Monday, May 14, 2018

mother's day weekend

what a full, fun weekend! we are getting spoiled with the most beautiful weather here lately. it could easily still be cool and rainy in may, but it's been in the 70s and sunny almost every day. i'll take it! not to mention, it's fun dressing in shorts, skirts, and dresses again. it's hard to be in a bad mood when it's so beautiful out.  

friday night i got to have a "mom's night out" with my group of friends. one of our friends, amy, is an artist and was participating in the belltown art walk where different businesses in that neighborhood host an artist and people make the rounds to see the different pieces. amy's display was at a mattress store, which sounds funny, but it was by far the fanciest mattress store i've ever set foot in. super modern, minimalist, it looked art museum ;) four other friends met us there. we had some appetizers and chatted with amy and her husband and took a picture (of course!)

then we headed a couple blocks up the hill to a restaurant called "orfeo". none of us had been there, but it looked like a good place online. it was a wood-fired grill and all the food was so delicious, including my hand-made ravioli. we went all out with appetizers, dinner + drinks, and dessert.

we always have so much fun when we go out. i'm so thankful for our friendships! 

saturday morning thatcher was up super early (like 5:15!) to go hiking with friends. the kids woke up earlier than normal, so we were up for the day at 6:30. thatcher took the car, so we made plans with martine and her kids to go to royal drummer coffee shop and then a nearby playground. we ended up running into some other neighbors there who have a 1 year old daughter, so that was fun. it was a great way to kill the morning. the kids and i hung out at home the rest of the afternoon until thatcher got home. azalea had an evening birthday party for her classmate neko at the rock climbing gym in our neighborhood. she hadn't been there yet, so she was pretty excited! it was a drop-off party, so i didn't get to see her climb, but she said it was fun (and hard). 

sunday was mother's day. i got to sleep in (like every sunday - ha!) and thatcher made us all waffles, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. yum! we took this picture out front, but it was a bit bright:

 azalea had a soccer game at 11, so we all went to cheer her on.

then we went to chipotle for lunch (we went last year tradition. hehe). we came home and hung out for the afternoon. the kids gave me the cards they made and thatcher gave me flowers, a card and some beautiful red stone earrings and chocolates.

 i escaped to the ballard farmers market and the grocery store for a bit. then we took the kids to the playground with their scooters. whew! it was 80 degrees and full sun, hello summer! thatcher made dinner (my favorite asian marinated pork and veggies with coconut rice) and dessert. we did not starve on mother's day, that's for sure. i spent a little time on the patio in the evening to end the wonderful weekend.


i know mother's day can bring up some complicated emotions for people. i feel so fortunate that i have my endlessly supportive mom & mother in law, as well as my kids to love. know that i'm thinking of you if this day is not your favorite for whatever reason.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

grandma jan's may visit

we did lots of fun stuff and had beautiful weather while my mom was in town for the last week. she has been here quite a few times over the last 3 years, so there isn't a whole lot of "new" stuff to do, but we did squeeze a few things in. here are the highlights: 


my mom arrived at noon. we picked up azalea from school (early release day) and then took the kids to ross park for an hour. we hung out with martine and the kids out front (driveway happy hour!), had dinner at home and visited with thatcher the rest of the night


we walked to the locks in the morning with ashford,

then went to rays for lunch. i love that place in the spring/summer. makes me feel like i'm on vacation :) 

then we walked the path at golden gardens park. it was such a beautiful day!

  we had dinner and hung out at home in the evening with thatcher and the kids. and packed for our getaway to leavenworth!


thatcher and i went to leavenworth (as recapped in my last post). my mom took the kids to the hi life restaurant for dinner and got them ice cream at the grocery store :)


thatcher and i were gone til dinner time. my mom took the kids to the library and played lots of games at our apartment with them. they were super into yahtzee, marbles, and solitaire (on her phone) all week. we picked up mod pizza for dinner after we got home.


my mom, azalea, and i went to the ballard farmer's market in the morning. thatcher had to work in the afternoon, so my mom and i took the kids to the woodland playground and then to azalea's soccer game. i'm glad my mom got to watch her play! we were all overdressed though and were roasting on the bleachers. oops. we made dinner at home that night and all hung out.


both kids had school, so my mom and i had a special date to the chihuly museum at seattle center. my mom had been wanting to go and i had never been there. i'm so glad we went. the art was beautiful and it was nice to spend some kid-free time with her :) 

 they take your picture for free, which is really nice!

we even had time to grab lunch after at a cuban place in ballard that i've been wanting to go to. it was delicious! 

we hung out with the kids the rest of the day and made dinner at home. thatcher and i got to sneak away for a walk together around ballard at sunset. it was a beautiful night!

the week went too fast as usual. thankfully we will be back in minneapolis to visit in 7 weeks. here's one more pic of the kids and my mom:

also, my brother and some of our family from new jersey will be visiting in mid june. so much fun stuff on the horizon! i love this time of year. before we know it, school will be getting out! what?!

Monday, May 7, 2018

overnight to leavenworth

my mom is still here for another day, so i'm kicking the week off with a recap of thatcher's and my overnight trip to leavenworth. i mentioned a couple posts back that my mom offered to watch the kids for a night, so thatcher and i could have a (much-overdue) getaway together. we've been talking about going to leavenworth, wa for the whole time we've lived here, so we easily settled on it as the location. we got both kids off to school on friday morning and then hit the road. 

we drove through the mountains (and snoqualmie pass) to get there, over 2 hours.

the ski hills just closed for the season in snoqualmie pass

this was a cute little historic "town" in the mountains

 thatcher found a hike for us to do about 10 minutes outside leavenworth. it's a joke between us that i am not a huge hiker. i've only been hiking with the kids (i.e. short hikes with lots of kid whining) since we moved here. sometimes the hikes are enjoyable, sometimes not so much ;) this was my first "real" hike here. it was called icicle ridge and it was about 5.5 miles round trip and an 1800 ft. gain. i even invested in hiking boots last month, so i was feeling pretty legit. haha. 

it became clear pretty quickly that this hike was going to be non-stop switch backs up the mountain. also that i am very out of shape. oof. the sun was beating down on us and thatcher even admitted the hike was a bit more challenging than he anticipated. i did my fair share of whining on the way up because my legs got so sore from the constant incline, but the scenery helped get me through.

 it took us almost 2 hours to get up the mountain side. i was so happy to have the hard part over. we ate our lunch up at the top and enjoyed the view before heading down (which was much easier/quicker). thank goodness! 

we checked into our hotel in leavenworth, which was really nice. we got cleaned up and headed out to explore the downtown. leavenworth is a funny place. since the 1960's it has been 100% bavarian themed from the architecture to the signage to the restaurants. it's a pretty touristy place because of this. it was definitely unique! 

we settled on a restaurant for dinner on the main drag and it was really good (neither of us ordered german food, though). after dinner we walked around some more then headed back to the hotel. 

saturday morning we could not sleep in if some one paid us :) i was awake at 6:30am and thatcher was shortly after that as well. at least we could lounge in bed because we didn't have any little people needing us to get up immediately. we decided to get ready for the day and we were out and about by 8am. the town was dead at that time, so it was sort of nice. we first stopped at a place called j5 coffee that was really cute. my iced honey latte was really good too! then we stopped at a little walk up cafe and ordered breakfast and sat outside. 

we called the kids and my mom to check in. ashford survived the night without us, which was his biggest obstacle. 

after breakfast, we walked through a nature preserve right next to the downtown. it was beautiful and we even saw a deer! 

then we went to the museum in town and learned a lot about the history of leavenworth, which was cool. we were the only ones in the museum ;) we decided to head out of town and stop at a few destinations on the way back to seattle. first was a beautiful canyon right outside leavenworth. 

next was lake wenatchee state park, which was also beautiful. 

then deception falls, which we visited before with the kids, but the falls were raging this time. it was incredible! it was also freezing cold there.

we stopped for a late lunch in the town of skykomish at a cute little cafe. then stopped at a lookout, which required another long-ish hike up a mountain followed by a 6 story climb up the structure. i went part of the way on the hike and decided to go back to the car because my legs were too sore. thatcher finished i because he is less of a wimp than me. haha.  

we got back to our house just before dinner time. the kids were so excited to see us. my mom said they were so well-behaved while we were gone. i was glad to hear it! we were so thankful to get the opportunity to get away just the two of us. it's amazing how restorative some quality time together can be. until our next adventure...


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