't go to sleep til 10pm. lucky for me, i was out for drinks with my neighbor martine ;)  

new year's eve morning we decided to try out the new kite that azalea got from santa. neither thatcher nor i had ever flown a kite before, so i we did a little research to make sure it wouldn't be a bust. it was a sunny, windy morning, so we headed to soundview park ball fields to try it out. it worked really well and the kids thought it was the most exciting thing ever. they are already talking about doing it again. 

that night we were invited to vanessa, matt, and ewan's to celebrate with their neighbors and matt's coworker's family. they both had daughters just a little older than azalea (7 and 8). the kids had a blast running around all night. we started the night at 5:30 with appetizers and wine. we watched the netflix kid's on demand countdown multiple times starting at 8pm ;) we actually lasted at the party until 9:45 before deciding it was time to head home for bed (for all of us) :). it was a really fun night and i'm so thankful for friends to celebrate with! 

new years day thatcher and ashford slept in big time - i woke them up at 10am. i think that's a record for ashford ;) we hung out at home all morning and took down our tree. it's always sad to see it go, but i'm usually ready for less clutter by new years day. in the afternoon i went to an annual new years sale at a boutique in our neighborhood. i got a cute new dress for 40% off! i got groceries for the week (back to packing lunchesl!). i took the kids to a playground to kill the rest of the afternoon. it was a really nice day (sunny and low 40's), but felt pretty chilly once the sun went behind the houses. 

we made breakfast for dinner and said goodbye to winter break! 

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017: the mixtape

it's that time of year! every year i've written this blog (going on 8 years now!), i've done a recap of our year. it's always so fun to go back and read them - and i do! 2017 may not have been a good year for our country (3 more years....), but it was a great year for our little family. lots of exploring the pnw, visits from friends and family, ashford started preschool, we got every sickness known to man (ok, that part wasn't so fun, but such is life with little kids). here are my past recaps: 

2010  |  2011  | 2012  | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016


we kicked off the new year with our annual (2 years running) trip to golden gardens to watch people run into the freezing cold water and burn their christmas trees in the bonfires. we got to see our friends kelli and jake who were in town from the bay area. we attempted to potty train ashford, but it crashed and burned. he had his 3 year check up and first ever dentist appt. healthy boy! thatcher and i got a date night (thanks to vanessa and matt watching the kids). we went to "the red door" for dinner and "pie"/"flying" apron for dessert in fremont. thatcher and the kids went to carkeek park and out for lunch with friends chris, misty, and penny. we threw a joint kid party for ashford and his buddy ewan at the children's museum, which was a blast. we took a day trip to anacortes, wa and had lunch, walked around the downtown, and visited washington park (pictured). 


february 1st marked 18 month since my dad died. i went to my friend heather's to join some fellow civic-minded ladies in writing postcards to elected officials. it snowed a couple inches on 2/6 and school was cancelled! february was a cold/wet month in general. ashford and i learned about a new coworking preschool that opened in seattle, and we signed up and started using it right away! i got a pedicure with my friend beth and another friend of hers to celebrate her turning 40! we celebrated valentine's day. azalea made valentines for her classmates and had a party at school. we celebrated at home with dinner, some small gifts, and a chocolate souffle. our family traveled to vancouver, ca for a weekend. we enjoyed the capilano suspension bridge (pictured), lots of restaurants, the beautiful scenery, some boat & ferry rides, and swimming in the hotel pool. it's one of my favorite cities in the world!  azalea had a week off school for "mid winter break". we filled it with lots of trips to the playground, movies, board games, and 2 mornings at the coworking space. ashford stopped taking regular naps this month. i went out for dinner with my mom friends to "the sexton" in ballard. 


in march we passed around sickness in our family after being relatively healthy all winter. thatcher and i had a date night in ballard (thai food and ice cream) while vanessa and matt watched the kids, after 3+ years we finally took the side rail off ashford's crib and turned it into a big boy bed, we got to "walk the battery" highway tunnel before it was closed for construction, it rained and rained and rained some more. we got together with our minnesota friends mark, tina, and emily for the first time in way too long, i had a mom's night out with friends bowling at "the garage" in capital hill, azalea attended her classmate nicholas's birthday party at his house, azalea turned 6 and in lieu of a party we had a family fun day that included a ride on the seattle ferris wheel (pictured), lunch at chipotle, buying her a new bike, the batman lego movie (thatcher and azalea), and finally spaghetti for dinner (her favorite) and cake, and skyping with family. we made our second attempt at potty training ashford (and succeeded!). hallelujah!


in april thatcher's co-worker karen and her husband and 6 year old daughter came over for dinner one night, we went to see the cherry blossoms at uw (with everyone and their mom!), azalea started a ballet class at the magnolia community center, we traveled to portland and stayed with kathy and garry, and spent time with thatcher's cousins. his cousin lloyd's wife jammie took professional family pictures of us (pictured), so nice oh her! azalea had her spring break. we went to playgrounds and coffee shops, the zoo, the church playspace, and the coworking space. we celebrated easter with a visit from the easter bunny, skyped with family, and we had our friends vanessa, ewan, and matt over for lunch. it was so fun to spend another holiday with them! i joined the board of women's business incubator (the coworking space). we had a day trip to redmond with the kids. last but not least, my brother came into town for a few days at the end of april. he got lots of ashford time while azalea was in school. we went to the boars nest for bbq, azalea lost her first tooth (and we couldn't find it! eep!), went to the zoo, mighty o donuts, gasworks park, a uw baseball game, took the train to tacoma for a day trip. the day i dropped him off at the airport, i got to meet up with my manager susan who was in town visiting her daughter. whew! 


in may our spring visitor streak continued! thatcher's dad came into town and we did lots of fun stuff with him: a ferry trip to bainbridge island (pictured), a day trip to deception pass and whidbey island, scooters for burgers and shakes, mod pizza, and durant took ashford out a couple times to give me a break. so nice! i had my board retreat for wbi (really just a fancy name for an 8 hour meeting). i had my annual "pre-mother's day" mani/pedi and dinner out with my mama friends. i got to attend a mother's day "tea" in azalea's kindergarten class. on mother's day we had a coffee cake breakfast, took a trip to the ballard farmer's market and went to chipotle for lunch :) another day we went to the maritime festival in ballard and got to go on a free hour-long boat cruise. score! my mom came into town again! went ate out at lots of restaurants, went to the syttende mai parade in ballard, saw azalea's kindergarten music program "barnyard moosical", our friends kathy and garry came up from portland, went to richmond beach, thatcher and i had a date night in south lake union at ba bar and rei. azalea attended her classmate max's birthday party at the community center. thatcher did a day hike to greider lake with friends. we had a relaxing memorial weekend with beautiful weather: trips to the playground, the splash pad, thatcher did the emerald city bike ride, we all went to carkeek park. 


june marked 2 years in seattle for us. wow, time flies! the weather was slow to warm up. we did a kid-friendly hike in bellevue with thatcher's coworker karen and her family, we played frisbee at the locks (now the kids want to do that every time we go), thatcher and i celebrated 10 years of marriage (and 15 years together - wow!), we took a family trip to the olympic peninsula for a weekend, which was over thatcher's 35th birthday. it was our first time there and it did not disappoint! we went to ruby beach (pictured), stayed at an oceanside cabin in la push, visited the ho rainforest, and cape flattery. the scenery was breathtaking! we celebrated father's day with "dads and donuts" in azalea's class, and thatcher went on a day hike with his friend sloan. we went to the elementry school carnival, had two end of the year picnics for azalea, the eventually the weather got hot. we tried to beat the heat at the seattle center wading pool and a trip to sammamich state park after meeting thatcher who did a long bike ride out there. azalea had her last day of kindergarten. the school year flew by! hello summer fun! 


i celebrated my 33rd birthday on july 3rd with an overnight at a hotel downtown with my mama friends. it was actually a going-away party for 2 friends who were moving away that month, but it happened to fall on my birthday. it was a much-needed break! just a week after school got out was july 4th, which felt strange! we celebrated my birthday with our family and watched some amateur fireworks shot off at the field behind our house. azalea took an art class taught by her kindergarten teacher. we did a family hike at spada lake. ashford did some preschool camps at the community center and azalea started swimming lessons at an outdoor pool. we rode the light rail to othello area of seattle to attend an affordable housing grand opening that thatcher's work was involved with. we explored the columbia city neighborhood of seattle for the first time, we went to the locks centennial boat parade but it ended up being a bust. we had a rooftop bbq at our friends vanessa and matt's, thatcher and azalea did a hike with his coworker chris and daughter penny (pictured), we went to juanita beach in kirkland with our friends mark, tina, and their daughter emily. azalea started a new day camp at a local elementry school. azalea had a 1st grade summer meet up at a park that hardly any families attended :/ azalea took a soccer camp at the community center. we got to see thatcher's cousin jade and her husband ben from portland for dinner one night. we went on another family hike at cottonwood/mirror lake, it was buggy and hot, and generally miserable. ha! 


august 1st, on the two year anniversary of my dad's death, the kids and i flew to minneapolis for a two week visit! (thatcher came for the second week). we had lots of fun spending time with friends and family there and going to como zoo, the wading pools, the mill district, attending two kid birthday parties, having a family sleepover at our friends, thatcher and i had a date night in uptown. three days after returning, we left on an overnight trip to eastern washington. we rode a gondola to the top of crystal mountain, which had the most stunning views of mount rainier (pictured), we did a hike in mount rainier national park, enjoyed seeing the dry rocky terrain of eastern washington, stayed in the town of selah near yakmia, wa (the kids thought the hotel pool and game room were the best thing ever). back in seattle, we watched the solar eclipse! azalea went to one last week of summer camp, my coworking space rebranded as "the inc." we went to richmond beach in shoreline, we had our friends matt, vanessa, and ewan over for dinner, thatcher's aunt georgianne came in town from alaska so we went to the ballard farmers market and out for lunch with her and thatcher's cousin jade. no camps or classes at the end of august, so lots of playdates it was!


in september the kids and i went to the last "art in the park" as well as the splash pad before it turned off on labor day, we got azalea's first grade teacher assignment in the mail (a male teacher!), we went on a hike in discovery park in magnolia. on labor day we went to our friends mark, tina, and emily's for a bbq. it was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast running around together. azalea started first grade (pictured)! there was terrible smoke in the air from wildfires (and even ash falling from the sky at times!) ashford and i started going to "the inc" 3 days a week! it was so nice to get some work time/me time after over 2 years of taking care of him 24/7. ashford started swimming lessons at the ballard pool (with an instructor and 2 other 3 year olds). he loved it! i went out for dinner with my friends vanessa and teresa (who was in town from the phillipines). azalea started gymnastics class at a local community center, our family attended a lao festival at a park where we were the only non-lao attendees ;) i helped paint the inside of "the inc" as part of our physical rebranding, my mom came into town! thatcher and i got to have a date night before he left town on a work trip, with my mom we went out to eat a bunch, went shopping, enjoyed nightly happy hours on the patio, listened to mariachi music at the locks, visited pike place market, and i got a night out with my friends vanessa and martine on ballard ave. thatcher and the kids attended a street party on his coworker's block, thatcher went on his last hike of the season in the north cascades, i attended geekgirlcon to help run a vendor table for "the inc".


october 1st we went to bailey farm pumpkin patch where we first went two years ago, and there was hardly anyone there (pictured)! ashford started going to the community center preschool 3x week and we cut back on our use of the coworking space. the community center is just too darn convenient! we had azalea's classroom open house one night. i started volunteering in her class every friday from 11-11:45am. i went out one night to matador with some 1st grade mom friends. we attended lego brickcon at seattle center. we had a morning family date in fremont. we learned that thatcher's grandmother passed away at age 92 :( we went on a family trip to the zoo. azalea and i had a mama/daughter date to carkeek park. i had a halloween potluck with my group of mom friends. we got to see our friends becky and jeromy for lunch one day while they were in seattle for their 10 year anniversary trip. we attended a halloween birthday playdate for my friend erica's boys at their house. we went to the children's museum in everett for the first time. i attended the svp fast pitch competition with my fellow board members of "the inc". thatcher flew to minneapolis solo for a weekend to attend the 15 year anniversary show of his good friends' band flipsyde. my neighbor martine and i had a christmas movie night ;) we cleaned out our pumpkins and roasted the seeds, but never actually got around to carving them. ha! we celebrated halloween with trick or treating in the business district in our neighborhood with vanessa, matt, and ewan. we ended the night with dinner at "the hi life" with them. it was a beautiful night and we all had a blast.


november kicked off a month of non-stop sickness :( both kids missed school and my sanity was hanging on by a thread with all the days cooped up inside. i also got strep throat. we went to the beach in edmonds on a 30 degree day and froze our butts off. i participated in my 4th year of #onedayhh on instagram and posted each hour of our day. i started going down the christmas rabbit hole as i always do after halloween. ha! thatcher and ashford traveled to colorado for thatcher's grandma's memorial service (pictured). i enjoyed 3 days of minimal parenting while azalea was in school and i might have enjoyed it a little too much ;) we went to yulefest at the nordic heritage museum for the first time and it was insanely crowded. azalea had a whole week off for thanksgiving. we fit in some appointments, lots of play time at home, a jewelry class for her, and i attempted to get a bunch of my work done with the kids around. we had azalea's school conference with her teacher and she got a great report. we are so proud of her! we went out for ice cream twice in one week. we celebrated thanksgiving day with just the four of us. we took a walk to the locks and made a delicious feast of turkey and sides. we put up our tree and decorated for christmas. we went to the zoo with ewan and vanessa and thatcher took azalea to the game store cafe (she is obsessed!). we went to see santa at swansons for the 3rd year. the kids loved him!


we kicked off december with more sickness (it never ends!). this was by far the sickest fall i can remembered. seattle had beautiful weather - 2 straight weeks of sun and mild temps. azalea attended her classmate ben's birthday party at arena sports, we watched ewan one night and then next weekend thatcher and i got to have a date night while vanessa and matt watched our kids. we went to rays cafe for dinner and to see my friend amy's art at venue on ballard ave. we went to mighty os for donuts and a board game with the kids. i christmas shopped on ballard ave. during the farmers market and it was magical. i had my year end fundraiser for "the inc", a clothing swap at the space! it was so fun! we got to see thatcher's cousin lloyd and his wife jammie who were in town from portland. we all went to "hales ales" for dinner and then to see the zoolights. azalea wrapped up gymnastics and ashford wrapped up swimming lessons. i attended ashford's preschool conference, which went well. i had a member happy hour for "the inc". ashford had an "ugly sweater" party at preschool that i attended and azalea had pajama day for her last day before break. i had a night of holiday fun in belltown with my mom friends. we went to the christmas pop up bar and then to wasabi for japanese food. the kids and i flew to minneapolis for what was supposed to be a 5 day trip, returning on the 23rd to spend christmas with thatcher. all of us (including thatcher) got socked with the respiratory flu that week and we unfortunately passed it to lots of our extended family as well :( it made for an interesting trip! we did manage to have some fun, though, too. ashford turned 4, we had a family party to celebrate. i had a group of girlfriends over one night, we went to an indoor play area with friends and played in the snow (pictured). we ended up canceling our flight back on the 23rd because i was too sick to fly. we spent christmas eve with my mom (who was also sick) and my brother. it was low-key to say the least ;) we were able to fly back to seattle on the 25th and enjoy christmas day (a white christmas to boot!) with thatcher. it felt so good! azalea had another whole week off after christmas. we played lots of board games, went to a coffee shop, the library, and the zoo. now we will celebrate new years eve at vanessa, matt, and ewan's place along with some friends from their building. 

can't wait to see what 2018 has in store! 


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