Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 months

10 months? double digits? eeek! can't believe it. (huge surprise!) this past month was a big one for you developmentally! we only have two months to go before you turn one. i have lots of fun ideas to incorporate into your birthday party (thank you, pinterest!). but i wouldn't be lying if i said i never want you to turn one. here's what you've been up to the last month:  

- when you went to the doctor a couple weeks ago (when you were sick), you weighed a little over 18 lbs with your clothes and diaper on. you don't go back to the doctor until you are 12 months. 

- you are drinking fewer bottles and eating more solid foods these days. some purees and some finger foods. you love puffs, yogurt melts, and little pieces of bread, cheese, meat, crackers, etc. but 
you refuse to feed yourself finger foods. we've been working with you, but you keep fighting us. we've been giving you a sippy cup of water occasionally, but you don't really seem to get the whole sucking part yet. you've started "helping" with your bottle, but it's usually grabbing it and squeezing the nipple and spraying milk everywhere. um, thanks? on occasion you will actually hold it yourself. 

- as far as we know, you still have just your 6 teeth. the next ones to come in are farther back and we haven't really checked for a while. 

- shortly after you turned 9 months, we decided to get you a bigger car seat. you still fit in the infant carrier pretty well, but when you wore your snow suit, it was getting almost impossible to buckle you. i think you really enjoy the view from your new seat, even though you still face backwards. in some ways it's nice not to use the infant carrier anymore, but sometimes i do miss it.

- you started clapping around 9.5 months, especially when i sing "where is azalea?" to you to the tune of frere jacques. you will also do it if we ask you to without showing you. it makes me so proud that you understand what we're telling you!

- after rocking back and forth on your hands and knees for nearly a month, you started crawling at 9.5 months. you had a few wobbly days, but now you've perfected your form and are cruising around the house. we've been busy baby-proofing. you aren't pulling up on things too much yet, but i know it's coming! it's really fun to watch you explore and go where you want to go.

- sadly, this month we retired the johnny jump up. as soon as you learned to crawl you had no interest in being contained in that thing. i guess i can't blame you. rip were so good to us! 

- you love love love when we read you books. you are still pretty opinionated about which ones we read, but you've allowed a few to be added to the "approved list." i'm glad you like to read with us, i hope that continues!

- you had your first (worse than a cold) illness this month. it started as a fever that lasted for 3 days or so and then that went away and you developed a rash. the doctor said it was roseola. you were pretty tired and crabby for a few days, but we got through it. hopefully you won't get sick again for a long time.

- we've had some hard evenings with you where nothing really seems to make you happy. we're trying to figure out if it has to do with lack of sleep, hunger, or what. of course you are a perfect angel for jean at daycare and save all of your angst for us at home. :)

- you are still a great sleeper. 11-12 hours per night. thank you, little girl!

- we dog sat twice in the last month and you love the dogs. you crawl after them and giggle when they walk by you. i'm glad you are comfortable around them (and they are pretty sweet with you). 

- you have a little bit of separation anxiety from mom, but it's usually when i go in another room more than when i leave the house. 

- you are wearing mostly 12 month clothes with a few 9 month things that still fit. i'm excited to dress you in some summery things when we go down to florida (keeping our fingers crossed that it will be warm enough). 

- you still wear a size 3 disposable diaper to bed and cloth during the day. still works well for us!

- you try to mimic our words a lot, which is really cute. no "real" words though yet from what i can tell. 

- mama took you on a little road trip to duluth this week to see friends and you were a great traveling buddy. more on this in another post.


Happiness Is... said...

Eeeek - what is her 1st bday theme???

Melissa said...

No theme perse, but I'm thinking about gray and yellow decorations :)

Lisa said...

Happy 10 months, Azalea!! OMG, we are in the double digits...when did this happen??? I am sorry to hear about the virus this past month! Rosemary had her first real sick session this past month, too. The whole fever thing scares me so, and like you, I lost alot of sleep! Glad these babies are back in good health! :)

Missy said...

She's looking like such a little lady these days.


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