Friday, November 13, 2015

a day in the life, take 2

i did a post similar to this last november and had been thinking about doing one again, so on tuesday morning when i saw on instagram that it was #onedayhh (where you post a picture from each of your day), i decided to jump right in! after all, it was only 10 minutes after we woke up that morning, so it wasn't too late :) i know this sort of thing is not for every one, but i love reading other people's and looking back at my own. so, here are my pictures i posted, along with a little narrative of a typical day for us. 

our day started at 6:45am (which is later than most days). that's when ashford woke up and azalea soon followed. at 7am, i took them in the kitchen and starting making their breakfast. it's always the first thing we do in the morning. i made myself some coffee (and ate my breakfast after they were done). they made silly faces and ate yogurt while waiting for their toast to be ready. thatcher decided to sleep in a little and go into work late.

at 8am, i was out of the shower and finishing getting ready for the day. normally if i want to shower while thatcher is still home, it has to be before 6:30, so this was really nice!

at 9am, after 30 minutes of struggling to get the kids dressed, we were out the door to meet our friends vanessa and ewan at the zoo. no preschool for azalea since it was a tuesday. it was actually a sunny day out, but my kids love the "zoomasium" so much that we spent most of our time indoors. it was vanessa and ewan's first time at zoomasium!

at 10am, we were having a fun at zoomasium. the kids kept pretty busy and vanessa and i were able to chat, which is always nice! now if only they would allow you to bring coffee in there! 

at 11am, we decided to head home for lunch, but the walk to the car can get drawn out a bit when there are exciting things like photo booths to play in ;)

at 12pm, the kids were eating their mac and cheese and grapes for lunch. confession: they eat an embarrassing amount of mac and cheese. it's not every day, but it might as well be! they are so obsessed with it. i had leftovers from dinner we made the night before - thai beef and broccoli with rice. yum!

at 1pm, the kids were down for their naps (high five!) and i opened my lap top to get some work done. but not before making some theo chocolate hot chocolate. so good! i got an hour of work in, so that felt good!

at 2pm, the kids were still asleep, so i decided to watch a couple episodes of parks and rec (no christmas movie that day - ha!). the kitchen (and the house in general) was still a mess, but i need a little 'me time' in the afternoon for my sanity. ;) 

at 3pm, the kids were still asleep (woo hoo for long naps!). i decided to get off my butt and clean up a bit. you know, a couple hours before i dirty the entire kitchen again prepping dinner. i swear our kitchen is always a disaster now that i'm home with the kids. it feels like i'm always prepping or cleaning up a meal or snack. 

at 4pm, the kids were awake (well, they woke before that) and ashford had a huge meltdown (you never know how either of them will wake up). he didn't want me to hold or comfort him, so i just let him do his thing and took a picture of him. ha! i decided we needed a reset (and also some ingredients for dinner), so we walked to the store before it got dark. 

my 5pm picture was really taken at 4:20. our walk to the grocery store was just what we needed to push the crabbies away. we arrived back home, the kids turned on a video and i started prepping for dinner (and possibly had a glass of wine - possibly). 

at 6pm our breakfast dinner was almost ready - pancakes and sausage and fruit. we have breakfast dinner once a week (either eggs & biscuits, pancakes, or waffles). thatcher stayed late at work since he went in late, so the kids and i ate our dinner before he got home. normally we all eat together, but they were not going to hold out til 6:45. 

at 7pm dada has finished his dinner and offered to take the kids to the athletic field at the community center to kick a ball around under the lights. yes please! i cleaned up a bit, then relaxed on the couch for a few minutes before they returned. 

at 8pm the kids have their jammies on and we are brushing teeth. their bed time routine includes getting to watch a couple home videos of themselves on the computer. we really need to get back to reading books. ha! (for the record, we do through out the day). 

at 9pm the kids are asleep, i'm in my pajamas curled up on the couch with my phone, while thatcher watches a show next to me. not the most quality time together, but time together none the less :) i'm pretty sure i was in bed before 10 that night, which is not out of the norm. 

so, there you have it! a pretty typical day for us. thanks for following along! did i forget to take pictures of the kids fighting? because there was a lot of breaking up fights. i'm sure that won't end any time soon. having gone from working 4 days/wk to 2.5 days/wk to staying home (and working remotely) in the last 4 years, it's given me a lot of perspective. each setup has it's pros and cons that's for sure. i feel thankful that i've been able to experience them all. 

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