Monday, March 26, 2012

12 months

azalea, you are ONE today! i can't even put into words how weird it feels to be writing that. as i've been saying all week, this has been the best 12 months of my life. watching you grow from a tiny little newborn to a "big girl" before our eyes has been the most awesome experience. i'm so thankful that you are a healthy, happy, little girl. you are becoming so aware of how everything "works" in the world and it's so fun much to watch. as with the last 11 monthly updates, here is what you are up to at 12 months: 

- your 12 month doctor appointment isn't until this wednesday, so i'm not sure how much you weigh or how tall you are, but i'm going to guess you weigh around 20-21 lbs (we'll see how close i am). 

- a couple hours after i posted your 11 month update, you started feeding yourself. earlier that day at breakfast, you screamed your head off about the idea and by lunch you were happily shoveling food in your mouth (and you haven't looked back). your dad and i were in disbelief. what a funny girl you are! it's so nice that you feed yourself now. it keeps you very content in restaurants, and while we eat, etc. 

- while we're on the subject of food, i just have to mention that you are such a good eater. you haven't had baby food at home in quite a while and you love pretty much everything we give you. especially chicken! whenever chicken is one of the choices on your tray you find and eat every little piece before switching to something else. you also love bananas! 

- now that you are a year old, jean isn't allowed to give you bottles at daycare anymore (her food supplier's rule). we will be working on weaning you at home too. i'm a little nervous about weaning you from your early morning and bedtime bottles. you use a sippy cup for meals, but i wouldn't say you've quite "mastered" It yet. you love drinking out of regular cups though. i wish those didn't spill!

- i think you have 7 or 8 teeth now. you were inconsolable the other day when you woke up from a nap and all we could think of was a new tooth coming in. poor girl. everyone always comments on how many teeth you have. 

- you love to skype with your grandma and grandpa who spend the winter in florida. you get really excited to see them on the screen and clap. we can't wait for them to come home next week!

- bath time is still a hit. but you are so busy and crazy in there. im always soaked by the time we are finished. washing your hair is a lot harder now, but you are a good sport even when the water runs down your face.

- i meant to write about this last month (and you will probably kill me when you are older), but i don't want to forget the fact that this month you've been humping everything in sight. i have to admit, it's pretty funny. i know it's just a phase.

- right now you say "mama", "dada" and "buh-bye" while waving (sometimes the wave is towards yourself. hehe!) i also think you've said hi a few times, but that one is not as consistent.

- you are still wearing mostly 12 month clothes, with a few smaller 18 month things thrown in. you are a tall skinny girl, so you grow out of your jammies pretty fast.

- you are still busy exploring the house by crawling and pulling up to stand. you can't really stand independently yet. just for 2 seconds or so, then you fall down. we are in no hurry for you to walk :) you love to go in the bathroom and pull open the bottom drawer and pull things out. you also race into the kitchen anytime you hear us open the fridge or the cabinet with the garbage in it. you keep us on our toes!

- i'm happy to report after almost a month of 4:30-5:30am wake ups, you've worked out your sleep issue and have gone back to sleeping until 6-6:45. who knew that time would be exciting for us? haha. you've been staying up a little later at night too. you usually go to bed between 7:15 and 7:45.

- you are still in size 3 disposables at night (feels like it's been forever) and cloth during the day.

- we had your big birthday party yesterday and you had so many friends and family there to celebrate with you. you ate cake for the first time and got lots of fun presents. what a lucky girl you are!

- next weekend i will be leaving you overnight for the first time (4 nights actually!). i will miss you sooooo much, but i know you will have a great time and your grandma and grandpa imboden's.

and here's a look back at the last 12 months:

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Lisa said...

Aww, what fun it was to read this! Happy Birthday to Azalea, again:). I think he 1 year photos came out AWESOME! She is a doll! I laughed out loud when you mentioned being soaked during bath time. We have that over here, too. It cracks me up. Hope you guys have a nice time in Canada! I am sure it will be beautiful!


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