Monday, August 20, 2012

roomie weekend in brainerd

on saturday azalea and i took a trip up to brainerd (2.5 hours north west of the twin cities) to spend the weekend with my three college roomates. i graduated in 2006 and since then we've made a point to all get together at least once a year. it can be a challenge since three of us are spread across mn and one is all the way in nebraska! you can read about past roomie weekends here and here. this weekend was a big one because kaylee from nebraska was bringing up her fiance for us to meet! they are getting married next june in kansas city and she asked all of us to be bridesmaids for her big day. super exciting!! 

heidi (who's house we stayed at) has two little boys dane (4) and bennett (almost 2). azalea had so much fun with them! a few minutes after we arrived, they were all hanging out on the couch together. :) 

cuties having a snack

it was gorgeous in the afternoon, so we decided to take heidi's in-law's pontoon out for a ride on gull lake. her in-law's have a gorgeous cabin, as well! 

heidi, preston, kaylee, and sarah enjoying the cruise.

as you can see, my first mate was not very impressed with the boat ride. she cried for much of it, then fell asleep on me (i'll take it!), then cried some more when she woke up. oh azalea! i'm pretty sure she was mostly annoyed about the life jacket. :) 

on the other hand, dane and bennett are pontoon junkies...

we spent the evening at their house, grilling, drinking wine, and watching anchorman. why yes, we do like to re-live our 2004 traditions :) 

azalea, sarah, and i shared the guest room in the basement. azalea woke up in the middle of the night crying because she didn't know where she was. i tried to comfort her quickly as i didn't want her to wake every one. she did not want to go back in her pack n play, so i laid her on my chest in bed and tried to get her to fall asleep. she was too interested in our bed buddy sarah, though! she kept lifting her head and saying "hi! dada! dada...?" she knew it didn't look like dada, but was probably thinking who else would be in the bed? funny girl! luckily she was willing to go back in the pack n play after a few minutes and fell back asleep. 

sunday we all got up, got ready, and went to this fun home decor/clothing/etc store near them called christmas point. we always love going there and looking around. there were lots of things i wanted, but i managed to leave without buying anything. special thanks to heidi for chasing azalea all over the store, so i could look in peace. :) as with every roomie weekend, the time flew by and soon it was time to say good bye! but not without taking a picture of the four of us, of course! 

 i cannot believe i've known these girls for 10 years already! 

already looking forward to the next time we're all together again (probably for some pre-wedding festivities for kaylee in the spring). do you still keep in touch with your college roomates? did you live with the same people all through college like i did? 


Syndal said...

aw what a FUN weekend! I love the Brainerd grandma lives in aitkin!

Becca at One Girl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend :) I wish I had a fun tradition like this with my college roommates - I had several roommates but loved all of them! I was also an resident assistant for 2 years so all of the other RA's were like my roommates and we became family - that is where some of my best college friends came from!

Lisa said...

This reunion is such a great idea! It's funny how those first roomies always have a special place in our heart! I only lived in a shared dorm for my Freshman year, but I keep in touch with my 3 housemates and see my actual roommate often. Such priceless memories are made in those first "after High School" years! Glad you had fun getting to see your roomies!


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