Monday, November 20, 2017

colorado recap, girl time, and a little from the weekend

i feel like i have a lot to cover from the past week. i mentioned in my last post that thatcher and ashford traveled to colorado together for 3 nights to attend grandma dorothy's memorial service and spend time with his extended family. not only was it a good bonding experience for them, it was such an nice break for me to just have azalea for three days. i was able to get a lot of stuff done while she was in school (cleaning, book keeping work, a little christmas shopping) and got to do some fun stuff with my free time too (get my nails done, have breakfast with vanessa, read my book). azalea and i went to scooters for dinner one night, watched three new (to her) movies, drank hot chocolate with marshmallows, and slept in my bed each night. she was sad when our "girl time" came to an end. 

 the boys had a nice time in colorado. although ashford had a harder time being away from me and his routine than i anticipated. he cried for me a lot and gave thatcher a run for his money. unfortunately there wasn't much i could do from afar besides talk to him on the phone. he had a good amount of fun though, too. here are a few pictures from their trip: 

we took azalea to garden of the gods in colorado springs in 2012 when she was 19 months old, so it's fun to have pictures of ashford there too now. 

 thatchers sister cedar, his cousins travis and sierra, and his uncle jim

now onto the weekend. it was a weekend of no official plans! friday night we stayed in. made grilled chicken tacos and played with the kids before bed time. 

saturday morning we decided to check out "yulefest" at the nordic heritage museum in our neighborhood. the museum is moving to a brand new location a few blocks away from us this winter, so it was their last event in their current space. it was our first time going to the yulefest, so we didn't really know what to expect besides reading there was music, food, and vendors. we got there 30 mins after it opened, and it was packed. like...tour buses full of senior citizens from the suburbs packed. and tons of families. we spent about an hour there, mostly walking in a huge pack of people through the museum. the kids could hardly see anything and were overwhelmed and whined the entire time. it was a cool event and would have been more manageable without the crowds, oh well.

we escaped to go to an ice cream shop because we had promised the kids a treat, but all the lines at the event were super long and disorganized.

in the afternoon i went to java bean for a couple hours to do invoicing for work. then thatcher ran some errands and i hung out with the kids. azalea took a long nap, while ashford refused to rest. pretty typical! we made pork and veggie stir fry with coconut rice for dinner, then played for a bit before the kids headed to bed. 

sunday we all went to REI in the morning. thatcher goes there to shop and i take the kids to the indoor play area. it's a win-win! after that, we stopped at a gluten free bakery in capitol hill and thatcher picked up some pie crust for thanksgiving. i did more invoicing from home in the afternoon and thatcher and the kids went through all the toys and found a bunch the kids were ready to part with. good timing with ashford's birthday and christmas coming up. we haven't done a toy purge in a while. we made homemade pizza for dinner and then it was bath night. a pretty low-key weekend. 

this week azalea has the whole week off from school! the first few days are for conferences (thatcher and i will meet with her teacher tuesday morning) and the last two days are for the holiday. ashford has preschool on monday and wednesday. i made some appointments for azalea this week and she is also taking a jewelry making class on tuesday afternoon. i can't wait for thanksgiving. we are just making our own feast for the 4 of us. i'm sure the kids will whine about the food choices and refuse to eat most of it, but oh well. i'll be a happy camper :) 

hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family!

Monday, November 13, 2017

#onedayhh 2017 and the germs that won't quit

thursday of last week was #onedayhh (one day happy hour) on instagram. i have participated in it for the last 3 years (20162015, 2014) and wanted to do it again. basically you post a picture from each hour of your day with a caption and use the hashtag #onedayhh. i personally looooove getting a glimpse into people's day (nosey and i know it!). :) my day was pretty darn boring and i considered quitting around noon, but people commented on my pictures saying they loved following along, so it gave me confidence to finish out the day. they were so sweet to lie to me. ha! 

so, here are the pictures i posted for it, along with some captions: 

7:45am // it's a school day so we're all up and at 'em. not that the kids are ever asleep at 7:45 on a non-school day, let's be real ;) thatcher is leaving for work shortly. the kids have eaten and gotten dressed and are watching their shows. i have showered and am eating my breakfast. we have an hour til it's time to leave to drop off azalea. no school for ashford on thursdays. 

8:50am // we drop off azalea at school and ashford plays out front for a few minutes. the sun came out briefly and the trees around the school lit up. many of the leaves in our neighborhood have dropped all their leaves, but the ones around the school still look spectacular. we head home to play for an hour before we need to leave for his swimming lesson. 

9:45am // ashford has been a basket case since we got home. super whiney and rolling around on the floor. he asks for a snack and i make it for him, then he throws himself on the floor because he doesn't want to eat it. he asks me to play a game with him, then he throws himself on the floor because he can't decide what game he wants to play. he is also telling me that he does not want to go to swimming. i can't quite tell if it's because he's not feeling well or if it's because he knows it's a new session and there will be new kids (we already missed the first week of the session due to sickness. i hate to miss another of the 7 week course). decisions...

10:45am // i got out all the swimming stuff to see if i could get him to rally and go, but no luck. i decided not to push it. we could easily get all the way there and have him refuse to get in the pool or something, so i'd rather just give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not feeling well and wait another week. this is par for the course when it comes to parenthood right? things never go as expected. i keep in mind there are worse things than missing a swimming class or two. 

11:45am // it's lunch time! i heat up leftover trader joes spinach pie (so good!) for me, and ashford asks for a snack lunch, which consists of crackers, cheese, turkey, and some fruit. easy peasy. i have a sparkling water every day with lunch. i used to hate them and randomly tried a la croix a few months ago and realized i'm in love. i blame my fellow women's business incubator board members for my addiction. they are all obsessed. i've been trying other brands too and my favorite is target's simple truth. ashford is clearly tired at lunch, but he usually fights a nap. i'm hoping today he will take one. 

12:45pm // huzzah! ashford is asleep. i had to lay down with him for 30 minutes, but it happened! now i'm under a blanket doing my book keeping work for the day. christmas music is on! soaking up the peacefulness while i can. :) 

1:45pm // ashford is still asleep. i'm done with my work for the day, so i decide to throw in some laundry. i do a load a day to keep up with it. i swear when i skip a day, every basket in the house is overflowing. yikes! 

3:15pm // i finally woke up ashford a 3pm because we needed to get ready to go pick up azalea at school. he was tired! i decided to do an outfit pic for this one, because why not? 

4:15pm // we usually check the mail when we get home from school and today was no exception. i was excited to see my holiday pj pants came in the mail from h&m. it's the little things! the kids have a snack and i try to keep the peace until the tv goes on at 5pm. 

6:00pm // breakfast for dinner tonight! pancakes! we do this about once a week because it's so easy and the kids love it. we are waiting for thatcher to get home from work, then we will eat. then i'm scooting out the door to meet my friends vanessa and casey to see bad moms christmas! i can't wait after being cooped up all day. 

10:00pm // i'm home from the movie. it was really sweet and of course hilarious. i loved it just as much as the first one! i was so thankful for a night out with friends (it was my first time hanging out with casey. we recently met because her daughter is in azalea's gymnastics class and their family is new to seattle). i always joke that asking new moms to hang out is like mom dating. so there you go! my day was pretty boring overall, but it was still fun to share. 

and a quick weekend recap: warning - more sickness ahead! after having a sore throat for most of the week last week, by friday it had gotten really painful so i decided to go to the walk-in clinic. i was convinced it was just a bad cold because i didn't have a fever, but low and behold my strep test came out positive. ok then! i got my antibiotics and headed home. thatcher didn't feel great over the weekend either and got tested for strep, but his came out negative. we took turns taking care of the kids and resting. 

then on sunday, thatcher and ashford boarded a plane for colorado to attend thatcher's grandma's memorial. they are gone until wednesday, so it's just me and the girly who goes to school for 6.5 hours a day. it feels so weird, but i'm excited to have some easy parenting days this week :) 

Monday, November 6, 2017

a sick month so far

so much to catch up on, though none of it is glamorous! let's see, where did i leave off last week? ah yes, i kept ashford home from preschool on wednesday because he still had a low-grade fever and wasn't feeling well. azalea was seemingly healthy again, so she went to school. at dinner that night, i noticed azalea had a few red bumps that had popped up around her mouth.

 our little buddy ewan had the hand, foot, and mouth virus a couple weeks ago and it's been going around. it didn't take me long to put 2+2 together, that my kids must have caught it. ashford did not have the sores yet, but i immediately knew neither of them could go to school the next day because his were likely on the way.

thursday morning i called the pediatrician to make an appointment. thankfully they were able to get us in at 10am. neither kid had a fever by then, but azalea had quite a few bumps around her mouth (ashford still had none). the doctor examined them and while she thought it might be hand, foot, and mouth, she thought it was very strange that they didn't have any on their hands or feet. she also said it looked like a very mild case. we left without a definitive diagnosis, but she prescribed an antibiotic cream to put on their sores to speed up healing. she said they shouldn't go to school on friday, but could go on monday (and not be contagious) as long as they didn't have any new sores and the existing ones were healing. thursday and friday were loooooong days at home. ashford's sores started to appear friday morning. both kids were both feeling fine, but we couldn't go out because they were contagious. we played tons of board games, colored, watched too much tv, and i broke up a lot of fights. they barely napped. i did a lot of staring at the clock. i was only able to get the bare minimum of my work done. like i said, it was long. 

i was so ready for the weekend and thatcher's help. this was on top of being home last weekend too when azalea's fever started and thatcher was out of town. oof!

we did our best to keep everyone sane this weekend. we tried to get out of the house each day, though we wouldn't let the kids be anywhere indoors around other kids, much to their dismay ;) did i mention is has been in the 30's and snowing (ok, flurries but nothing sticking) for the past 3-4 days? so strange for seattle in early november! feels more like minnesota! so, we did what any normal people would decide to do and went to a beach. ha! we drove up to the city of edmonds (about 15 mins north of seattle) to kill more time in the car. we lasted less than 30 mins on the beach and playground. it was so windy and cold! 

we stopped at the pcc co-op on the way home and had lunch. by the afternoon, i was so ready to escape by myself for a bit. i went to starbucks and enjoyed a chestnut praline latte (i'm such a sucker for holiday drinks!) and read my book for an hour and a half. 

it was glorious. 

then i went to the grocery store. it was a much-needed break. we made dinner and watched "boss baby" which the kids thought was hilarious. we turned back the clocks before bed and hoped for the best come morning.

sunday morning ashford woke up at 5am. siiiiigh. we made him stay in our bed until 6:15. lucky for me it was thatcher's morning to get up with them. azalea bounded out of her room as soon as she heard them get up. i went back to sleep until 7:30. daylight saving time is brutal with kids. we contemplated what to do that morning. azalea's sores were looking 99% healed, which was great, but ashford's weren't quite as good. with the cold weather in seattle, our upcoming trip to minnesota in december, and the fact that the kids' winter jackets they wore last year are way too small, i decided we'd all head to the mall to get them new winter jackets. jcpenney sale for the win! now we need boots and snowpants (their request!). we came home for lunch, thatcher took a nap (he wasn't feeling 100% this weekend), and then i escaped to java bean to do some work. it was dark by 4:30. womp womp! we made dinner, gave the kids a bath, and put them to bed. azalea is definitely going to school today, ashford is still a maybe.

here ends the most boring recap known to man, but hey, i like being able to look back at this stuff. while waiting out this virus certainly hasn't been fun, i've read a lot of horror stories about people's hand, foot, and mouth experiences and i'm so thankful ours wasn't too bad! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

halloween fever

hello november! i hope you all had a great halloween. we certainly did here, although parts of it didn't go as expected (isn't that always the case?). ashford doesn't normally attend his preschool on tuesdays, but they were having a halloween party and invited all of the kids to dress up in their costumes and attend even if it's not their normal day. i took him to school at 11, thinking i would be hanging out there with him at the party for an hour or so. when we arrived there were no parents there and his teachers informed me the party was just for the kids. (two years ago when azalea went there they had a halloween party for the families with a costume parade, so i just assumed). i was kind of bummed because i was hoping to hang out with them and get some cute pictures, oh well. i went home for an hour and enjoyed some peaceful work time and lunch, so not all was lost. when i went to pick him up, many of the kids had taken their costumes off, so there are no pictures from the morning. ashford got a treat bag from his teachers, which he was excited about! 

we had a couple hours before azalea got out of school, so i made ashford take a nap so he would be rested for trick or treating. he woke up feeling hot and was also clingy and whiney, but i didn't think much of it. we picked up azalea. they did not do anything too halloweeny in her class (the school does not allow costumes or formal halloween celebrations to be respectful of everyone's beliefs). last year they had a "harvest party" for the families that i attended, which was so fun. this year they just did a craft and her teacher gave them each a candy bar, so that was nice. again, it's hard not to compare to past years, but i guess things do change. by the time we got home, ashford was super hot, whiney, and clingy and laid on the couch. we had about 30 minutes before we were supossed to meet thatcher and our friends vanessa, matt, and ewan in the business district for trick or treating and i was starting to worry that ashford wouldn't be able to participate. he was crying that he didn't wanna put on his costume and didn't want candy, but also that he wanted to see his buddy ewan. 5 minutes before it was time to go, he rallied and i got him into his costume. i figured thatcher could always bring him back if it didn't go well. i attempted to get some pictures of the kids outside before walking down: 

my fairy princess striking a pose. ashford ran from me every time i lifted my camera.

the tears in her eyes were from a bee that flew near her and freaked her out.

walking down to market street. ashford was still skeptical at this point. 

 we met up with thatcher, and ashford tentatively trick or treated at a few businesses.

the moment he saw ewan his adrenaline kicked in. he wanted to wear his blue wig and run around and started having a ball. 

 people loved their costumes. can you blame them? these boys are two peas in a pod! 

she was so excited! we ran into lots of her classmates there. 

best we could get of the 3 of them :) 

all the store/restaurant employees dressed up. it was so fun!

 after about an hour and a half we had hit all the trick or treat spots and we were ready for dinner.

vanessa had made us a reservation at "the hi life" which is a great kid-friendly spot in our neighborhood. we had a delicious and fun dinner with them. 

we were home by 7:30pm to sort our loot!

i was worried that i would feel like we "missed out" by not doing normal house trick or treating this year, but the business district was even better in a lot of ways! it was earlier so it was still warm out (57 and sunny!), we could see everyone's costumes (so many cool ones!), and it was like one big party down there. every one told me it's a blast and I'm a believer now! 

ashford was more than ready to go to sleep by the end of the night. he was clearly sick and i feel a little bit guilty that we took him out for the festivities when he wasn't feeling well, but we all had so much fun. i kept him home from preschool today, so he can get better. poor guy. 

happy best time of the yeeeear!

Monday, October 30, 2017

svp finals and a solo parenting weekend

wow, i can't believe october is on its way out already. but first, let's back up to last tuesday. for the past few months, the women's business incubator has been involved in a competition called svp fast pitch. socially-minded non profits and for profits compete against each other with the help of coaches to pitch their organization's mission to a panel of judges and a chance to win $ for their organization. we made it really far in the competition (semi-finalists). unfortunately we didn't get to compete in the final showdown, but we got to have a table there and watch the finalists compete. it was held at mccaw hall at seattle center. six of our eight board members attended, including me. they had wine and appetizers followed by the program, which was 2.5 hours of hearing the finalist's pitches. it was long, but pretty cool! here is a picture of all of the board members who attended (er, except me because i think they took this before i arrived. ha!). 

friday kicked off a weekend of solo parenting for me. thatcher flew to minneapolis for the 15 year reunion show of the ska band flipsyde. he was good friends with the members of the band in high school and college and had been looking forward to this since it was announced a month or two ago. it was a no brainer that he would fly home to enjoy it :) i never saw flipsyde play live as they broke up not long after thatcher and i started dating. here's a picture he posted from the show: 

 friday was my "easy" day with the kids. mostly because they both had school. ashford and i hung out in the afternoon and then after we picked up azalea, we headed to my friend erica's for a "make up" birthday halloween party for her boys. it actually morphed into more of a playdate since it was a friday at 4pm. the kids had a blast running around, ate pizza and cake (and wine for the moms of course!). it was a great way to kill a few hours of the day. i didn't take many pictures, but here are the birthday boys blowing out their candles: 

after the kids went to bed that night, my neighbor friend martine came over and watched a christmas movie with me. i knew our friendship was destined for greatness when we discovered our mutual love for christmas (yes, even before halloween arrives!) very early on in our relationship 2 years ago. haha. 

saturday morning the kids were awake right at 6am (sigh). we didn't have any plans for the day, but i thought maybe we'd head to the library and go out for lunch after. those plans were quickly scrapped when azalea told me her throat hurt and i could tell she was running a fever. we spent the whole day at home instead, so she could rest. we watched a couple movies, she napped on and off. ashford played independently really well most of the day. as if having a sick kiddo while solo parenting wasn't enough, our hard-wired smoke detector (that doesn't have a battery backup) started chirping saturday morning. i could not figure out how to fix it. i texted back and forth with thatcher, googled it, and emailed our landlord. it eventually stopped on it's own, but troubleshooting that took up way more time than i'd like to admit. it's always something, right? ;) we had creamy white chicken chili that cooked in the crock pot all day, and i may or may not have watched another christmas movie after the kids went to bed (yes i did). 

sunday the kids slept in a little later. after no chirping for about 20 hours, the alarm started up again. sighhhh. azalea was still a bit under the weather, so we spent the morning at home. we cleaned out one of our pumpkins and roasted the pumpkin seeds. the kids only lasted about 2 minutes for this task, but i enjoyed it. we didn't even carve the pumpkin, just cleaned it out. maybe we'll get to the carving tonight.


i love roasted pumpkin seeds!

 the afternoon got a bit rough around here. i was running low on patience and ashford was running high on threenager antics and it was not a good combo. oof. thankfully azalea was feeling almost back to normal by the late afternoon. we took a drive to our friends' house we went to on friday because azalea forgot her all-important fairy wand there. we ended up hanging out in their backyard for an hour while the kids played. then i took my kids to chipotle for dinner. i was in the home stretch! ashford fell asleep in the car on the way 6:15pm. he stayed asleep when we got home, so i changed him into his pajamas and put him to bed. you never know how the night is gonna go after that! 

now it's a new week with two parents under this roof and it's halloween tomorrow. i am feeling good! :) 

Monday, October 23, 2017

halloween potluck, minnesota friends, another children's museum

thursday night i had my much-anticipated halloween potluck with my group of mama friends. vanessa hosted it in the party room at her apartment complex and it was so fun! we didn't dress in costumes, but we had tons of good food and wine and conversation. that's all i need! i made mini caprese skewers and and a no bake caramel apple cheesecake dip. i mentioned over the summer that two of our friends moved away, but we've added a couple new friends to the group and it's been really fun getting to know them. one is from wisconsin! i cannot wait for our weekend on vashon island in january!

this is the only picture i took all night and it's blurry and missing half the group. oh well. 

friday night we made breakfast for dinner and hung out with the kids. they were both tired and went to sleep easily. thatcher and i watched a movie for the rest of the night. 

saturday morning we hung out at home, then hopped on the bus to meet our friends becky and jeromy downtown. i mentioned in my last post that they unexpectedly changed their travel plans to be in seattle after the wildfires near napa valley spoiled their plans to go there for their 10 year anniversary trip. we were selfishly very excited about this. ha! we met them near the football stadium at elysian brewing. i had one of the best burgers i've ever had. we had a blast catching up with them and the kids did pretty well at the restaurant too. 

here's a picture of the group (minus ashford who was uncooperative and hiding behind us. ha!) 

we parted ways to head home for a couple hours before our next event, which was a halloween-themed birthday party for my friend erica's 2 boys who were turning 5 and 3. the kids had just gotten into their costumes, when i got a message from erica that her younger son had just thrown up all over. eek! she made the hard decision to cancel the party to prevent any one else from getting sick. it was totally understandable. the kids were so bummed though. thatcher tried to cheer them up by telling them they could help him bake a cake. it helped a little ;) i happened to text becky that our party got canceled and she said they didn't have any plans for the evening if we wanted to get together again. yes! they came over at 7pm and we just hung out in our living room all night. the kids vied for our attention while we chatted and finally went to bed at 9pm. becky and jeromy ended up staying until 11! it was so nice to catch up with them (even more). we really miss spending time with them! 

sunday morning we hung out at home and then after lunch decided to check out another children's museum (the 4th one we've gone to in this area, for those keeping track) in the city of everett, which is about 30 minutes north of seattle. it was such a great museum! it even had a huge rooftop playground. we stayed for about 2.5 hours and the kids had a blast. 



we did some grocery shopping afterward and then came home and made dinner. it was bath night and the kids sort of went to bed easily, though they weren't that tired because they took car naps. womp womp. 

hope you had a great weekend. i can't believe halloween is just over a week away! 


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