Monday, September 26, 2011

6 months

here we go again! half a year this time? say it with me now, "how is that possible?" i'm sure i'll be saying that for the rest of my life. :) azalea, you are becoming such a sweet little girl and we love you more everyday. it's been an amazing (and fast!) six months. i can't wait to see all the developments that will come in the next 6 months. for now, here's a little snapshot of what you are up to these days: 

- i'm going to guess you weigh somewhere around 15-16 lbs. you go to the doctor on wednesday, so we'll know for sure then. i always seem to overestimate how much you weigh, so we'll see!

- you are eating 6 oz of breastmilk or formula every 3 hours. you have become such squirmer when we feed you, but all we can do is laugh. you also go nuts when you see us getting your bottle ready.

- in addition to milk, you are also eating solid foods in your big girl high chair once a day! so far we've made you zucchini, sweet potatoes, and bananas (the favorite!). you aren't a huge fan of rice cereal, but we sometimes mix it in your other foods. we're looking forward to introducing you to lots more fruits and veggies, and eventually meat. 

- you suck your thumb all the time and sometimes take a pacifier (although you like to pull it out and inspect it/talk to it). still no sign of teeth, from what i can tell. 

- you continue to be a big talker with very expressive faces. i keep saying "mamama" to you (gotta plant the seed early, right?) :) you also like to shriek, which is pretty funny...unless we are in the middle of target or something. haha. 

- no big changes in your sleep habits. for about a week earlier this month, you were waking yourself up everyday around 4am by flipping onto your belly and then crying, but that didn't last long. you sometimes sleep on your belly now, but usually only in the morning when we are able to check on you or when you nap. you have been going to bed a little earlier now than you used to (7:30pm) because you are usually pretty cranky tired by then. i keep thinking you will regress on your good sleeping at some point. we've been so lucky that you haven't. 

- you still are a fantastic napper at daycare and a decent napper at home. to be honest, since i only get 3 days a week with you, i don't really mind your short naps (as long as you aren't crabby/over tired). you are on a schedule at daycare, but we tend to just go with the flow at home.

- you are still wearing size 2 disposables at night and cloth during the day. you grew out of your gdiapers and we decided to switch our stash to all flip diapers because we like them better. let's just say things are getting "interesting" with your new-found consumption of solid foods :)

- you still have a few 3-6 month clothes that fit, but you're mostly wearing 6-9 month stuff. it was a little sad to put away all of your cute summer dresses (you had so many of them - your closet almost looks bare without them!), but i'm loving putting you in sweet little sweaters and other fall stuff. i also stocked up on some cute stuff for next summer with all of the clearance items. 

- you have become a rolling machine. mostly back to front, but you are starting to do front to back a little more. you are also getting close to sitting, although you don't seem to like it and almost always try to get out of that position. silly girl! no significant scooting yet, but it's only a matter of time. your legs are always going when we hold you. i just know you are going to be fast when you figure out how. we better start babyproofing now! 

- you still spend lots of time on your play mat and johnny jump up (a life-saver when mom needs to pump and we're home alone). we don't put you in the bumbo seat very often because you don't really enjoy it. you love walks in the stroller. i'm really going to miss those when it gets too cold. we might need to start hitting the mall of america on wednesdays just to get a walk in :) 

- jean says you are always very happy at daycare (which is so great to hear!). you love watching all the big kids play and they love bringing you toys, etc. i'm so glad it's a happy place for you to be 4 days a week. i joke that you never seem very excited to see me at 5:00. haha. 

- you aren't enjoying baths as much as you used to (although you don't cry or anything), but i think it's mainly because you are uncomfortable in your little tub. we put you in your bath seat for the first time yesterday and you seemed to like it. you kicked your legs and splashed a lot! :) 

- the fall season is in full swing and i'm so excited for what's to come...halloween, thanksgiving, and then christmas! can't help but smile when i think about you having all of those firsts. we love you so much!
you are getting so squirmy for the monthly pics these days...daddy tried to distract you and this was the best we got!

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Lisa said...

Happy SIX months, Azalea!! How has time gone by so quickly??? I say that every month, but this month I am REALLY saying it because the babies are halfway to one year!
She is so darn cute and she looks like a doll in this picture! I love her hair!
Yes, cloth diapers do get very interesting with solids...:) We staretd using biodegradable liners from GroVia and we really appreciate them! You can even cut each one in half since they are so big. They help me alot!
Happy Fall to you guys!


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