Monday, October 14, 2019

ballard fire, new rug, trip to bailey farm

on monday, while the kids were at school and i was doing stuff around the house, i kept hearing more and more sirens in our neighborhood. so i looked at the seattle police dept twitter account and found out there was a major fire happening at some businesses down on 23rd and market street (a half mile from our house). the smoke got really thick for miles and they had to cancel recesses at the school. this is what it looked like out our window: 

it took the fire department hours to contain the fire (which started in one of the roofs). in all, 4 businesses were completely destroyed and 1 other had bad smoke damage. it's a huge loss for the neighborhood.

in happier news, i got a new rug for our living room this week. just like with my clothing choices, i've been more and more drawn to neutral colors when it comes to home decor. i found this beautiful rug on sale at target, so i pulled the trigger. i now call myself the shoe police because if anyone even steps on it by accident with shoes on, i yell at them ;) i love it so much and it has totally transformed the look of the room. 

the kids had school off on friday (teacher in service day), so i took them to get our flu shots at bartell drugs. last year neither of them cried, but this year ashford surprised me and got a bit panicky when it was his turn. we all made it through and they got to pick out a treat. the kids wouldn't even let us leave the store without opening and eating their kinder eggs ;) 

in the afternoon azalea had a birthday party for one of her friends from school. kids in her grade are turning 9 this year - slow down time!!!! ashford and i went to vanessa and ewan's house for lunch and then went to the playground at discovery park. 

saturday morning i got up with the kids just before 7 am and could see this amazing sunrise out the window, so i went outside to take a picture. it was so beautiful! i went to the gym after thatcher got up. 

azalea had a soccer game at gilman field at noon. they tied 2-2 with the other time. the girls played really well. just a couple weeks more of soccer to go. in the afternoon i made myself a little afternoon with pumpkin pie spice added. tis the season! 

thatcher met up with a friend from minnesota who was in town and then we all watched "the addams family" (circa 1991) for a family movie night :) 

sunday morning we headed to the pumpkin patch. we've gone to bailey farm in snohomish every october that we've lived here....i think. and this time was by far the busiest we've ever seen it, which was sort of a bummer because one of our favorite things about it is that it's usually pretty quiet. but it wasn't unbearable and we still had a good time. 

we relaxed at home the rest of the day and made green curry for dinner and apple crisp for dessert. 

Monday, October 7, 2019

the camping weekend and other fall things

i haven't written about thatcher and the kids' weekend while i was away, so i'm catching up on that now. he decided to take them camping by himself (he's braver than me!). they went to fort flagler state park, which is near port townsend. they took a ferry (which ended up taking hours to leave the terminal due to some sort of diver rescue situation). it sounds like it was a rather cold and wet overnight, but they still managed to have a good time. especially flying kites...

this past week we had chilly mornings with sunny afternoons. the constant rain hasn't set in yet, which has been nice. i'm sure it's only a matter of time. on wednesday after early release, we met our friends casey, ella kate, and julie at swanson's nursery for a coffee/treat and to play in the hay maze. it's indoors and not very big, but still good for entertaining the kids for an hour. they humored their moms by sitting on the photo opp bench.

the trees are really getting beautiful around here. i actually pulled over my car on 65th near our house to take a picture of this one. 

the kids have been really into drawing robots lately. one night they kept very focused in hopes that we would not notice it was time for them to go to bed ;) 

i added some halloween decorations to the fall decorations i had already put out, so our house is feeling cozy and festive and it makes me happy! 

we didn't have much planned this weekend, but thatcher took ashford to the brick con lego convention at seattle center on saturday, and azalea and i decided to have a little date ourselves - out to lunch for thai. she's obsessed :) then we went to michael's to get a birthday gift for her friend's party this week. 

another beautiful tree - this one in lower queen anne

saturday night we watched "the chronicles of narnia" with the kids. they loved it! 

sunday morning we hung out at home then in the afternoon, thatcher and azalea went to the farmers market while i took ashford to his first kindergarten buddy birthday party. it was at seattle gymnastics academy in ballard, which is his favorite place! they invited the whole class, so it was a big party and lots of fun. i stayed and chatted with the other parents who were there. when we got home, thatcher and azalea were playing risk. ashford joined in too. and i read my book :) we had a quiet night at home and got ready for the week ahead. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

anderson island ladies weekend

this past weekend was my annual weekend away with my best girlfriends in seattle. i've known them for over 4 years now and in many ways i feel like i've known them forever because of the close bond we formed right from the start. i feel so lucky that i found amazing friends here. i know moving to a new city can be a very isolating experience, but i was so fortunate that that wasn't the case for me. i tell people who ask how i met them that they pretty much fell into my lap thanks to a friend i grew up with connecting me to his friend heather who moved here around the same time.

now onto the weekend! my friend heather is an attorney and has been traveling back and forth to california for a trial all of september. back when we booked this trip, she did not know this would be happening and for a short while she was worried she wouldn't be able to come at all, but she managed to fly back for the weekend and spend 24 hours with us. we were so happy! with the exception of vanessa, i hadn't seen any of these friends in almost 6 months because life got busy, but it felt like no time had gone by at all. 

four of us in our group left friday morning. we had lunch in steilacoom at a really good restaurant and then hopped on the 20 minute car ferry to the island. 

anderson island is 7 miles from end to end and about 1,000 people live there. there are only 2 restaurants, 1 convenience market, and gas station and a golf course. but it's such a beautiful spot and was perfect for our getaway. we rented an air bnb that had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a huge kitchen, and a beautiful deck with a hot tub overlooking the water. 

we spent the rest of friday eating nachos, drinking wine, hanging out in the hot tub, and chatting while curled up in our pajamas. it was so nice. we didn't even stay up late! 

saturday morning i couldn't sleep past 7:30, so i went down to the sun room with my book and read and drank coffee while everyone slept for 2 more hours. i read more than i have in weeks :) it was a rainy morning, so it was perfect for it.

 heather came in on the 12:30 ferry so we went to pick her up and then planned to go for lunch at "the nicer" restaurant. haha. but it was closed for a private event until 2, so we went back to the house. vanessa and i were the only ones who felt like going back to the restaurant at 2, so we had a little date over burgers and delicious poutine. 

when we got back, we all sat out on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine. 

meredith cooked us butter chicken and rice for dinner (so good!). we went in the hot tub again and then relaxed the rest of the night. we always say the weekend goes by way to fast and we just want to pause time and this weekend was no different. 

sunday morning we cleaned up the house and then headed to the ferry because we needed to drop off heather at the airport. then the other 4 of us drove to columbia city neighborhood of seattle and went out for brunch/lunch at geraldine's counter. it was delicious and a nice way to soak up the last of the weekend. until next time...!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

currently: once a year edition

i feel like i only do these types of posts once a year, but they are some of my favorites to write. i get in the habit of just posting our weekly recaps on here every monday, but sometimes when reading through old posts i am reminded of other kinds of posts i used to write and get inspired :)

so, right now i'm currently...

appreciating: the week i just got to spend with my mom. it's hard living half-way across the country from our families, but at least we get a long chunk of one-on-one time with them every few months. i'm also appreciating our new fall schedule around here. my life feels much more balanced now with dedicated time to do the work-household-parenting things. i'm still doing my book keeping job 5-7 hours a week and will likely be going up to 10-15 starting in november. 

looking forward to: my girls weekend coming up on friday! every fall my group of mom friends and i do a weekend away in the pnw. i always look forward to it so much. we have our criteria down now: somewhere under 2 hours away, a cozy house to drink/eat/relax, a hot tub, at least one nearby restaurant for a meal out over the weekend. we are pretty easy to please! this weekend we are going to anderson island, which is short ferry ride from steilacoom (near tacoma). none of us have been there before. it looks like heaven!

wearing: i put away all of my summer clothes (with the exception of some short sleeved shirts and tanks that i wear with cardigans). i never used to separate my clothes for different seasons (besides the obvious things like shorts). but i've found i really love taking out things that have summery colors/prints and storing them away for 9 months. it's always fun to pull them out again in the spring. the older i get, the more i am drawn to neutral colored clothing. so most of my clothes in the fall/winter are black, white, gray, cream, denim. i also love cognac brown shoes and purses because they look good with everything. i find it easier to choose an outfit each morning if i have more of a curated wardrobe to look at, instead of everything i own.

reading: i just finished reading "crazy rich asians" which came out a few years ago and was made into a movie last year. i actually saw the movie first, but i still like reading books after seeing the movie just to see what is different and to get more detail than the movie provides. the book i read before that was "summer of 69" by elin hilderbrand. i'm still working my way through her 22 books. i think i've read 16-17 of them. i have a goal to read 24 books this year and i've read 18 so far. 


watching: i always joke that i pretty much never watch any new movies or shows. i don't watch a ton of tv in general, so i'm usually skeptical about watching something new and would rather watch old favorites like the office, friends, etc. but i'm proud to say i have started watching some new shows recently. first is "call the midwife". i know this has been around for a long time, but i just started it a couple months ago (thanks to my mom) and i love it. i'm on season 4 of 8. i also recently started watching "workin moms" on netflix. it's is absolutely hilarious. and of course i can't wait to watch all my favorite christmas movies soon! ;)

eating: one of my goals with the kids back in school is to find some new recipes because i'm pretty tired of the 7-8 things we rotate almost every week. so far i haven't done this, but it's still my goal :) especially slow cooker recipes because they are so easy! tis the season for comfort food and baking. in case you are curious what we usually eat: homemade pizza, tacos, breakfast for dinner, grilled turkey burgers or chicken, asian meatballs, spaghetti, etc. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

grandma jan's fall visit

it's been feeling like fall for a while here, but now it's official! of course i had to bust out my decorations over the weekend. i can't think of many things more fun than decorating a new space for the first time. and thinking about decorating for christmas makes me giddy. 

my mom was here for the last week and we had such a nice visit with her. we were excited to show her our new house and have her join us for school pick up and drop offs for both kids! this felt like a new era because the kids were both in school for 6 hours every day, so my mom and i had a lot of time together to do whatever we wanted. (namely: walking, shopping, eating, and drinking!). 

the night she arrived thatcher picked up thai take out for dinner and we enjoyed it at home. she brought the kids each a small gift (a lego set and mad libs), so they were thrilled about that :) 

tuesday while the kids were in school, my mom and i went to the frye museum. 

neither of us had been before. it's a free art museum in the first hill neighborhood. after we had lunch at a greek restaurant back in ballard (our first time trying it). we also popped into value village because it was across the street. 

wednesday we went to capitol hill to explore and go to some shops, then we had lunch at elysian brewing. it was a fun outing! 

wednesday is early release for school (2:10), so we decided to take the kids to "full tilt" in our neighborhood to have ice cream and play some arcade games. it was a hit! 

thursday we mostly hung out at home and my mom went to the library while i worked out down the street. 

friday we went to fred meyer in the morning. my mom even got the kids their christmas gifts. smart lady :) then we went to vanessa's for lunch and so my mom could see her new house. vanessa was in the process of buying it when my mom last visited in may. after school, the kids, my mom, and i went to "venture coffee" with my friend beth and her daughters. then i hopped on a bus downtown to meet thatcher for a date night! we had dinner at a place in pioneer square called "casco antigua" and it was amazing. then we walked over to "town hall" in first hill to see a talk. many of his co-workers were going, so we decided to make a date night out of it. it was on gender and our brains and it was really interesting. i got to meet a lot of people from his organization. 

 my mom took the kids to "the boars nest" for dinner. ashford tried his hardest to stay awake in bed until we got home, but he passed out 5 minutes before we got home at 10pm. 

saturday morning i had my annual board retreat for the coworking space. it's my last one ever because i will be stepping down from the board next month. it's been a great experience the last 2.5 years, but i'm feeling ready to move on with two kids in elementary school. it was scheduled to go all day, but i told them i could only stay through lunch because it was my mom's last day in town. azalea's soccer game got cancelled so thatcher, my mom, and the kids went to a new waterfront park instead. 

thatcher picked me up after lunch and we snuck in another mini date getting ice cream at "frankie and jo's". azalea and i went to the library and the grocery store while every one else laid low at home. we grilled turkey burgers for dinner and my mom, thatcher, and the kids played a few more rounds of "racko". (they had a running score sheet for the whole week). 

we took my mom to the airport early sunday morning. we may not see her again until next may, which feels so far away, so i hope we get to sooner. the rest of the day we relaxed at home, got groceries, the kids and i went over to vanessa and ewan's in the afternoon, thatcher baked us pumpkin muffins, and our family watched "matilda" for a little movie night. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

first week of kindergarten, soccer saturday, mom's night out

ashford's first week of school is in the books! i mentioned that his first day drop off went really smoothly and i was celebrating that we were passed the hard stuff. well, i was overly optimistic because tuesday morning the tears came out. he was really upset when the bell ring and i had to leave. he was clinging to me and begging me not to go :( i had to leave him crying with his teacher. i'm always okay leaving my kids if they are happy, but when they are not, it's so hard! thankfully he had a good day and the rest of the week was back to smooth drop offs. it's been a big adjustment for him. he is trying to wrap his head around the fact that he will be there 5 days a week for 6 hours. but i know how great kindergarten is at their school and i can already tell he is enjoying it (minus the length). he loves seeing azalea (and other kids that he knows) in the hallways and on the playground. 

it's also been a huge change for me having both kids gone for 6 hours each day. i feel like i can accomplish so much now! i do my book keeping work for 1-2 hours each morning then i go to the gym (3x a week), run errands, clean the house, do my grade rep volunteer work, etc. it's been really nice! and i'm excited to see them when school gets out and focus on them the rest of the day. though i'm always surprised at how quickly their bickering starts up after not seeing each other all day ;) 

now onto the weekend. on saturday morning i took azalea to top 10 toys to get a gift for her friend ella kate's party on sunday. then the kids worked on their snap circuit kit (something their mom knows nothing about. ha!) 

in the afternoon she had a soccer game at gilman field. she got to play goalie for the first time and she did great. they didn't win, but the girls played really well together and it was so fun to watch. thatcher took these pictures with our new camera...

she smiles the whole time she is playing and i love it! 

saturday night i got to meet up with some mom friends from preschool (last year) at cafe munir for dinner. it's a little lebanese restaurant that has been on my list forever and it did not disappoint! everything we ordered was fantastic and it was really fun to get to catch up with them and have a night out. 

sunday was a rainy day! in the morning i went to the grocery store and took this picture on the walk back. i love the historical street markers in ballard. 

in the afternoon thatcher took azalea to her birthday party and did some work at a coffee shop while she was there. vanessa and ewan came over for a couple hours to hang out with ashford and me. we relaxed at home the rest of the night and got ready for my mom's visit. she comes into town today!! 

Monday, September 9, 2019

school days and soccer season

azalea started 3rd grade last wednesday! how is that posssible??

thatcher was able to go into work late so we could all walk up to school together. our walk went from about 1.5 blocks to 4 blocks after our move, so we have to leave a little earlier now ;) 

her new classroom is in the downstairs of the school (which is where the older kids are), so she's pretty excited about that. it's nice because by the time they get to 3rd grade they know pretty much every one in their grade, so she has lots of buddies in her class. 30 minutes after we dropped her off, we had a "family connections" meeting with ashford's teacher. it's sort of like a pre school year conference. ashford was along for it, so he got to see his classroom (again) and see where his cubby is and where he will be sitting. we also had a nice chat with his teacher. 

thursday afternoon ashford and i met up with vanessa and ewan at wallingford playground for one of our last "mid day" hangouts for a long time! 

then ashford and i stopped by venture coffee before picking up azalea from school. 

 azalea's first 3 days went really well. she's always loved school and i've been trying not to take that for granted since i'm also mom to a little boy who is a little more skeptical about the whole thing ;) 

on friday i saw a dining room table listed on craigslist that would be perfect for us, so i sent thatcher to look at it friday night and it came home with us. we'll get different chairs at some point, but it's so nice to have a big table after our tiny round one we've used the last 4 years. 

thatcher left early saturday morning for a conference in vancouver, so it was just the kids and me for the weekend. we had the last pre school year kindergarten meet up at their school playground and then headed to queen anne for azalea's first soccer game of the season. 

her team had 4 practices before the first game, so it was really fun to watch them play together. i'm so glad we decided to do soccer. it's a big time commitment (3x a week), but i love watching her learn these skills and getting to bond with her friends. after soccer, we grabbed lunch at scooters with another family. then we relaxed at home the rest of the day. 

sunday morning we took a trip to top pot donuts (yum!) then to michaels to get a wreath hanger and some craft stuff to keep the kids busy for the afternoon.

 it was cool and rainy, so it felt like a good day to just hang out at home before ashford starts school. i made dinner in the crock pot, the kids did perler beads and played (and fought) all afternoon ;) i also hung my wreath i found for free on the side of the road and got out all my fall/winter clothes out. 

monday was the big day - first day of kindergarten for ashford! i'll admit i started to feel pretty nervous/sad on sunday. i've been so ready for some time away from the kids, but the start of kindergarten is a huge milestone. never again will i have as much time with him again. and he is my little homebody and was feeling nervous about going, so i was worried about how drop off would good. he humored me for a picture out front before we left.

azalea was excited to help drop him off before heading to her class. he seemed nervous sitting in his seat in class, but he didn't cling to me or cry, so i was thankful for that. i'm so excited for him to start the adventure of elementary school! 


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