Monday, August 26, 2013

bellyrama, hot weather, big girl bed

after a fairly busy week, it was nice to have a relaxing night on friday. we took azalea to culver's for dinner because there was no food in the house and then picked up a redbox on our way home.  

saturday morning, azalea and i met up with our neighbors rebekah & carson, and erica & christian at bellyrama at lake harriet. what the heck is bellyrama, you ask? it's an event put on by the yoga studio, blooma. they had a couple different family yoga sessions and vendors set up. i can't say that we accomplished any yoga with the kids in tow, but it was a fun morning. by 11:30, we were all tired and roasting from the quickly rising temps, so we headed home. 

azalea and i had our afternoon naps, followed by a little sprinkler time and playing inside because it was so hot!

thatcher had a group of friends over for the evening, so azalea and i went to my parents' for dinner. we had pizza and hung out with them before heading home for bedtime. i relaxed on the couch and went to bed early. 

sunday we had planned to go to the state fair, but the 98 degree forecast scared us off. we're gonna go next weekend instead. i. cannot. wait. instead we ran some errands in the morning and spent most of the rest of the day inside in the a/c. my brother came over in the evening to help with a special project: setting up a big girl bed for azalea! although her crib transforms into a toddler bed, we had planned to buy her a twin bed since we'll need the crib for baby #2 in a couple months. but then, i realized that once baby comes, we will be losing our guest room and therefore will have no where for our full size bed to go, so i decided that would become azalea's bed. saves us money and gives us a make-shift guest room for the 1-2 times/year someone needs it. a win-win. we've been talking about the "new bed" for weeks with azalea. i bought a new comforter that has been just chillin in her room and she seemed excited about it. after last week's near climb out of the crib, i thought it was time to make the transition. she enjoyed one last nap in her crib...

we dismantled the crib and brought the "new" bed down and got it all ready. she was really excited! we tried to make it seem as fun as possible. here are are a few shots of her re-arranged room with the new bed: 

 i guess you can't really see her rug, but it has a couple orange dots on it that look great with the comforter.

 for comparison, here are some pictures of her room when she was born.

 tried to catch her not moving...pretty much impossible :) 

we did our normal bed time routine: pjs, teeth brushing, reading books (now in the new bed). she didn't fuss when i left the room. as i write this, it's 8:45 on sunday evening. she has been down for 45 minutes without hardly a peep. i was worried it was too good to be true, but i think she's officially asleep. i hope she sleeps all night. while there is no shortage of ways that my sweet daughter stresses me out, she's always been an amazing sleeper, and i am so grateful for that! 


~Dawn~ said...

Hooray for a big girl bed :) I love the orange comforter.

So, did she last all night??

Sarah said...

I am totally jealous that Azalea is a great sleeper!

Brittany said...

She looks great in her new bed :)

sjlily5 said...

I love her little kitchen and her big girl bed!

Leah said...

We are looking at getting a full size bed, too in the next couple of weeks for Hailey. She is currently still sleeping on the floor. Ugh. But loves it AND sleeps all night, so I don't fight with her. I know it's only Wednesday, but how has she done this week?

ajs {of MN} said...

her big girl bed looks so comfy!!! and i love her full wall of shelving!


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