Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ashford is 4 months

happy 4 months, ashford! each month seems to be flying by faster than the month before. i remember that happening with your sister, so i'm trying to soak up your babyhood as much as possible. but i have to admit, it's so fun to watch you grow and learn new things! 

highlights this month: 

you started daycare at jean's, your sister turned 3, you visited sealife aquarium for the first time and the zoo again, dada went on a 4 day work trip, you rolled front to back and back to front each once, you celebrated your first easter! 


as of your appointment last week: 14 lbs, 7 oz (25%), 26 inches tall (75%) and 42.1 cm head circumference (25%). you are about 3/4 pound heavier and 3/4 inch longer than your sister was at this age. the nurse was impressed you grew 3 inches from your 2 month appointment. growth spurt! 

hair and eye color: 

hair is still light and eyes are still very blue. a few people have even said "wow, i bet his eyes are going to stay that blue!" time will tell! 


we moved you up to size 2 diapers a couple weeks ago, still no cloth though. maybe i should just sell them? haha. you wear all 3 and 3-6 month size clothes, but i think 6 month jammies might be on the horizon. wow! you have long legs like your dada :)


 oh ashford, i'm sorry to report this past month has been the worst month for sleep since we brought you home from the hospital. i nurse you around 7:30-8 each night and put you down in our room. you've reverted back to waking up (crying loudly) every 2 hours. actually, for the past week you've been waking up every hour screaming! the only thing that calms you down and gets you back to sleep is nursing, but after i lay you down, you'll start crying 5, 10, or 15 minutes later and i have to get you back to sleep again. we are getting up close to 6 times/night. although you've started taking a pacifier again, you usually reject it at night. what's going on, my love? why do you wake up crying so hard? gas pains? early teething? missing mama? i love you, but mama is so sleep deprived! i'm not asking you sleep through the night, but 3-4 hours would be nice at this point. i talked to the doctor about it and she recommended we start sleep training (cry it out) with you, but you are still so little and i don't think my heart can take it. :( you end up in our bed more often than i'd like to admit, but i do whatever it takes to get more sleep. let's work on this. ok? as for naps, those are all over the place. you still just sort of fall asleep whenever and wherever you are. usually in the swing, carseat, or mama's arms. i feel guilty that we haven't gotten you into a better routine, but i think it's partly because you are a second child and that requires going with the flow. jean says you nap well in the crib at her house, so that's good! 


we know you like to eat, so no issues here. :) you nurse about every 2 hours when we are together. i'm so happy we've made it another month with nursing. you are starting to get easily distracted while nursing - you pop off to look around or smile at me/talk to me all the time. it's pretty cute! i've been able to pump enough for you while i'm at work, but it's required pumping in the evenings as well. you take four 4-5oz. bottles at daycare and you guzzle them down. you are still on your reflux meds and you don't like taking them, but it's gotten a little easier (less crying). i have noticed a reduction in the frequency of your spitting up and you are much happier during the day. the nights are another story...! i can't believe in another month or two we'll be starting solids. wow! 

most used gear: 

day: swing, bouncy seat, car seat, ergo carrier (which you still don't really like, but we're working on it), blanket on the floor, we busted out the bumbo seat this month and you seem to like it for a few minutes. your favorite toys right now are anything that crinkles! at night you sleep in the pack n play or rock n play. 


being held facing outward, so you don't miss any of the action, being tickled and talked to/sung to in funny voices - always makes you laugh, your sister (you think she is the greatest thing ever!), baths, your mama and your dada :), trying to roll over (you've been successful a couple times), sleeping on your side, drooling and sucking on your fists (you could be an early teether, but i remember your sister did this for months before getting her first tooth)


the car - lately you've been screaming a lot in there and i'm not sure why, taking your reflux meds - but you mostly try to spit them out these days - no more crying, that's about it - you are a pretty happy boy these days and we are loving it! 

azalea's adjustment: 

still super jealous when dada takes care of you, gets upset when i am feeding you and can't help her with something, but she loves her brother - especially bringing him toys, his pacifier, giving him kisses, etc. i can't wait to watch them interact in the next few months. 


i already talked about this a bit, but you finished your first month of daycare at jean's house. you are the youngest there and all of the kids adore you (sometimes a little too much). you are a happy boy there - take good naps and guzzle down your bottles. i know you love having your sister there too. you are always smiling when i pick you up! i'm loving having wednesdays off with both of you. 


lots of changes in your daily routine this month, but you've been a champ! you are getting more and more fun with each month. i do whatever i can to get smiles and giggles out of you because they are the best. i hope next month i can report that you are a better sleeper (i can dream, right?). love you more than anything, little man! 


Sarah said...

So sorry to hear Ashford's not sleeping well. Maybe the 4 month sleep regression is kicking in? It's crazy all the similarities between Ashford's and when Aubrey was a baby! Hope you get some better sleep soon!!

~Dawn~ said...

Such a bummer about his poor sleeping this month. I never did well with the cry it out method either. I hate hearing my babies cry! Hoping this is a better month and you all are getting better sleep!

He's growing so fast...I'm missing out. Let's get together SOON!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Oh no!! Reverting in the sleep department is no fun!! We did this a few weeks ago but thankfully our only lasted a few days!! Hoping you get some sleep soon!!

Lisa said...

Happy 4 months to Ashford! He is so adorable- that smile is precious!
Thank you for mentioning that song, "Sing Loud". I listened to it and really loved it! I definitely related!

Jackie and Tom said...

He's grown so much since I last saw him! We'll have to get together again soon :). I hope his sleeping improves for your sake soon, that's definitely tough!

Faith said...

I hope you have figured out a way to get him sleeping better.

He is such a cutie and those eyes!

Happy 4 months Ashford!

Leah D said...

I LOVE the gummy smiles!!!!


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