Monday, October 3, 2011

roomie weekend

i've written about my college roomies on here a couple times before. we lived together all through college and though we all live in different cities (and states!) now, we try to get together for a weekend at least once a year. this time we had it at my house because i thought it would be easiest with azalea. 

sarah lives the closest and came friday night. we had dinner, played with azalea, and then watched a movie. saturday morning thatcher made super yummy pumpkin muffins and then we all headed to the mill city farmers market. i love that market! we walked around, grabbed a few samples and then ordered amazing coffee drinks from a stand called muddsuckers. sarah got a pumpkin spice latte and i got a mint chocolate mocha. we both agreed they were the best we had ever had. the ingredients tasted so fresh. yum! 

after the farmer's market we headed back home to meet heidi who was joining us after her grad school class. we relaxed for a bit then had some lunch. our third and final roomie, kaylee arrived in the afternoon from nebraska. she had not met azalea yet, so that was fun! 

it was gorgeous out, so we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. that night thatcher stayed with azalea so we could go out for dinner. we went to roat osha in uptown for thai. yum! we watched another movie when we got home and i slept through most of it. ha!

sunday morning thatcher made us french toast (i know, i'm a lucky girl!) and then we headed out to mall of america for a little shopping. we took azalea with and she did pretty well (as long as i kept the stroller moving) :) i got her a super cute winter hat and a jacket for myself.

no, i do not wear mine with the collar popped ;)

heidi and sarah headed out on sunday afternoon and kaylee stuck around until monday morning, because of her long drive. 

azalea had a rough time sunday afternoon. she was inconsolable for almost an hour, which is so unlike her. i started worrying that she was sick or teething or something. finally we decided to take her outside and she was completely content. i have no idea what was wrong, but apparently going outside was enough to make her a happy girl. i felt bad that i didn't try it sooner. oh well. kaylee and i took her to the park where she swang for a bit. she loves the swings. it's so cute! 

it was such a fun weekend catching up with the girls, but i sort of feel like i need a weekend to recover from my weekend. ha! 

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