Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nursery chronicles part 3

with the arrival of the glider the other night, the nursery is finally finished. i'm so happy with the way it turned out. for a trip down memory lane, check out this post and this post to see how far we've come. you'll notice the walls are still pretty bare, but i have some ideas for them. they probably won't get done before baby comes, though. 

view from the hallway

view from the door...i don't know what we'd do without that built-in shelf!

view from the opposite corner

a little dark, but you get the idea :) 

here's the glider! i love the way it looks, but unfortunately it's not the most comfortable one i've ever sat in. hopefully that will change as we wear in the cushions. i spent all this time unsuccessfully looking for a little white side table, then my mom said "don't you have that one you used as a night stand in college?" why yes i did, sitting upstairs! yay for something i already had working perfectly!

a little peek inside her closet. it's not huge, so most of her clothes are folded in the dresser. 

girl has some clothes! :) 

one more shot of the crib with the beautiful quilt my college roomate sarah's mom made. it matches perfectly!

what do you think? is it ready for a cute little person to come live in? 


Sarah said...

Baby Girl's room looks great!

The Raymonds said...

It looks so wonderful!! I love the glider- it fits in so perfectly and looks great! The crib is precious and the linens are beautiful!! You did a wonderful job! Now your little girl needs to get here!

Kristi said...

What a darling room!!!


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