Tuesday, November 19, 2013

baby #2: week 34

34 Weeks Pregnant
november 11-17

what has been going on this week: went to the children's museum with carolina and naomi, had dinner at spill the wine with anna and michelle, went to duluth for the weekend with azalea

size of baby: he weighs almost 5 pounds and measures 18 inches longthe size of a cantaloupe. he is like....a real baby! :) 

maternity clothes: same old. many of my maternity shirts are getting too small - that's always a fun realization! 

purchases: i couldn't resist getting a pair of christmas jammies for him, now hopefully i don't go too far past my due date!

nursery: thatcher painted the walls gray while azalea and i were out of town this weekend! it looks so pretty! here is a little sneak peek: 

symptoms: the usual - broken out skin, hungry and tired a lot, braxton hicks contractions. had my little scare on friday, but thankfully all is well with baby. haven't had that pain anymore. 

movement: he hasn't slowed down too much yet, and he feels so big! 

gender: little man!

food cravings/aversions: i have no willpower when it comes to sweets lately. absolutely none. 

morning sickness: still that liiiiitle bit of nausea in the morning. i've just accepted that it probably won't go away. at least it doesn't last long. 

what i miss: sleeping comfortably and not feeling huge. sounds about right!  

best moment of the week: seeing dani and gino in duluth, getting the nursery painted! 

what thatcher is saying: he is hoping to finish up painting the nursery trim this week, so we can get some furniture set up in there. yay! 

sleep: i wake up a lot and rolling over is a huge chore. still only 1 bathroom trip (or less) per night, though! sort of amazed by that.

what i'm looking forward to: finishing the nursery, picking his name (i feel like the one name we can both agree on is going to be it at this point, but we'll see!) 


Kristin said...

You look great! I've never been to spill the wine...how is it? Also, can't wait to see the nursery! That color looks great. :) You should link-up on my blog today!!!

JJ said...

I can't wait for you guys to get more furniture in the nursery. I'm dying to see what its going to look like.

Glad things are okay after what happened on Friday. eek!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Congrats on baby #2!!! You look adorable. :)

Love your daughters name, so unique and beautiful.


Megan {Willow Way Blog} said...

you're getting so close!! So exciting :)

Kristina said...

Stopping by from the link up. I'm right behind you. You look fantastic. We went with gray walls too!

ajs {of MN} said...

im loving that wall color!

Jamie said...

You look great!

Britni said...

Love the wall color!

You are getting so close!!

~Dawn~ said...

Love the gray paint in the nursery - how exciting to get that started and be able to move some furniture in soon.

Sarah said...

Yay! He finally primed and painted! Can't wait to see it with the furniture!

Lisa said...

34 weeks!! He's coming soon!! You look so beautiful and I am looking forward to hearing what name you two have chosen! And I am so glad you are okay after Friday's scare- yes, he needs to stay put for a while longer!

Joanna said...

loving the room color & your cute bump!


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