Monday, October 16, 2017

thatcher's grandma, the zoo, carkeek park

friday azalea didn't have school because it was a teacher in-service day. ashford had preschool, so she and i got to have a little date in the morning. i took her to get both of our flu shots. it was something i had been dreading since last year because she is not a fan of shots. she cried on wednesday when i let her know we would be going friday morning. she did okay when we got there until my shot was done and she knew it was her turn, then the tears started. i ended up having to hold her on my lap facing me while they did it. she continued to cry for a few minutes afterward, but settled down more quickly than last year. better than getting the flu, that's for sure! i told her she could get a treat after, so we went to ballard coffeeworks and and she picked out a chocolate croissant and she was a happy girl. 

pastries make everything better :) 

friday afternoon thatcher received the sad news that his grandma passed away at age 92. though her mind was still sharp, her health had been declining for a while now. thankfully thatcher was able to visit her last month during his work trip to colorado (which is where his grandparents live). i only got to spend time with her a few times over the years i've known thatcher, but she was always so sweet and welcoming to me. his grandparents came out to minnesota couple times (including our wedding) and we took two road trips out to colorado in the last 10 years, the second of which we brought azalea along when she was 18 months old. i'm so happy they got to meet her. azalea's middle name is dorothy after her great grandma. thatcher's grandparents were married for over 70 years(!), so i'm sure it will be a hard adjustment for his grandpa, as well as thatcher's mom and her siblings. 

friday night was our usual night in. we made breakfast for dinner, played with the kids, and hung out after they went to sleep. 

we didn't have any plans the whole weekend, so we pretty much winged it :) saturday morning we all went to the zoo. it was chilly enough (low 40's) that we brought along hats and mittens. it was a fun morning looking at the animals (especially some new to us areas of the zoo we never make it to). 

then we went to the mall so thatcher could return a couple things and we had lunch at chipotle. in the afternoon i went grocery shopping and thatcher made halloween shaped sugar cookies with the kids. we grilled burgers for dinner and enjoyed our festive treats! 

sunday morning we were all going to go to carkeek park, but ashford decided he did not want to go, so he and thatcher stayed home to play legos. in typical 3 year old fashion, he was crying 10 minutes later that he didn't get to go ;) azalea and i had a fun morning. it was absolutely beautiful there with the fall trees. and the bubble man was there (he's a seattle legend, and so fun!). she played on the playground, chased bubbles, then we spent a little time on the beach before heading home for lunch. 

after lunch i got to escape to the ballard farmers market for a bit. going by myself is so nice - i actually get to look at things. haha! i got a hot apple cider and a handmade (vegan) leather keychain. 

thatcher needed to do some work from a coffee shop in the afternoon, so i took the kids to a playground then we came home and played until dinner time. we made homemade pizzas for dinner. it was bath night and the kids were asleep by 7:45. weekend success! 

i'm excited for this week because our friends becky and jeromy from minnesota (who visited in july 2016) are unexpectedly going to be in seattle this week. they are staying by our house again and we are looking forward to spending a little time with them. i love surprises like that! so fun! i also have a halloween potluck with my mama friends on thursday night. hope you have a great week! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

school stuff, brickcon, sunday in fremont

i have to say, ashford being in preschool 3 mornings a week has been amazing for my productivity (and sanity, let's be honest). i drop them both off at 9 and i'm back home in 5 minutes. last week i was able to do my book keeping work, run errands, fill out volunteer paperwork/watch a training video for azalea's school, have my first volunteer stint, make a dentist appointment for azalea, and clean the bathroom. all things that are much harder to accomplish with having to answer to "mama! mama! mama!" every second from a cute 3 year old little boy. and he loves his new school, so it's a win-win! 

backing up to thursday night, we all attended the open house for azalea's 1st grade classroom. they had a list of stations to take their guests through around the room. it was really crowded and loud (it seemed like everyone came at the same time), but a lot of fun!

the next morning was my first time volunteering. i went from 11-11:45 to help with science. it was so fun! azalea was so excited to have me there and she introduced me to the class as "melissa" :) the teacher did an experiment with tuning forks and water and the kids loved it. i'm going to volunteer every friday at 11am. i'm so thankful to get this opportunity! 

friday night i met up with a couple 1st grade mom friends (that go back to preschool) for food and margaritas at matador restaurant in our neighborhood. it was a really fun night. it's not too often i get to have uninterrupted conversations with them, so it was a treat! 

saturday morning thatcher and the kids worked on shooting a video for a contest at his work. he's done it the last 2 years. they give you a theme, some lines that need to be included, and the time constraint (60 seconds). the kids always think it's a thrill to help him with it! here is the final video if you are interested. in the afternoon we went to seattle center to attend brickcon (the largest lego convention in the united states). thatcher and the kids went last year and it turned out to be waaaaaay more popular this year. we got there at 1pm and had to buy tickets for 2pm. we went to the artist playground while we waited. 

it was super crowded and chaotic inside. the lego creations were fun to see, but after an hour we were ready to escape!


 ashford fell asleep in the car and slept for a while when we got home. we grilled chicken and veggies for dinner and skyped with uncle anders and aunt nith before bed. 

sunday we had no plans. we debated going somewhere outside the city, but decided to take a bus to the fremont neighborhood instead. we visited the famous troll. 

we hadn't been there since our first summer in seattle. we also went to the fremont farmer's market. 


it was getting to be lunch time, so azalea and i decided to go to a burger place nearby. the boys didn't want to go, so we parted ways with them to have our own little date :)

azalea took a nap on the couch in the afternoon (i may have dozed off too). thatcher and ashford played legos and i went to the grocery store. we made lasagna for dinner (we made it last weekend too and it was so good we wanted it again. it was even gluten and lactose free for thatcher!) it was bath night and then off to bed. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

bailey farm pumpkin fun

as promised, i'm back with a recap of our trip to the pumpkin patch (you were holding your breath, weren't you?) :) we were a little bit weary of going to a pumpkin patch almost a whole month before halloween and we're still not totally sure if our pumpkins will last til then, but we figured we can always pick up a couple new ones at a grocery store right before halloween if need be. it was a nice october sunday so we set out to bailey farm in snohomish (about an hour from seattle). we went to this same farm two years ago and loved it. it keeps to the basics as far as pumpkin patches go - hay bales to climb on, a couple swings, farm fields to frolic in. that's more our style than the huge crowded places with rides, etc that are popular. here are some pictures from our afternoon: 

ashford was done with pictures :) 

Monday, October 2, 2017

preschool changes, thatcher's hike, mom's weekend booked

my cold is still hanging on, but i feel much better than i did last weekend. whew! i guess it's time to think about flu shots so we can hopefully stay healthy this winter! i feel like i have a lot of updates to share since my last post. less about stuff we've done and more about things that are changing/coming up in our lives. so a list it is!

1. ashford is starting a new preschool today! you probably remember that he had been going to the coworking preschool 3 mornings a week for the last month. while we love his teacher and the school and my ability to work onsite, there simply have not been enough kids there since the start of the school year (some days he was the only preschooler. but the baby/toddler rooms are very popular!). people seem to be only using it as supplemental or back up option to their child's "regular" preschool. i didn't think it was fair to him to keep him there for the whole year when i was constantly wondering each day if any other kids would be there with him. so, i decided to put him in the preschool class at the community center on MWF (azalea went there the year before kindergarten). we know the teachers, it's right next door to azalea's school (a block from our house) and it starts 5 minutes after her school. one of ashford's best buddies bruce is in the class too. we are so excited! and no, we aren't totally abandoning the coworking preschool (i am on the board and still a huge supporter of it). we we will plan to go 2-3 times a month depending on my work load. i think this is gonna be a great setup all around! 

2. thatcher took friday off to go on a hike with his friend chris. i was very thankful that he did it on a weekday (when he wouldn't normally be around anyway) because it was a 3 hour drive each way to the north cascades! he was gone from 6am to 7:30pm. he said it was the most amazing hike he's ever done (and he's done a lot now!). here is a picture he took: 

gorgeous right? 

3. last fall my mama friend group did a weekend away at the suncadia resort in the mountains. it was the best thing ever and we have been talking about doing another weekend since then. winter is better timing for a lot of people than fall, so the last weekend in january we will be renting a house on vashon island. it's only a 15 minute ferry ride from west seattle. our criteria: a house with large kitchen and living room area, picturesque setting, a hot tub, a bed for each person, and a town nearby for a meal or two out. i think we knocked it out of the park! i think there will be 8 of us this time, which will be so fun. i'm bummed that it's still 4 months away, but at least i get the excitement of looking forward to it. 

doesn't this look like heaven? 

4. weekend update: thatcher was gone for most of the evening on friday. the kids were already in bed when he got home. he and i hung out the rest of the night and he told me about his hike. saturday morning we didn't have any plans. i took azalea to the library and thatcher and ashford stayed home and played legos. in the afternoon they dropped me off downtown for geekgirlcon (think comic con with a female focus). and no, that's not my normal scene, but women's business incubator had a table in the exhibit hall, so i worked a 4 hour shift along with our board president. there was some pretty epic people watching. so many crazy costumes! we didn't get an overwhelming amount of traffic at our booth, but it wasn't dead either. it was a fun experience. i bused home and we just hung out the rest of the night. sunday morning azalea and i took a trip to java bean and the grocery store together while thatcher and ashford played legos...again. in the afternoon we all went to bailey farm pumpkin patch, which is about an hour away. but i'm gonna save that recap for tomorrow because this post is already long enough! stay tuned!

Monday, September 25, 2017

i was sick all weekend and some other things

good news! i just celebrated the start of fall for the third time. you know, the first time was the day after labor day, the second time was the day azalea went back to school and the third and official time was september 22nd ;) i think i have all bases covered now. this weekend it was time to bust out some fall decor at my house. (though i'm waiting on halloween stuff til next weekend). 

and now i shall whine about being sick for the rest of this post. fair warning! after thatcher returned from his work trip, i started feeling like i was coming down with a cold. thursday night i fell asleep on the couch at 8:15, friday i made it through the day, but was feeling pretty crappy by dinner time. thankfully thatcher came home early. we all ate dinner and then he took the kids to his co-worker's house in our neighborhood for a family street party. i stayed home and sat on the patio until it got dark out. it was a beautiful fall night! 

i helped get the kids to bed after they returned and went to bed for the night at 8:30 myself.

saturday morning we didn't have any plans. i was hoping we could all go out and do something, but my 10am i was back in my pajamas and feeling rundown. but a monumental moment came that morning when thatcher suggested that azalea try wearing pig tail and she happily agreed! i'm not kidding when i say she has not let me touch her hair (other than to wash and brush it) for nearly 4 years. she never lets me style it, so i was shocked. maybe this is the start of a new era. here is the evidence: 

she looked so cute!

 thatcher took the kids to a playground while i stayed home and rested. it was much appreciated. i laid on the couch and watched a movie because i wasn't having any luck falling asleep. they came back for lunch and then thatcher ran some errands in the afternoon. despite our best efforts to keep her awake, azalea fell asleep on the couch at 3:30. the kids played their video games, we made spaghetti for dinner, gave them a bath (confession: it had been 6 days), and ashford fell right asleep. of course azalea was not tired (but i was!). i laid in my bed a little after 8 to read and fall asleep. she laid next to me and read too. she actually ended up falling asleep with me and thatcher carried her to her room later. it was the best medicine. 

i woke up sunday morning still feeling crappy. i debated going to the doctor, but i didn't have a fever. thatcher had an early morning coffee meet up with a friend from minnesota who lives in oregon now and was visiting seattle for the weekend. when he got home, he played with the kids and took them to the park while i rested on the couch for a good part of the day. then we all walked to parfait for ice cream (not much can come between me and ice cream).

we made pulled pork in the crockpot for dinner and when we were finished eating and cleaning up before 6pm, we decided a walk to the locks was in order. it was a beautiful night there and we even saw some sea lions swimming!

 i'm glad i was able to get lots of fresh air on sunday despite not feeling the best. i hope i'm on the mend now with a new week starting! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

grandma jan's fall visit

i can't believe this was my mom's 5th visit out here since we moved. i'm so glad we get to see her every few months between her coming here and us going to minneapolis. we've done most of the "touristy" (and non-touristy) activities in seattle with her, so i'm always feeling like i need to come up with new and exciting things to do when she's here. not that it really matters, it's just nice to be together. i was especially thankful for her presence and help this time because thatcher was gone for most of her visit for a work conference in colorado. we did a lot of "every day" stuff with her and it was perfect. 

highlights of this visit:

- my mom got to see azalea's new 1st grade classroom and meet her teacher. she also got to see ashford at his swim lesson at the ballard pool.

- thatcher and i got short (and funny) date night. our venue? whole foods to pick up food for his work trip and to have a little dessert together. i tried mochi for the first time - it was good! romance is not dead! hehe

- my mom got to see ashford's preschool at the coworking space (and the space itself) and meet his teacher. my mom and i even snuck away for a couple hours to the uvillage outdoor mall by ourselves after i did my work for the day :)

- eating out a bunch: the hi life, the ram (meh, would not recommend that one), pagliacci pizza, and the athenian.

- nightly happy hour/appetizers with my mom on our patio while the kids watched their shows inside ;) the weather was gorgeous for the first half of her stay, but then turned more cool and rainy. 

- a trip to the ballard library and mighty o donuts, and to see music at the locks.

- a trip to pike place market where we saw the new addition to the market that opened in june and had a delicious lunch overlooking the water. 


i have to share a cute story about our lunch. we went to "the athenian" which is in the market. we got there around 11:30 and ashford had been saying he wanted pancakes (he had them there before). we didn't see them on the menu so we asked the waitress and she said "i'm sorry, we don't serve them after 11am". ashford looked at me with tears starting to fill his eyes and didn't say anything. i said "it's ok, we'll find you something else yummy" and the waitress says "look at that face! i'll go ask the cooks if they will make pancakes for him". she came back and said "they are happy to make him pancakes." ashford was so sweet and i was proud of him for not melting down about it. i thought it was really great service on the restaurant's part too :)

- my mom played lots and lots of board/card games with the kids. she also showed them how to play solitaire on her phone and they are addicted now. ha!

- my mom brought azalea 4 new dresses that she found at a second hand store in minneapolis. one of them looked so familiar to me and i quickly remembered that azalea had one that was the same print when she was a toddler. i looked through old pictures on our computer and found the proof from 2012. i took her picture in the new one, just for fun. man, time flies! 

- azalea started a new gymnastics session on monday (her second time taking it at the community center). she loves it and claims it's her favorite of all the activities she has tried. i'm interested to see if she will continue with it as she gets older. 

- i got a night out with my friends vanessa and martine. we went to a scottish bar called "macleods" on ballard avenue. it was my first time there and it was so nice to get that break and hang out with them. 

we were all sad to see her go this morning. we are hoping to come back to minneapolis for a week around christmas time, but we don't have anything booked. feels like we were just there, but i'm sure it'll come fast! time flies! 


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