Monday, June 23, 2014

ashford is 6 months

ashford, you are 6 months old (as of saturday). a half a year! this month flew by - i think it's mostly because it's summer and all of our fun-filled days are blurring together! here is what you were up to this past month:

you perfected rolling from back to belly (and vice versa) and started rolling across the room, you are starting to squirm across the floor to reach things too (yikes!), you' went to countless parks with your sister, you had your first solid foods, you went to the uptown bike race and celebrated father's day and your dad's birthday. 


you had your 6 month appointment last wednesday and you weighed in at 16 lbs, 5 oz (28th percentile) and 27.5 inches long (86th percentile). i grow some long and lean babies. haha. but you feel chunky to me! 

hair and eye color: 

everyone loves to talk about your (lack of) hair and your beautiful blue eyes. i can't wait to see what you look like as you get older! i think you are pretty darn cute ;) 


we just moved you up to size 3 diapers. you were having a blow out almost daily in your size 2s, so hopefully this takes care of that gross problem. you are wearing 6 month clothes and jammies. some of the pants/shorts are still too big in the waist though. and the jammies are getting a little small. i love dressing you in little polos and shorts...they are my favorite! 


sleep continues to be your weak area, but i'm so used to it now, i don't know what i would even do if i got to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. haha. we upped the dosage of your reflux medication, but it hasn't improved the sleep department. you are back to sleeping mostly in the pack n play, but do end up in our bed for at least a while most nights. i'm still not ready to have you sleep downstairs. or have you cry it out. i just can't do it. i would rather be sleep-deprived, in all honesty. you are still a cat napper during the day and i've just accepted that's the way it's gonna be. you usually take about 3 naps a day and they only add up to less than 2 hours total. such a silly boy! you nap in your crib sometimes, but more often in your car seat or in my arms (which usually means i take a nap too) :) they say you can't spoil a baby, but i think i have spoiled you. i know i won't regret it at all when you are grown, though. so we'll just keep snuggling. 


half a year of nursing in the books. wow! it feels so natural now, it's hard to even remember those tough early days. you eat about every 2.5-3 hours. there was about a week where you were biting me all the time when you would nurse and it worried me (and hurt!!), but you seemed to have stopped. thank you! when i'm at work, you drink 3-4 five oz. bottles. i mentioned above that we started you on solids a couple weeks ago. i was in no rush and was planning to wait until you were at least 6 months, but you have been watching us like a hawk whenever we eat, so i decided to give it a go. you've had cereal, bananas, avocado, and sweet potatoes and none of them have been a hit. not even remotely. in fact, you spit out everything we give you. what's that about? hopefully you'll come around to them. or maybe you'll be more interested in real food rather than purees. time will tell...

most used gear: 

i almost retired the swing, but then remembered there was a lap bar with toys attached to it and you love playing with them, so it's sticking around for a while longer. you still use the bouncy seat sometimes and the johnny jump up quite a bit. you've decided you want to be in on the action anytime we eat and always cry to sit on one of our laps. i really should get the high chair out for you. so far we've just fed you in the bumbo chair because you only eat a few bites and then you're done. we are absolutely loving the new stroller we got and you've even rode in the big boy seat quite a few times now! you really love your toys too! 


your grandma(s) and grandpa(s) are enjoying taking care of you. you tire them out most days with your constantly wanting to be held, but i know they don't mind the snuggles too much. i'm so happy you get to spend all this time with them, even though you won't remember it when you are older.  


being held facing outward (and held in general), pulling mama's hair and putting it in your mouth, being tickled and talked to/sung to, your sister is still your favorite person ever, splashing in the bath, rolling all over, sleeping on your side or belly (belly i only let you do at nap time when i can check on you), drooling and sucking on your fists, screaming, blowing raspberries, grabbing your feet and putting them in your mouth, being outside, sitting at the table with us for meals, you laugh whenever we put a shirt on or take a shirt off you. 


being in your car seat lately, taking your reflux meds (you blow raspberries and spray it out!), being put down after falling asleep in some one's arms, or being put down in general. 


i can't believe you are already 6 months old. where has the time gone?! my memories of those newborn days are slowly fading, which makes me sad, but thankfully i documented a lot of them. i'm savoring every minute of your babyhood because i know it's going to be over in the blink of an eye. i love that you are such a mama's boy and hope we have a special bond forever. you are so loved! 


Dawn said...

He's such a sweetie, Melissa. I love that big smile! :)

Sarah said...

So much cuteness in one post! So proud of you for making it to 6 months nursing! It's not an easy task! Also, your attitude about sleep is awesome. Keep it up!!

Lee & Laura said...

I cant believe hes 6 months old already!! It goes by TOOO Fast!

Becky said...

I honestly still don't believe he's 6 months old. Where has that time gone? Hitting all those big milestones already! He's such a handsome and happy little guy! Good job, Mama!


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