about me

hi, i'm melissa. thanks for visiting!

i'm a girl from minneapolis who recently moved to seattle with my husband and two young kids. most of my posts are about everyday life with my little family and our new adventure here. i created this blog to remember these years that are flying by way too quickly. i love having people follow along and leave comments. so, don't be shy! 

if you are a blogger, you are probably nosy like me and want to know more:

i met my husband thatcher in 2001 (i was 17, he was 19). we worked together for the community education program at our high school. our first conversation took place in the supply room where i asked him to help me find card stock. so romantic!

i left for college a few months later and we dated long distance (2.5 hours by car) for 4 years. we never broke up once during that time. 

i graduated in 2006 and moved back to minneapolis. we got engaged 10 days later on a trip to venice, italy. i told him he couldn't propose to me until after i graduated. i guess he listened. ;)

we moved into a little apartment together in uptown and got married a year later (i was 22, he was 24), we were pretty much babies! fun fact: we are also one of 30+ couples to meet through southwest community ed and get married - crazy huh? 

in october 2007, we bought a house where we lived for almost 8 years.

we became a family of 3 when we welcomed our daughter, azalea on march 26th, 2011. 

and we went from a family of 3 to 4 when we welcomed our son, ashford on december 21st, 2013. 

after talking casually about moving out of state for a few years, we took a leap of faith in the spring of 2015 when my husband accepted a job offer in seattle. we purged a ton of our belongings, sold our house, and settled in for condo-life in seattle. it's been a blast!  

thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope you stick around! leave me a comment and i'll be sure to visit your blog!


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