Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4 months

it's time for another monthly post already! i feel like i just wrote your last one. you are getting to be such a grown up baby :) we are having so much fun watching you develop and learn new things every day. here's what you are up to at 4 months:

- you went to the doctor on monday (more about this later) and you weighed 12 lbs, 15 oz!
- you eat 5-6 oz. of formula and/or breastmilk every 3 hours. sometimes you are difficult to feed because you'd rather look at everything going on around you. i can't believe you will soon be old enough to eat cereal! we'll probably wait until 5 months for that, though.
- you are still very into sucking your fingers (and just your thumb, sometimes), your burp cloth, and just about anything you can get in your mouth. makes me wonder if you'll be an early teether?
- you continue to be an awesome sleeper at night and mom and dad greatly appreciate it! you typically go to bed sometime in the 8:00 hour and we usually have to wake you up at 6:40 am for daycare or you wake up on your own in the 7:00 hour. you aren't the best napper during the day, but we'd rather have you sleep at night if we had to pick. 
- you are wearing size 2 disposable diapers at night and cloth during the day (even at daycare - woo hoo!) 
- you still fit into most of your 3 and 3-6 month clothes, but i've started throwing a few 6 month things in the mix just because i'm excited for you to wear them. 
- you have rolled from your tummy to your back quite a few times and also from your back to your tummy a couple times. you always look surprised when you do it :)
- i officially retired your bouncy seat (your legs were going off the edge), you like the johnny jump up and bumbo seat in small doses. the play mat is still a hit!
- you are doing really well at daycare, which makes it much easier for me to leave you all day. i love my wednesdays off with you! 
- you still enjoy baths, but we'll need to figure out what to put you in when you outgrow the baby bath. we're not really sure how you feel about other forms of water like pools and lakes. you don't seem too impressed so far :)
- right now you are battling some digestive issues (we think) and it's causing a bad diaper rash. dad took you to the doctor and they gave us probiotic drops to put in your milk. i hope they help. it makes me so sad to see you in pain. 
- you love to smile at everyone and talk up a storm. we've gotten a few uncontrollable giggles out of you and they are the best thing ever!

and now, here you are at 4 months:

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