Monday, January 14, 2019

spring-like weather, happy birthday ewan, rock climbing

we had the most beautiful january weekend. temps were in the mid 50s and the sun was shining for multiple days in a row! ha. this winter feels a lot like our first winter here. it hasn't gotten too cold (around freezing a handful of mornings), no snow, some breaks from the rain. it's my fourth winter here and it still doesn't fail to amaze me! 

this is unrelated, but last week i got this email, which was exciting! honestly my payments had been down to $55/month for quite a while, but it feels good to know my college education is totally paid off now! 

we had a busy weekend too! friday night, not so much, but that's pretty typical. saturday we hung out at home for most of the day, but azalea and i took a trip to bartells and the library. i've really been trying to step up my reading game this year. last year i think i read around 20 books, but i'd like to up it to 25-30 this year. in the afternoon, we took the kids up to the school/field with their bikes: 

sunday morning we headed to the zoo for ewan's 5th birthday party. vanessa invited our family and one other family to hang out at the zoo for a couple hours and then head to "zeek's pizza" a few blocks away for lunch and cake. the kids had a lot of fun. it was a bright, chilly morning at the zoo, much better than rain. at the restaurant we had pizza, salad, and a batman cake. 

immediately after the party, we headed to REI because the kids were signed up for a rock climbing class. thatcher saw it on their site on black friday and both kids were old enough, so we thought it would be fun. azalea has rock climbed once before for a birthday party. ashford was a little skeptical going into it, but he ended up having fun. all the parents stayed for the class, so we got to see them climb. 

this is about as high as they got before wanting to come down :) 

we ended the day (and the weekend) with a trip to "the boars nest" for bbq dinner. 

happy monday! 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

hello 2019! bike riding, minecraft lego camp, bellingham

the first week of 2019 was a good one. backing up to new years eve, we went to our friends chrissy, zach, and eli's for an (early evening) celebration. we ordered thai take out, drank champagne and the kids ran around and played some games. it was low-key and perfect. we left their house at 9pm when the kids started to get tired. and i was in bed before 11 :) 

thatcher was off new years day. we hung out at home for the morning, took down our christmas decorations and cleaned. it always makes me a little sad, but i love having a clean space to kick off the new year.

 after lunch, i walked down to market street to "kick it boutique" because they were having their annual new years sale. it has become a tradition for me since living here. i love the store, but the clothes are a little more expensive than i prefer to spend, so i only buy stuff there when they have their sale. when i got home, we took ashford up to the ball field to try out his new two wheel bike and he mastered riding it right away. i was so impressed! i guess the balance bike he had previously paid off. he is very excited about his new skill: 

that night we watched the second harry potter movie because thatcher and azalea finished the second book. they have now moved onto book 3. 

wednesday thatcher was back at work and the kids had their first day of minecraft lego camp! we've never done a winter break camp before but thatcher found this one at the green lake community center that was just 3 mornings and for 5-7 year olds, which meant they could take it together! they had a great first day and i got some work done at "the inc" (which was less than a 5 minute drive) and fit in a trip to target. vanessa and ewan came over in the afternoon for a play date. 

thursday morning the kids had their camp and i came home to work and go grocery shopping. we stopped at mcdonald's on the way home for lunch for them and ran into our friends beth, audrey, and eliza. the kids were thrilled to have playmates for the playland. we went to the queen anne library to get new books and to check out the winter craft party. it was a good way to kill a couple hours. 

friday was the last morning of camp. it was the most beautiful sunny morning at green lake:

i decided to work from a nearby coffee shop that my friend vanessa recommended. it's called "retreat" and it was the most dreamy spot! i'll definitely be back! 

after camp, we headed to the zoo to meet our friends casey, ella-kate, and julie. the kids ran around in the zoomasium and casey and i got to catch up. 

that night, thatcher assembled our new headboard that got delivered. i have wanted a headboard for our bed for over a decade, so thatcher told me i could pick one out for christmas. so fun! i love it, and our bedroom feel so "grown up" now! 

saturday we decided to take a day trip to bellingham. we hadn't been in close to a year and it's a beautiful drive and fun city to explore. we did chucknut drive on the way in and out of the city and the views never disappoint. 

it was lunch time when we arrived, so we went to "fiamma burger" in the downtown, which we've been to a couple times before.

 then we walked to a model train exhibit (i laugh when i think about how many trains museums we have been to in minnesota and washington). it was good for killing time! 

next we went somewhere hadn't been to before, boulevard park. it was right on the water, had a nice new playground, a beach, and a coffee shop. jackpot! we enjoyed all the amenities before hopping in the car to drive back to seattle. 

sunday was a low-key day before the regular back to school/work week starts up. i joined a gym in our neighborhood on new years day because i have not worked out regularly since before having kids and it was time. so i  had a consultation with a personal trainer (included when you sign up). he was really nice and helpful, but was trying to sell me a training package, which i don't really want to do. i just want to get access to the cardio machines and light weights. my goal is to go 2-3 times a week. i'll let you know how it's going in a few weeks ;) 

we ran some errands and mostly hung out at home the rest of the day. for dinner we made home made pizza and i made myself prosciutto and arugula. the recipe i used called for tossing the arugula in lemon juice and it made the pizza. it was so delicious! 

now the kids are back to school after 16 days off. here's to routines!

Monday, December 31, 2018

the last of 2018: more winter break happenings

our final week of 2018 was a good one. thatcher went back to work on the 26th, so it was just the kids and me for a few days. after a nice couple days laying around the house over the christmas, we were ready to get out! 

on wednesday, i took them to see "ralph breaks the internet" at the theater in our neighborhood. it was a really cute movie - we all enjoyed it!  

on thursday, we went to "the inc" in the morning. ashford went to the preschool room and azalea hung out with me while i got some work done. we also took a trip to target. in the afternoon, we met vanessa and ewan at the zoo. we looked at a few animals and spent a good chunk of time in the zoomasium where it was warm :) 

on friday, the kids and i hopped on the bus to go downtown to visit thatcher. 

he met us at zeitgeist coffee for a treat and then we all went to his office to say hi to the (few) people who were there. they always enjoy seeing/meeting the kids. 

thatcher had a meeting to attend, so we ventured off on our own for the rest of the day. we went back into the core of downtown and rode the holiday carousel at westlake park. well, azalea rode it. ashford didn't want to ;) it was raining pretty hard, but at least it was covered. 

then we walked to the sheraton hotel where they have the annual gingerbread village. the theme was "whoville" and the grinch. i went last year with azalea and we were able to walk right in. this year was a different story. there was a fairly long line when we got into the lobby, but i figured it would maybe take 30 minutes to get through. after waiting 10-15 minutes it was clear it was going to be much longer than that...but were were feeling committed at that point, so we continued to wait. it ended up taking an hour and 20 minutes! omg. i would not have stayed if i knew it would be that long from the start. the kids did remarkably well waiting. they had lots of moments of squirreliness, but it was manageable. the houses were very cool to look at, but not worth an hour and 20 min wait. oy! 

it was after 1pm when we finished, so we were hungry! we walked over to pike place market to get some lunch. we went to "the athenian" restaurant. i've been there many time before and it's always a great experience. good food, good service, nice views. the kids and i had a great lunch together. i'm starting to feel like i'm dining out with big kids these days. how did that happen?! we were all pretty tired after our downtown adventures, so we headed home on the bus. 

saturday we pretty much stayed home all day aside from getting groceries and thatcher buying a new coat. 

sunday morning we hung out at home, then in the afternoon we met our friends chrissy, zach, and eli at the pacific science center. it was fun to hang out with them and the kids had a good time.

 here is azalea modeling her new unicorn hoodie before we left. in case you didn't know, unicorns are very "in" with elementary school girls these days: 

when we left the science center there was a beautiful rainbow right behind the space needle: 

monday was new years eve. thatcher went to work. i woke up with a super sore throat, so i didn't feel like doing much. one of ashford's buddies from preschool's mom invited him over for a play date. while he was gone,  i took azalea to java bean and we played at home. on the way back from picking up ashford, we ended up playing at the playground for almost an hour. it was chilly but sunny! thatcher came home early from work, which was nice. tonight we are going to our friends chrissy, zach, and eli's house to have takeout for dinner and i'm pretty sure we'll be home by 8:30pm :) 

happy new year to you! 

Friday, December 28, 2018

2018: that's a wrap

here we are, just days away from 2019. why is it that the older you get, the faster a year goes by? when i was a kid, i used to think it was so weird how adults would talk about things that happened 20 years earlier like it was 5 minutes ago, but now i totally get it! i have to say, 2018 was a good one: another year in seattle, our last year before we have two kids in elementary school. let's take a trip down memory lane, just like the last 8 years: 

2010  |  2011  |  2012  |  2013 |  2014 |  2015 |  2016 |  2017


we kicked off 2018 by flying kites at soundview field with the kids. ashford and i got to see our friends chrissy and eli (who moved from seattle to hamburg, germany in march 2016). our family went on a hike at snoqalmie falls to the bottom of the falls for the first time. we all went to ewan's 4th birthday party at the phinney ridge community center. we attended a game night potluck with families from ashford's preschool. the kids and thatcher went to see paddington 2 in the theater. azalea and i participated in the women's march downtown(pictured) with my friends erica and heather and their boys. the vikings made it to the final round of the playoffs, and we watched them (lose) at our minnesota friends mark, tina, and emily's house. i spent a weekend on vashon island with my mama friends - eating, drinking, hot tubing and relaxing. heaven! azalea attended her friend audrey's 7th birthday party at their house where she lost her front tooth! 


the kids and i checked out a new play place in ballard called "heca play labs" and visited a preschool fair to support "the inc." we all attended azalea's school's "family dance" at the community center. we watched the superbowl, which was held in minneapolis. so fun even thought the vikings did not play! ashford had his 4 year old check ups - doctor and dental. we had our neighbor friends martine, josh, bruce, & beatrice over for the olympic opening ceremony. we took a day trip to deception pass on whidbey island. we bought a membership to the pacific science center and got our money's worth in the first month! the kids celebrated valentine's day by making valentines for their classmates and we celebrated as a family with chocolate cake/gifts. both kids were off school for a week for mid-winter break. we traveled to vancouver, bc for one night. it was chilly and there was snow on the ground, but it was as beautiful and fun as ever! we enjoyed the hotel pool, going out to eat, the maritime museum, and the vancouver lookout. we visited the new "salt and straw" ice cream shop that recently came to seattle. so delicious! it snowed a couple inches one saturday and was gone by the afternoon! the kids had a blast playing in it with the neighbors while it lasted.


march brought some super nice spring weather (70s!). we got re-acquainted with our favorite playgrounds and beaches. i went to my friend erica's house to watch her practice her "mom's demand action" (gun sense) presentation. thatcher and azalea attended thatcher's coworker's daughter kiarra's 7th birthday party at "the little gym". thatcher went on a day hike with friends. i chaperoned ashford's preschool field trip to the "thistle theater" in our neighborhood. azalea's class was there too! we all went to see the cherry blossoms at uw and out for lunch with thatcher's coworker chris, his wife misty, and their daughter, penny. azalea, vanessa, and i went to see "the oh hellos" play at the neptune theater - azalea's first concert! azalea turned 7! (pictured). she had a party with friends at playdate seattle (indoor play place). we also celebrated at home as a family, and in her 1st grade class with mini cupcakes. 


i celebrated my friend heather's birthday at "the backdoor at roxy's" in fremont. thatcher went to his first sounders (pro soccer) game with some coworkers. ashford came down with a bad case of hives the night before easter and went to the ER at 6am with thatcher :( azalea and i went to my friend heather's for an easter celebration with friends. azalea got sick the week after and missed a few days of school. azalea had her first grade musical "arf" and it was adorable! azalea joined a soccer team with a bunch of girls from her grade. the games were held outdoors and the first couple weeks were pretty wet and miserable. thatcher did the emerald city bike ride again - which was cold and wet as well! our friends ian, joanna, and kyla came into town and we ate our way through capitol hill, and hung out at seattle center. azalea and ashford had a week off for spring break. we did activities in and around seattle: maple leaf park, everett children's museum, mcdonalds playland, the zoo, and a ferry trip to bainbridge to visit friends. we had our first visit to a seattle micro-brewery with our friends casey & rob and their daughters and it was super kid-friendly! i had my turn being sick for a couple days. ashford and i took my cousin's kids' "flat stanley" to gasworks park. thatcher and i got to have a date night (pictured) thanks to vanessa and matt. we went to pestle rock thai and salt and straw for ice cream in ballard. we all did an "urban hike" at carkeek park. after a cold start to april, the weather got super nice again at the end of the month and we spent lots of time at golden gardens beach pretending it was summer. 


we had beautiful weather in may! my mom came into town for a week. we went out to eat a few times, visited the chihuly museum, golden gardens, the locks, and the ballard farmers market. thatcher and i got to have our first overnight sans kids (in 5 years!). we went to leavenworth, wa which is 2.5 hours away in the mountains. it's a very kitschy bavarian-themed town, but it had been on our list to visit. on our trip, we hiked icicle ridge. the scenery was beautiful but the hike kicked my butt ;) we went out for dinner, explored downtown leavenworth, and visited the museum in town. the kids were easy for grandma jan (thank god). my group of friends went to see our friend amy's art displayed at the belltown art walk and went to dinner at "orfeo". thatcher went on a day hike with friends. azalea went to her friend neko's 7th birthday party at the rock climbing gym in our neighborhood. on mother's day, thatcher made us all breakfast, we went to azalea's soccer game, had chipotle for lunch, and i got a little me time too. we went to the annual syttende mai (norweigan constitution day) parade in our neighborhood. i got to see my college roomie kaylee (and her husband preston) for the first time in 5 years during their layover in seattle. thatcher's sister cedar bought a last minute ticket to visit us over memorial weekend (her first time!). we had a great time showing her around ballard, fremont, downtown, the mountains, and bainbridge island (pictured). whew! my life long friend kelli was in town at the same time. i met up with her and her friends at the columbia winery in woodinville. it was so nice to catch up in person after 18 months. 


azalea's teacher was out for a family emergency the last 3 weeks of the school year, so she had a substitute. i had my annual "board retreat" day for the inc. coworking. azalea attended her friend henry's 7th birthday at "family fun center". june 5th marked 3 years in seattle for us (wow!). the first half of june was unseasonably cool. ashford attended his friend kai's 5th birthday party. june 9th marked 11 years of marriage for thatcher and me (whoa!). we celebrated with a family date to the pacific science center, watched the ballard criterium bike race, and had a family dinner at "uneeda burger" in fremont. azalea had her last soccer game of the season. our friends mark, tina, and emily came for dinner one night. thatcher turned 36 on the 12th! we had a low key celebration at home. my aunt and cousins from new jersey came for a 5 day stay, as did my brother. they stayed in an airbnb about a half mile from us. we had a great time showing them the city. we went to pike place market & pioneer square, and out for dinner to "rays" in ballard for my brother's birthday. they went to vancouver without us (too far for a day trip with the kids). we took them to gold creek pond (pictured). some of the group went to a mariners game. on father's day, lea, kelly, maria, and i went to chateau st. michelle winery. ha! the guys stayed with the kids and took them to the locks and out for lunch. we had a busy end of the school year. "graduation" for ashford (to the next year of preschool), a carnival, a picnic, an award ceremony (humanitarian award for azalea!), track and field afternoon. whew! we hit the road for portland the afternoon school got out. we stayed at thatcher's cousin jade's. she and her husband were traveling, but her mom and dad were in town from alaska dog-sitting. we went out to eat and to "draper girls farm" outside hood river with his aunt and uncle and other cousin's wife jammie. we also visited our friends ian, joanna, and kyla who had just moved to portland from minneapolis. we left for a 17 day trip to minneapolis on june 27th. 


the first half of july was spent in minnesota, which was so nice! thatcher was able to be there for such a long stretch because the last 4 days he was attending a conference planning meeting in st. paul. it was super hot and humid while we were there. highlights of our trip: going to my aunt and uncle's cabin for my (34th) birthday and the 4th of july (pictured), a visit to itasca state park. we saw lots of our family, friends, and former neighbors. when we returned, we went to viking days at the new nordic museum, my (now former) neighbor martine and i saw a prince cover band during seafood fest, azalea did "sparts" camp at her school, we had play dates and went out for ice cream. thatcher went on a day hike with some co-workers. we visited wading pools and splash pads. we discovered populuxe brewery, which is super kid friendly! our old neighbors adam & holly and their boys were in town from minneapolis and we spent a morning with them at the locks and the farmers market. july was hot! ashford attended preschool camp at loyal heights community center, azalea got an expander put in her mouth and we had to learn how to "turn" it with a tool each morning, we dog-sat out neighbor dog nacho for an afternoon. my friend teresa who moved to the phillipines with her family last summer was in town, so i got to have dinner with her and some girl friends at "stoneburner." azalea went to her friend brennan's 7th birthday party at seattle gymnastics academy.  


august 1st marked 3 year since my dad died. i miss him so much. :( ashford did another preschool camp at golden gardens beach. i took azalea on our yearly mother/daughter manicure date :) we went to the mohai museum for the first time. thatcher's friend nate came for a long weekend to go hiking. we also enjoyed showing him around seattle. i was supposed to have my one week of the summer where both kids were in camp - but sickness hit our house. i took azalea on our annual back to school shopping trip, the kids did a week of swimming lessons at blue ridge pool. the weather cooled way down and the air filled with smoke from the wildfires :( the kids traded germs back and forth and were sick for almost 2 weeks. azalea did karate camp at the community center and ashford did another week at golden gardens. we went to the community center's "tuesday night family night" that had a bouncy house. i saw "crazy rich asians" with my friend chrissy. after 10 years with our hyundai elantra, we replaced it with a 2018 subaru forester (pictured) and we love it so much! we met up with thatcher's old co-worker eric and his wife elise at pike place market when they were in town. we took a day trip to anacortes, wa in our new ride :) 


labor day weekend our friends ian, joanna, and kyla came up from portland. we all crammed into our tiny apartment and it was a blast. we took them to discovery park, gold creek pond in the mountains, populuxe brewing, and seward park. azalea learned how to ride a two wheel bike! we said goodbye to summer and school started up again. 2nd grade for azalea, last year of preschool for ashford. thatcher and azalea went to the coast for a daddy/daughter camping trip. azalea started swimming lessons again at the ballard pool. i went to a second grade mom happy hour at hotel albatross. thatcher went on a day hike with co-workers to the north cascades. both kids went to a birthday party at "pump it up" for our friends ella-kate and julie. my mom came into town for a week. she got to attend azalea's "back to school night". my mom and i got a lot of quality time together while the kids were in school. my favorite outing was going to chateau st. michelle winery with her :) thatcher and i went on another overnight trip, this time to port townsend, wa. we enjoyed exploring the downtown, hiking through fort worden, going to the farmers market, eating delicious food/coffee, and getting to have uninterrupted conversations. my least favorite part of september was having to say goodbye to our favorite neighbors martine, josh, bruce, and beatrice (pictured) as they moved to mexico city for at least 2 years. we really miss them! 


we had our yearly visit to "bailey farm" in snohomish to pick apples/pumpkins and play on the hay bales/barn swings. thatcher and the kids went to brickcon (lego convention) for the third year in a row. i had another weekend getaway with my group of friends. we stayed on whidbey island and just like past weekends, enjoyed the hot tub, fireplace, good food/wine, and conversation. thatcher traveled to pittsburgh for 5 days for a work conference. the kids and i went to swansons nursery and did some fall activities and we attended ashford's friend lochlann's 5th halloween/birthday party. thatcher's cousin sage was in town from san diego with his wife kristen and their daughter stella. we took them to the locks, and thatcher and the kids went to carkeek beach with them the next day. we carved our pumpkins (the kids were really into it this year). on halloween the kids dressed up as batgirl and batman, and i was super woman (pictured). ashford wore his costume to school and they painted pumpkins. we went trick or treating in downtown ballard with vanessa, matt, and ewan and had dinner at "the hi life". 


in november we explored camano island for the first time (while it down poured on us). i participated in #onedayhh for the 5th year in a row. azalea got braces (in addition to the expander). azalea and i went to her school's "fall harvest party." thatcher's old co-worker/friend jackie was in town, so we met up with her at zeitgeist coffee. we started reading harry potter to azalea. we went to "julefest" at the new nordic museum. we surprised the kids by having my brother visit the week of thanksgiving. they were so excited! the kids had the whole week off school: we went went to the coworking space, funtastic playtorium, had a conference with azalea's teacher, ate at the boar's nest (unkie's favorite!), mighty o's for donuts, went to the science center, celebrated thanksgiving with the macy's parade, a (rainy) walk to the locks (pictured) and a turkey dinner! we put up our tree and decorated for christmas. we introduced the kids to "home alone." we went to see "the grinch" in the theater with vanessa and ewan. azalea went to her friend maggie's 8th birthday party at chuck.e.cheese. 


thatcher's parents came into town for a week. it was the first time they have visited together. we had a fantastic time with them - enjoying all things christmas. we ate at mighty o's, mod pizza, and patxi's pizza. thatcher's cousin lloyd and his wife jammie came up from portland. we went to the santa lucia pageant at the nordic museum, cheryl and i did the theo chocolate tour in fremont. thatcher and i got a 12 hour "day date" during which we got some christmas shopping done, explored new neighborhoods, and went out for lunch and dinner. we did lots of baking for the holidays. azalea went to her friend ben's 8th birthday party at arena sports. we had some mild colds at our house, but nothing compared to flu-pocolypse last december. we stayed in seattle the week before christmas for the first time since we moved here. i attended a send-off happy hour for one of our executive directors at "the inc", we saw the christmas ships at the locks with vanessa, matt, and ewan. i celebrated my friend erica's birthday at re:public in south lake union. we did the "santa train" from north bend to snoqualmie with our friends casey, rob, ella-kate, and julie. we went to see santa at swanson's and took our annual picture with him. ashford turned 5! he celebrated with treats at school, and we had vanessa, matt, and ewan over for tacos and cake. we went ice skating with the kids for the second time ever at highland ice arena (pictured). the four of us celebrated christmas with a couple of cozy, low key days at home. we ate, we drank, we watched christmas movies, and listened to christmas music, we all bickered from too much togetherness and it was perfect :) this week went to the coworking space, the zoo, and visited thatcher at work. only thing left to do this year is celebrate new years eve. we don't have any plans, but i'm more than happy to curl up on the couch in my pajamas and go to bed by 10pm! we go! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2018 christmas celebrations

another christmas has come and gone. but never fear - i'm gonna hold onto the last of the holiday magic until new years day when we will take down our tree. of course i much prefer the excitement on the pre-side of christmas, but i'm not letting go quite yet! we had a nice, super low key holiday with just the four of us. it can get a little long and anti-climactic with no where to be, but we made the best of it. 

christmas eve morning i got some last minute groceries for our various feasts and thatcher took the kids out on an errand *cough* last minute gift shopping ;) it included a trip to mighty o's which was almost sold out of donuts at 10:00am. in the afternoon, we baked cookies for santa. i had been wanting to make peanut butter blossoms all month, and i finally got the chance! they turned out delicious and i've been eating way too many: 

when it got dark out, azalea and i drove up to the olympic manor neighborhood to check out their famous decorations. almost every house goes above and beyond with lights and decorations, it's really fun to see. lots of other people had the same idea and were strolling the sidewalks with us.

 thatcher and the kids played some minecraft while i worked on dinner and set the table. i even got a table cloth for our little table this year. i feel like a grown up!

we had an appetizery dinner: pulled pork, baked mac and cheese, bruschetta, smoked salmon, cheese and crackers, and roasted carrots. and cookies/leftover birthday cake for dessert :) 

we skyped with my extended family in minnesota, with uncle anders and aunt nith in laos, and talked to thatcher's parents on the phone. the kids did the last day of their lego advent calendar. we let the kids each open two gifts before bed: one from us and one from a grandparent. they were giddy with excitement. 

then we got our official santa plate/glass out and filled it with cookies for santa and carrots for the reindeer. and azalea wrote santa a note. it said "santa, i have tried to be good it's ok." i couldn't stop giggling. 

thatcher and i watched "christmas with a view" on netflix and then it was off to bed so santa could get to work! 

we told azalea no getting up until 7:15am. she woke up at 6:45, but i made her stay in bed for a while. the kids were giddy with excitement when they got up. this year santa brought azalea a barbie car and ashford a remote control car. they both got hats/gloves, a crystal growing kit, and various stocking stuffers. 

after the santa excitement, we made french toast, roasted potatoes, and bacon for breakfast. then we opened the rest of our gifts. 

thatcher made me this beautiful collage of family pictures from this year. i love it! 

the kids played with their new toys for a lot of the day. we watched "home alone 2" in the afternoon and thatcher baked more cookies. ha! we made lasagna for dinner. we made it last year too - it might become a new tradition! 

i hope you had a wonderful couple days with those you love! here is our 2018 holiday card: 

 the kids are off school for the next week and a half, so wish me luck filling our time ;) 


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