Wednesday, June 19, 2013

working mama: 2 years later

shortly after going back to work after maternity leave and after one year back, i reflected on how things were going as a working (outside the home) mama, so i thought i would do it again, so i can remember what these days are like down the road. i've been with the same company for seven years now and i am forever grateful for how family-friendly they are. i've been working 32 hours a week (off on weds) for the past two years and i love it. it's such a nice balance of work and home life. here is what a typical work day looks like for me: 

6:00 - wake up, shower, get ready
6:30 - wake up thatcher and azalea (if they aren't up already) and eat breakfast with them
7:15 - out the door to take azalea to daycare (also known as "jean's")
7:45/8 - arrive at work and stay until 4:30.
4:30 - leave to pick up azalea from jean's.
5:00ish - azalea and i arrive home and play/start dinner while we wait for thatcher to get home
5:30/6 - thatcher get home and we make/eat dinner
6:30ish- we play with azalea, maybe take her to the park (if it's nice), do a bath (every other night), then put her to bed around 8:00. 
after she goes to bed, thatcher and i usually hang out in the living room together, on the computer, chatting, whatever. i do laundry pretty much every night, as well. it's a glamorous life. 

i would say overall things have gotten easier two years in. at least relating to our schedule. the first year, i had to fit in feedings/pumping sessions before and after work, last year it was almost impossible to get azalea to wait longer than five minutes after getting home to eat dinner. maybe her two year old tantrums cancel those out though. she has been at the same home daycare since she was three months old and i love knowing that it's a like second home to her. :) 


~Dawn~ said...

It definitely gets better as they get older and more self-sufficient. :) But, sounds like you have a great routine going on!

ajs {of MN} said...

i should probably do laundry every night too!


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