Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 months

i'm starting to think each month is going by faster than the last. and i'm not a fan. next month you will already be half a year old. how is that possible? i feel like you should still be the youngest, tiniest baby we know, but that is definitely not the case anymore. i'm so excited for you to crawl, talk, and walk, but i'll miss the days when we would snuggle on the couch for hours. such is life! 

here's what you're up to at 5 months:

- i'm guessing you weigh somewhere in the 14-15 lb range, but we won't know until we go to the doctor next month. 

- you are still eating 5-6 oz. of breast milk or formula about every 3 hours. feeding you continues to be a challenge because you are much more interested in everything going on around you. we're planning to give you some cereal this weekend! I can't wait! 

- you are still very into sucking on things. you've become quite the little thumb sucker. i think it's adorable right now (and handy), but i may not be singing it's praises in a couple years when we need to break you of the habit. no sign of any teeth yet.

- you looove to talk. coos, blowing bubbles, rolling your r's, all sorts of funny sounds. and you always have best best expressive faces to go along with them. 

- you have kept your title of awesome overnight sleeper for yet another month. we feel so lucky! you still sleep from about 8:00pm - 6:45am (daycare days) or until the 7:00 hour when we are home with you. you often let us know you're awake in the morning by kicking the rails on your crib. you are also pretty good at falling back asleep if you wake up.

- you take some crazy long naps at daycare. not as long at home, but i'll take it. i don't have you on much of a schedule, but you're pretty good at just going with the flow. i put you down for a nap when you get fussy and that usually works just fine.

- you are still wearing a size 2 disposable diaper at night and cloth during the day. you are about to grow out of your gdiapers and we're debating whether to just switch to all flip diapers. 

- you still fit into some 3 and 3-6 month clothes, but i've been putting you in lots of 6 month stuff too. your cloth diapers require a little longer onesie to get the snaps buttoned. i'm sad summer is ending, but i'm excited for you to wear some of your cute fall stuff.

- you haven't been rolling too much lately. you do love to grab your feet though, and also lift your head and shoulders off the ground. your new trick this month is to hold our hands and sit up and then stand up. you always look so proud of yourself! i wonder if you will be sitting by next month? 

- you still spend time on your play mat and in the johnny jump up, but the bumbo seat is very hit or miss.

- jean says you are still doing great at daycare, but there was a big change this month - you are no longer the youngest. jean tells me you don't quite know what to make of that. haha!

- i bought a bath seat for you that we'll try out in a month or so when you master sitting. it has some toys, so I think (hope) you'll like it! you are getting way too big for the baby bath.

- you went on your first road trip this month and you were a pretty good travel buddy :) we look forward to showing you the world as you get older.

- you are smiley most of the time and we can usually get you to laugh. i'm glad you are such a happy, healthy baby. you are our everything! 

always so serious in the monthly pic :)

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Lisa said...

Happy 5 months, Azalea! Wow- where is the time going? Hope you enjoy rice cereal!!

She is so darn cute!


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