Saturday, March 12, 2011

37 weeks

we've made it to full term! what a great feeling! although i'm pretty sure labor isn't imminent, it's comforting to know that she is big enough and her lungs are fully functioning now (they are the last thing to develop). 

we've been keeping busy while we wait for her. well, i tend to just lay around on the weeknights, but last weekend we got together with some of our old community ed co-workers. we all get together every few months to catch up. this time we had lunch at the party room at dave's apartment. it was fun.  next time we see them there will be another baby in the mix. crazy! 
here's a couple pictures:

kristin and lilah

laura and evie

i'm sure they all appreciate this action shot :) 

i had my 36 week appointment on thursday. funny story: i was in the waiting room and my brother called, so i talked to him for a second. while i was on the phone, my nurse came out and i was pretty sure i heard her say my name, so i quickly hung up and started grabbing my stuff. but then i noticed this indian couple who was sitting behind, walk over to her, so i sat back down thinking i was hearing things. another 5 mins went by and they didn't call my name, so i went to the front desk to check. turns out they did call my name and that other couple (who i later learned did not speak any english) thought it was their turn and headed back there and no one questioned it. haha. it eventually all got worked out, but i ended up being there for an hour! 

the appointment itself was pretty uneventful. my weight gain, blood pressure, etc. was good. they tested me for strep b, which is a routine test. apparently 40% of pregnant women carry the bacteria, and if i test positive, they will have to give the baby antibiotics while i'm in labor (through an iv) so that she does not get it. hopefully i won't have it, but if i do, at least it's easily manageable. my ankles are getting a little puffy (cankles, anyone?), so she recommended i stay away from salt. at least it's still winter, so i can cover those suckers up. :) baby's head is down, which is good, but there weren't any signs that she's ready to come out yet. and i'm ok with that. i might feel differently in a couple more weeks. 

at 37 weeks, she is around 6 lbs, 3 oz. and over 19 inches long. she continues to be pretty active in there, which can be uncomfortable, but it's nice to know she is ok. i've been feeling less than great the last few days. sort of nauseas and some cramping and back pain. i guess it's all just part of getting ready for the big show. the glider i ordered finally shipped, which is good. they claim it will be here late this week or early next week. once the nursery is complete, i'll post pics. 

wow, this post got long. is anyone still reading? :) here's my weekly pic:

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{N} Jones said...

Wohoo! Full term! The end is really in sight for you hun!


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