Tuesday, December 10, 2013

baby #2: week 37

37 Weeks Pregnant
december 2 - 8

what has been going on this week: we are full term!! (well, the "old" full term. i think they recently changed full term to 39 weeks). took my bff kelli out for her 30th birthday dinner, met our neighbors' new baby isla, had lunch with some blogger mamas and kiddos, took azalea to puppet show at macy's

size of baby: he weighs over 6 pounds and measures over 19 inches long. the size of a stalk of swiss chard . what a weird vegetable comparison for the "basketball" in my belly!

maternity clothes: rotating the same old stuff with a few hand me downs added in. i'm ready to wear real clothes again! 

purchases: my co-worker mandi bought baby boy 3 lime green animal themed canvases she found brand new from a thrift shop. so excited about them!  

nursery: all we did in the last week is hang one picture. a few more still to hang and some shelves. hopefully happening this week! 

symptoms: lots of braxton hicks contractions and a few more painful ones that have woken me up in the night. things are getting real!! 

movement: he is running out of room, but still fairly active! 

gender: little man!

food cravings/aversions: still can't get enough clementines....or ho ho mint mochas. whoops :) 

morning sickness: still that liiiiitle bit of nausea in the morning. one thing i won't miss about pregnancy. 

what i miss: sleeping on my back. amen.  

best moment of the week: nothing stands out in particular. just happy to be one week closer to meeting him!  

what thatcher is saying: "i bet this kid is gonna be a loud crier" (ok?... haha)  

sleep: not so great. lots of tossing and turning (which is no easy task). 

what i'm looking forward to: not much left to look forward to besides meeting my sweet little boy! 

doctor: last week i had the routine step b test and it came back negative, so that's good! this week's appointment was short and sweet. no change in my progression, but that's ok. i go back again next tuesday. 

the snow has arrived and the temp is in the single digits, but it's not like i can quit the outdoor pics with 3 weeks to go, right? :) 


Bridget said...

snow snow snow!!!! Yaaa...so much closer!!!!

Lee & Laura said...

Love the outdoor pics! You are getting so close! I will be thinking of you! Good luck:)

~Dawn~ said...

hahaha...I love that you still stand in the same spot for your pics - even with all that snow and the freezing temps.


Sarah said...

I was wondering if you were going to stand outside for pics! Looks great! So excited for you guys!

Becky said...

Eeee! So cute! I meant to post on your FB. I was cleaning out my files yesterday and I found Azalea's birth announcement! That seems like a million years ago. It made me so excited to meet the little guy - soon!

ajs {of MN} said...

I love the pic in the snow!!! :)

Lisa said...

You look great! He will be here so soon and I am so excited for you three! I love the snowy belly picture...it's authentic! :)


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