Thursday, December 30, 2010

12 photos for 12 months

i thought i'd do a little 2010 year in review post because well, i like to copy other bloggers. let me tell you, it was hard to only pick one picture for each month, but i hope you enjoy it! disclaimer: you might not recognize the girl from the first half of this year who doesn't have a giant baby bump, but I assure you, it's me :) 


we started the year off with a fun trip to fl. my parents have a condo in venice, so it's pretty inexpensive to stay (especially if we can get a cheap flight). i have to admit, the weather was less than desirable for fl, but it was much better than anything we would have experienced back home. we love us some sunshine, nokomis groves ice cream, and walking the beach.


this month we enjoyed having thatcher's sister and our nephew in town from ca. thatcher's parents were living in venice, italy at the time, so we all hopped on skype to chat with them. gotta love technology!


if i remember right, march was pretty slim pickens in terms of pictures, but my best friend kelli and i did get to see john mayer in concert...for free! can't beat that! we also saw him in 2002, so it was sort of a little blast from the past.


this month the new twins stadium opened for the season and we got to go to one of the very first games (thanks to our friend dave who had season tickets). it was a little chilly, but outdoor baseball is just so much more fun than at the dome. we loved it!


in may we took an amazing trip to portland and seattle. we visited (and stayed with) my good family friends, saw thatcher's cousins, toured the cities, ate yummy food, and got rained on more than i have in my life :)


this month thatcher and i celebrated our third wedding anniversary. i can't believe how fast the last three years have gone by. on the other hand, i can hardly remember what life was like before we were married (in a good way - haha!). i feel like the luckiest girl alive to be married to my best friend and getting ready to welcome our first baby! if you would have told high school melissa that this is what she'd be up to at age 26, she would have never believed you :)


july just might have been my favorite month of 2010. july is the month we found out we were expecting! it was a surprise, well, not a total surprise, but you know what i mean. i took the test the morning before going up to duluth for my friend dani's wedding just in case and low and was positive!


august is always a bitter sweet time in mn. it's state fair time, which i love! but it also means that summer will soon be gone and we have to mentally prepare for 6+ months of cold weather (which i don't love). anyway, this year we went to the state fair with our neighbors ryan and rebekah. it was a gorgeous day and we stuffed ourselves silly. i felt slightly less guilty than i normally would, since i was eating for two :)


this month i went to see wicked at the orpheum with my good friend and college roomate, sarah. i had been wanting to see it for years, so when we saw it was coming, we couldn't pass up the opportunity. the show did not dissapoint. such amazing music and the set was beautiful!  


one of my favorite parts of fall is going to apple orchards. this year we went to one about an hour away with our friends nathaniel, missy, and their baby cameron. it was a chilly day, but we still had fun walking around, picking apples, seeing some animals, and going out for lunch after.


november was another favorite month this year (ok, so i have a lot). in november, we found out we are having a little girl! we had an ultrasound and got to see her moving all around in there. it was amazing. i would love to have another one to see how much she's grown since then, but i'm not sure that i get any more? it was such a relief to hear that she looked perfect! everyone was convinced that we were having a girl, so it certainly didn't surprise many people ;)


that brings us to december! i love everything about the holiday season. christmas movies, decorating the hosue, shopping, making cookies, spending time with family, etc. this year was no exception. i can't believe next christmas we'll have a little 8-9 mo. old to spend it with!

i know our 2011 will look much different than 2010 and i can't wait! happy new year! 

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I feel honored to be mentioned in your blog, and just the same love that you devoted 8.33% of your photos to WICKED!!!



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