Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ashford is 5 months

happy 5 months, little man! strangely enough this last month seemed to go sort of slowly. maybe it was because of the lack of sleep at our house...or the not-so-spring-like weather we had. over and over i kept thinking you were about to turn 5 months, then i'd look at the calendar and realize it was still weeks away. anyway, it was another eventful month for you! 

highlights this month: 

you got your first 2 teeth (!) at 4.5 months, you started rolling over more consistently, you were baptized, we celebrated mother's day, mama reduced her hours at work and you (and azalea) stopped going to jean's and started going to grandparents' on work days, 


no appointment this month, but i would guess you are around 15lbs and 27 inches long. we go back to the doctor next month. 

hair and eye color: 

hair is still light and sparse (with a lovely bald spot on the back) and eyes are blue as the sky!


still wearing size 2 disposable diapers. you wear a mix of 3-6 and 6 month clothes, and all 6 month jammies. it's finally warming up outside and i'm excited for you to wear your cute summer stuff. 


it was another rough month for sleep. every night you wake up screaming every 1-2 hours. you cry like you are in pain, so i'm wondering if you have more teeth on the way. or we're wondering if maybe your reflux meds aren't working well enough at night. i only nurse you about every other time you wake. i cannot bring myself to let you cry it out, even though it would probably be effective after a few days. i was much more "by the book" with your sister, but since you are my last baby and are innately more needy, most of those "rules" have gone out the window. i have to confess, we've become accidental co-sleepers. you sleep poorly no matter where you are, but you do sleep slightly better when you are right next to me, so we do that about 75% of the night. the other 25% you are in the pack n play next to our bed (usually the beginning of the night). i never imagined i would co-sleep. we never did with azalea and i've always said it's not for me. but it's what we're doing to get through these nights. i know some day you'll grow out of this and you'll happily sleep on your own, but for now, i'm letting my heart win and savoring every snuggle with you. you hardly sleep during the day either. maybe 1-1.5 hours total, on average (less than your sister!). i've gotten to the point where i don't even bother trying to lay you down when you fall asleep because you just scream right away or within 15 minutes. so we take a lot of naps together. such a little prince. haha! 


nursing is still going exceptionally well! i would love to nurse you for at least year, so hopefully we can keep it up! i love that time we spend together so much. you still want to eat about every 2 hours, but i try to stretch it to more like 2.5. sometimes i feel like we are doing nursing gymnastics as you climb all over me while latched on. you are also very easily distracted and have bit me a couple times - ouch! you drink four 4-5 oz. bottles while i'm at work. i keep thinking i should up the amount, but you eat so often, you're probably fine. no solids yet (i think we'll wait until 6 months). 

most used gear: 

swing (although not as much anymore), bouncy seat (less of this too), car seat, ergo carrier (i think we only used it once this month, you really don't like it, which bums me out), blanket on the floor, bumbo seat (eh, not all that often), stroller (now that it's getting nicer out - yay) and new this month - the johnny jump up which you love! it's so cute to watch you jump in that thing. your favorite toys are still anything that crinkles, and anything you can stuff in your mouth! 


after just 2 months at jean's i'm sure it wasn't as big of a change for you to leave, like it was for your sister. (i'm still not sure she understands that we are done done). we miss jean, but i'm so glad you get to spend more time with your grandparents (and me!) during the week. 


being held facing outward, pulling mama's hair and putting it in your mouth, putting anything in your mouth, being tickled and talked to/sung to, your sister is your favorite form of entertainment, baths, rolling over, sleeping on your side, drooling and sucking on your fists, hearing your voice, blowing raspberries, grabbing your feet, being outside.


the car is hit or miss, taking your reflux meds, sleeping alone


we fall more and more in love with you each month. you have such a funny, cute personality and you really take advantage of being the baby and getting as much physical touch and affection as you possibly can. we are so happy you are ours and we're having so much fun watching you grow and develop. i can't even picture you past this baby stage, but i know it will happen sooner than i can imagine. promise me you will always be my baby! 


Ani said...

aw love it, such cute photos! i especially love the last one :)
xx ani || the ani project

Durant Imboden said...

I'd almost forgotten that he had a name. When he's at our house with Azalea, he's always "Baby Brother" or "My Baby Brother," as in "Baby Brother, don't cry!" [pat pat]

~Dawn~ said...

I love the comment above - My kids always referred to each other as 'sister', too! :) hehe

He's so sweet, Melissa. Can't believe it's been 5 months already. His 2 little toofers are just about the cutest thing! :) Can't wait to see you again this weekend!

Missy said...

Sounds like he sleeps like Cameron. Which Qasim NEVER. We accidentally co-slept too whoops. Whatever got me more than 4 hours of sleep a night. I will say reflux meds need to be adjusted often. They go by weight and babies gain so fast so if you think they might not be working they probably aren't. At least that was the case with Cam.

Sarah said...

Time flies! So crazy that he's already 5 months!


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