Thursday, July 18, 2013

baby #2: weeks 11-13 (adjusted time is 14-16 weeks)

this post wraps up the rest of the 1st trimester and then you'll be all caught up. going forward, i'll be posting bumpdates on tuesdays. 

11 Weeks Pregnant
june 24 - 30 (14 weeks)

what has been going on this week: went to the splash pad with carolina and naomi, went to a norwex party hosted by bridget, told my work and our daycare lady, re-connected with my old friend kris, went to a twins game.
size of baby: just under 2 inches, weighs about 1/4 oz. the size of a large fig. 
maternity clothes: still wearing all regular clothes. if remember right, i started wearing a belly band with azalea by this time because my pants got too tight. my pants still fit this time, but my bump is bigger. huh? my only guess is that maybe i'm carrying higher? 
symptoms: thankful for another uneventful week! i think i've just gotten used to the super low-grade nausea. 
movement: just a few more weeks hopefully! 
gender: bahhh i don't know! but our ultra sound is scheduled for august 28th! 
food cravings/aversions: most foods sound good. fun fact: i have not set foot in a starbucks or caribou since the beginning of may. wow! my wallet is a happy camper. :) 
morning sickness: i wouldn't even qualify my tiny bouts of nausea as morning sickness thankfully.
what i miss: last week i talked about missing deli meat. this week i ordered a veggie sub from jimmy johns and it was so good - i didn't miss the meat at all! 
best moment of the week: finally telling my boss and co-workers. a couple of them had figured it out from my bump! "i knew it! i was wondering when you were gonna tell us!" and "i thought to myself she is way to skinny to suddenly have this little pot belly!" haha!
what thatcher is saying: he confessed that last time he was a little freaked out by my growing belly, but he is not at all this time. well, that's good :) 
sleep: still good. yay!
what i'm looking forward to: the second trimester, having everyone know, feeling movement, finding out the sex, etc. 

12 Weeks Pregnant
july 1-7 (15 weeks) 

what has been going on this week: enjoyed a short work week, celebrated my 29th birthday and the 4th of july, went to kelli's cabin 
size of baby: just over 2 inches long, weighs about 1/2 oz. size of a lime. 
maternity clothes: still wearing all regular clothes. this week i bought 2 stretchy cotton dresses (non-maternity) from h and m with skinny belts to wear just above my bump and i love them! looking forward to wearing them a lot this summer. (see bump pic)
symptoms: a little nausea, face break outs like whoa
movement: not yet, but looking forward to it happening soon!  
gender: girl? boy? what are you, little one? :) 
food cravings/aversions: thankful my only real aversion has been coffee. i can live with that! 
morning sickness: i had one pretty nausea-filled day this week, but otherwise it's been the same as the last few weeks. 1 more week of the 1st trimester! 
what i miss: i missed having some adult beverages at the cabin this weekend, but no biggie. 
best moment of the week: this is one of my favorite weeks of the year - my birthday and the 4th! 
what thatcher is saying: we talk a lot about how this baby will be similar or different to azalea personality-wise. i guess we'll just have to wait to find out! 
sleep: no problems. enjoying sleeping on my back while i still can. 
what i'm looking forward to: the second trimester, having everyone know, feeling movement, finding out the sex, etc. 

13 Weeks Pregnant
july 8 - 14 (16 weeks) 

what has been going on this week: told the internet we are expecting, celebrated three birthdays, took azalea to my office bbq, attended a 40th anniversary party, watched thatcher in the color run
size of baby: nearly 3 inches long, weighs about 1 oz. size of a shrimp. 
maternity clothes: still rocking the regular clothes, but having to retire some (mostly pants and shorts), maternity stuff is right around the corner now! 
symptoms: same as the last few weeks: tired, minor nausea, hungry, face breakouts. 
movement: i have a confession. whenever i've heard moms claim to feel their baby around 12-13 weeks, i've never really believed them. but....i without a doubt have been feeling baby moving this week and it's amazing! they do say 2nd time moms often feel it sooner, so i guess it makes sense. the little taps and flutters are unmistakable. i forgot how much i love them! 
gender: 6 weeks til we find out!  
food cravings/aversions: most everything has been sounding good! had another veggie sub from jimmy john's again this week. so good!! still no coffee...
morning sickness: very minimal to none this week.
what i miss: nothing!
best moment of the week: feeling baby move...a few different times over the last few days. i'm obsessed with laying still to feel it more. 
what thatcher is saying: he is excited that i can feel the baby, looking forward to when he can feel it from the outside.  
sleep: sometimes i wake up around 3-4 am having to pee, but i'm too lazy and fall back asleep. oops.
what i'm looking forward to: hello second trimester!!! 

12 week appointment - yep, this happened after the 13 week mark thanks to my doctor being super booked up. actually, i ended up taking an appointment with a different doctor, just so i could get in sooner. she was really nice! it was another good, un-eventful appointment. i got to hear baby's heartbeat again (high 150's bpm). not much else to report. i had to re-do my blood and urine test because last time my white blood cell count was a bit high (hoping it is down now) and my urine test got contaminated. weird. i go back again on august 14th. 


Lee & Laura said...

You are soo cute!! I thought I could tell in your 4th of July pics on fb too before you announced bc you are soo tiny!!! Ive heard the second time around the bump is way more evident..def was for my sis in law too.

Dawn said...

I love your black dress with the belt, too cute! :)

Bridget said...

Veggie sub from Jimmy Johns is SOOOO GOOD!! I get it on the nine grain bread!!! You look adorable!

Carolyn said...

So glad you're doing well! :) You look ADORABLE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this post is wonderful -- my husband and i just decided to try for kids, and it's nice to have someone be so honest about what to expect :) oh, and hello from minneapolis:)

ajs {of MN} said...

your dress and skinny belts are all so cute (from the ones i have seen) and also, this made me giggle "told the internet" hehehe!

Becca at One Girl said...

Love the bumps, they are seriously so cute! Such will power to avoid caribou since you're pregnant and it's not even avoiding it if it doesn't sound good right? I still need to try and find a way to lessen my trips, I must admit some weeks are better than others.

Durant Imboden said...

Sounds exciting--and it beings back great memories.

One thing: It may be hard to show off the bump (big as it may be by then) when you're posing outside this December or early January in a down-filled coat!


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