Wednesday, December 24, 2014

ashford is 12 months

ashford, we've made it to the last monthly post of your first year! here we go...!

what you were up to:

not too many changes in your mobility this month - still crawling, pulling up, and standing unassisted for a few seconds. you are a wild man and loooove to get into things we don't want you to. and you think it's funny. stinker! i don't think you've gotten any new teeth, but you were sick for a few days this month with a moderate fever, and cold symptoms. i'm so glad you are better! you've started communicating with us a lot more. pointing, bringing things to us, grunt/whining when you see something you want. it's the cutest. we celebrated your first thanksgiving, got our christmas tree and decorated the house, spent lots of time with friends and family (grandma and grandpa came back from florida), got your first big goose egg/bruise on your head, and celebrated your big first birthday! 


at your 12 month appointment (2.5 weeks after you turned one), you weighed in at 19 lbs, 5 oz (16%) and measured 30 inches long (46%). you are still a peanut! in fact, your stats are just shy of your sisters' at 12 months. can you believe it?! 

hair and eye color:

we've been laughing at your hair because it's actually getting sort of long on the sides, but it's so white that no one can really tell unless they are holding you. it will be interesting to see if/when your hair darkens. 


you are still in size 3 diapers (probably will be for a good while longer). you are wearing pretty much all 12 month clothes now (some of the pants are still too big). 12 month jammies are getting a little snug, but 18 month ones are too big. the struggle is real ;)  


this has been the biggest topic of your short life, hasn't it? things are about the same these days. on a good night you sleep from 7pm-4am, nurse, then go back down for 1-2 hours. on a bad night you wake up more than once or refuse to go back to sleep after the 4-5am wake up. those nights are not my favorite. i know you don't need to nurse in the night anymore, but you are a peanut, so i haven't had the heart to pull the plug on it completely yet. but probably soon. just warning you ;) usually we put you back down in your crib, when we try to get you to go back to sleep in our bed, all you wanna do is play or throw a fit because you want to get up. silly dude.  naps are still pretty consistent. you sleep for anywhere from 45 mins to 1.5 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon. 


we officially made it to a year with nursing. a few years ago, i never would have imagined accomplishing this with a baby. i'm starting to wean from pumping at work and we are introducing cow's milk into your breast milk bottles and it's going pretty well so far. i'm not sure how day nursing will look from here on out, but we'll figure it out. neither of us are ready to be done with this thing. you are giving us a run for our money with solid foods. you are way pickier than your sister ever was at this age (or in general). the stuff you love you gobble right up, but the stuff you don't love - you won't even touch. that includes 99% of vegetables. let's work on this, mmmkay? soon we will test out eggs and peanut butter with you. fingers crossed for no allergies! 

most used gear:

not a whole lot besides the car seat! we recently retired the bath seat and even the stroller isn't getting much action these days. 


you were mostly watched by grandma cheryl, grandpa durant, and also dannie this month. grandma jan and grandpa wayne are in town from florida for a few weeks now, so they are picking up some days as well! 


biting my hair and my shoulder (you are so weird!), watching your sister be silly and following her around, playing with your dada, waving to people, clapping, being held and nursed, getting into things you aren't supposed to (the toilet, the garbage, closing doors, opening drawers, putting stuff in your mouth), taking baths (especially being free from your seat), blowing raspberries with your sister (the more spit the better!), playing with cooking utensils, looking out the front window, singing and talking. bringing me books and climbing in my lap. 


sleeping through the night, riding in the car and getting strapped in your car seat, having to wear your winter coat and hat, having your diapers/clothes changed, when i don't nurse you the second i get home from work.


i already wrote you a birthday letter, so i'll keep this short and sweet. we could not have asked for a better first year with you (well, maybe more sleep). just kidding. i cannot wait to see what adventures await us during year 2. we love you so much! 

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