Sunday, February 20, 2011

34 weeks

i'm a day late this week...sorry! i had a busy day yesterday which included a baby shower for my friend emily (who is due 2 days before us), more shopping/organizing baby stuff, dinner at our friend sarah's, and by the time i got home at 8:30 my whole body hurt and i fell asleep on the couch. it's a glamorous life i lead :)

i had my "extra" doctor appointment this week to make sure baby girl isn't trying to make an early debut. the good news is while there was some change since last week, it was nothing significant. my nurse practitioner doesn't seem concerned. in fact she said "watch, you'll probably go 41 weeks and we'll have to induce you." haha. i hope not, but i guess whatever happens happens. i'm feeling more comfortable with the idea of her coming with each week that passes, so that's good. in other good news, she was head down at the appointment and i didn't gain any weight since last week...woo hoo! 

at 34 weeks, baby girl is 4.75 pounds and over 18 inches long! sleeping is getting pretty uncomfortable, but i'm hanging in there. last night i had some slightly more painful contractions and a back ache. it made me sort of nervous, but luckily it subsided after i went to sleep. must have been from my active day. also, i finally have almost everything organized in her room, but we still have a few things to buy. i'm supossed to have my 34 week appointment tomorrow morning, but we are expecting a huge snow storm here, so i hope it isn't a huge pain to get there. 

ok, here it is. there's no doubting that she weighs 5 pounds :)


Carol said...

You look great---it seems as though the time has really gone fast (easy for ME to say, right?)

Annie said...

you're looking great hun!! getting so close to the end!!
bummer about all this snow we are getting :( i have an appt tomorrow as well, hopefully we both make it to them safely! :)


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