Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 rewind

sneaking this in just before the new year. luckily i wrote the post (minus december) before ashford was born. this is the fourth time i've done one of these posts (20102011, 2012) and they are among my favorite posts. i love looking back and remembering all the stuff we have done (hello, i'm a blogger) over the year and this is the perfect way to do it. what a year 2013 was!

we went to the ice castle at mall of america with former work friends. we spent lots of time at the children's museum. azalea took a trip to the er for congestion (luckily she was fine). my college roomies visited.

we took a week-long trip to visit my parents in florida and went to san diego to visit thatcher's relatives (best month ever). we spent more time at the children's museum and azalea went sledding for the first time (which was *not* a hit) :)

azalea turned 2. i went to a blogger favorite things party. we celebrated easter with the fam.

i continued my travel streak and went back to san diego (for work this time). azalea and i visited nick, dani, and gino in duluth. we went to mn zoo. i attended a minnesota blogger cooking class.

we found out we are expecting baby #2(!!!). i went down to omaha for kaylee's bachelorette weekend and spilled the beans to the girls. we celebrated mother's day.

i was a bridesmaid in my college roomate kaylee's wedding in kansas city and thatcher and i celebrated 6 years of marriage. we went to the uptown bike race, and we celebrated thatcher's 31st birthday and father's day.

we announced baby #2 is on the way with this fun picture (due date later was moved up to december). we celebrated my 29th birthday and the 4th of july.

we found out baby #2 is a boy! i went to my co-worker william's wedding, i solo-parented for a week while thatcher was out of town for his cousin's wedding.

i went to chicago with the roomies (it was a big year for seeing my favorite roomies). we went to the mn state fair. thatcher started a new job. we had my work summer party, azalea turned 2.5 (this is when the terrible 2's really started), thatcher and i saw mumford and sons in concert. 

my dad made it one year with stage 4 lung cancer, we spent lots of time with friends, we watched the twin cities marathon, and celebrated halloween with our little witch.

we finally made some progress on the basement and baby brother's room, thatcher and i saw brett dennen in concert, i went in for fetal monitoring after some sharp pains on the side of my belly, azalea and i traveled to duluth for some holiday fun with our friends dani and gino, celebrated thanksgiving and got our christmas tree.

baby brother arrived and we celebrated christmas! but before that we visited santa, saw macy's 8th floor auditorium, baked lots of cookies, and attended a couple holiday parties.

can't wait to see what 2014 brings!


Carolyn said...

I love this! :) You're making me feel like I should do one of these! HAHA!

~Dawn~ said...

Such a great year for you and your family!! :)

Bridget said...

What a great year! You traveled like crazy!!! That's awesome!!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love that you were able to get your recap in! and i also love that you have christmas/winter jammie pants while in the hospital! ;)


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