Friday, October 24, 2014

ashford is 10 months

ashford, you are officially in the double digits, my little man! and i gotta say, this one really snuck up on me. how on earth will you be a year in just 2 short months? wow, just wow. so much to share about you this month, let's get started! 

here's what you were up to:

you are a speedy crawler and a master at pulling up on everything, climbing stairs, getting into everything, etc. i don't think you've gotten any new teeth, which is surprising considering your track record the last few months, you added more solid foods, got to meet your great aunt lea and great uncle ray, went to mama's work party, attended your first wedding, took a trip to an apple orchard, and traveled to the north shore for a few days.  


no doctor's appointment this month, but i would guess you weigh around 18 lbs. you did get a flu shot this month, though.

hair and eye color:

your hair keeps growing in more and more, but it's still super white blonde. people always comment on your blue eyes, they really are beautiful.  


you are still in size 3 diapers (i feel like that size lasts forever). you are also still wearing all 9 month clothes, but some are getting a little small, so we'll probably throw some 12 month stuff into the mix soon. you wear all 12 month jammies. i'm glad i still get to pick out your clothes because those days are over with your sister. 


i'm happy to report big positive changes in the sleep department this month! where do i begin? about a week after you turned 9 months, we finally moved you to your crib downstairs. i had been dragging my feet on doing it forever, so when your grandma mentioned she might need our pack n play at her house for naps, it was just the push i needed. i also decided i was ready for a little (gentle) sleep training and (mostly) weaning you off nursing in the night. the first couple nights were sort of rough. you woke up crying every 2 hours and your dad or i would go down after about 10 minutes if you were still crying/fussing and comfort you, but i stuck to my no nursing plan. on the 3rd night you fussed a couple times in the night, but got yourself back to sleep and slept until almost 5am! that's been the way most nights have gone. you go to sleep around 7pm (because you are soooo tired and cranky, we can't get to you to stay up any later than that), and you may require us to come down once in the night, but many nights you sleep until 4:30 or 5. however: you stay awake for close to an hour, which isn't ideal, but i guess you have been sleeping 9-10 hours, so can i really blame you? i usually bring you upstairs and nurse you and you lay in our bed with us, you are restless and in and out of sleep and so are we. but things have definitely improved and being a floor away from you hasn't been as bad as i thought it would be. as for naps you are taking 2 per day that last anywhere from 30 mins to nearly 2 hours. i'm getting better at timing your afternoon nap to overlap with your sister's,which is really nice for mama. 


10 months of breastfeeding in the books! we've been doing it slightly less this month, since you are eating 3 full meals of solids. you still drink about 20oz. of bottled milk when i work. we've gone through my small stash of milk in the freezer now and you drink more than i pump at work, so i've been pumping every night before bed as well. it's sort of a pain, but i only need to make it another couple months. i can do it! you are still eating lots of fruits and veggies, but you've had some meat (chicken and turkey) and some dairy (mac n cheese, yogurt) this month as well. you are a decent eater, some days are better than others. 

most used gear:

so, we bought you a big boy car seat, but it's been sitting on the floor in your room for weeks now. oops! one of these days we'll install it. i usually leave your car seat carrier in the car now, because you are too heavy to lug around in it. we retired the johnny jump up this month after you screamed your head off every time we tried putting you in it for about a week. i'm sad to be done with it. you are still using the bath seat mostly because you are a wild man in the water and i need something to help contain you. the ergo was a hit on our trip and the double stroller still gets lots of use as well. 



some changes here this month, as well! you are still going to both granparents' houses 2-3 times/week, but last week you had your first non-family babysitter. our friend dannie recently moved back to mpls from fargo and she watched you and azalea for the first time and it went really well. she is going to be helping fill some of the time i'm working while grandma jan and grandpa wayne are away in florida this winter. 


your mama (and sister and dada, but especially your mama), getting into everything you aren't supposed to, mama's hair, babbling (lots of bababa, etc), waving (you just learned how to about a week ago and it's the cutest!), being outside, taking baths, tormenting your sister (seriously you know how to drive her crazy already by squawking and getting into her stuff, and climbing on her, it's hilarious), the tv (i hate to admit this one, but it's true - you are definitely a second child). 


when we leave you to sleep on your own (you make a huge stink about it while we are in the room, but usually calm down pretty quickly after we leave), getting strapped into your car seat and having your diapers/clothes changed (the horror!), when i walk away from you or go in the other room (you start whining and follow me), being in your high chair more than 2 seconds after you are done eating. 


at 10 months you are "mr. busy". i feel like i cannot get a thing done while you are awake, which is ok, but makes me crazy sometimes. you are developing the best little sense of humor and you are such a love bug. i can't believe we ever lived with you. you are such a gift! 


~Dawn~ said...

Happy 10 months Ashford. :) Keep smiling little guy.!!

Becky said...

Yay for improved sleep! Whew!

Carolyn said...

OMG! This went so fast!! HOW?!?!??!!

Brittany said...

I can't believe how old he is already!! I think since I have been absent from blogland so much I didn't realize how much time lapsed. He is getting so big.


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