Saturday, September 25, 2010

the rest of the 1st trimester

thursday, august 26th
we've been telling more friends and family our news this week. made lots of phone calls to out-of-state relatives. it's funny...since i don't call a lot of them very often, the minute they hear my voice on the phone, they know something big is coming. haha. everyone is really excited for us. all of our close friends know, but we're going to try to keep it off facebook til after the first trimester. i still need to tell my co-workers too. i'll be 9 weeks tomorrow! i can't say the weeks are flying by at this point, but i'm thankful everything seems to be going smoothly. Oh! last night i made my first baby purchase, an adorable pair of (unisex, of course) jammies. they are so soft! i just keep holding them, closing my eyes, and imaging our sweet snuggly baby wearing them. why is it that there is such a lack of cute uni-sex clothes out there?
saturday, august 28th
yesterday marked 9 weeks. only 31ish more to go! :) we had nate, missy, and baby cameron over for dinner last night. he is 6 weeks old already. it was fun to get to hold him and play with him, but it was also a big reality check because he had 3 diaper changes and 2 feedings in a 3 hour period. thatcher asked me, "is that normal?" yep hunny, it is! haha here is my official 9 week pic:

friends and family have been very generous to us already. it's crazy to think this baby that is currently only the size of a grape is already getting presents. he or she is very loved! here are some cute things that we've gotten over the past couple days from nathaniel/missy and thatcher's parents:

wednesday, september 1st
today is officially 7 months until my due date. in some ways it feels really far away, but also really soon! friday i will be at the 10 week mark. i told my co-workers about the baby today. everyone seems really excited. we have plenty of time to figure out what will happen during my maternity leave, so that's good. one of my co-workers actually said she noticed my tummy sticking out a little bit the other day and suspected i might be pregnant. so people can't tell me that it's just me who thinks i'm showing :) speaking of showing, i whined a few weeks ago about how my pants were already getting too small. the days of being able to button them are quickly coming to an end. so i picked up a be band (target's version of a bella band) the other night and i'm loving it. if you don't know, it's basically a circular piece of spandex that you wear around your waist/lower stomach, over the top of your pants, so you can wear them unbuttoned. it holds your pants up and smooths out the unbuttoned flaps. genius! i'm wearing it today and i'm so much more comfortable. oh, i also might have needed to buy a bigger bra. and i might have been a little bit excited about that :)

saturday, september 4th
yesterday marked 10 weeks - woo hoo for double digits! i'm also 25% of the way done, which seems crazy considering we haven't even completely "gone public" yet. two more weeks, then the facebook and blog world can know :) still feeling good...i can't stress enough how lucky i feel about that. it's strange how different women can experience everything from no morning sickness to puking your guts out 5 times a day. i'm sure if/when i have another kid, it will be payback...but lets hope not. here's our official 10 week pic. it's getting harder to hide this (mini) bump:

don't you love how i shamelessly show my messy living room to you each week? :)

thursday, september 9th
last night i visited my grandma at her senior condo. i always feel like i don't spend enough time with her as she is getting older, so i'm trying to make more of an effort. we had a great time chatting. of course we talked about babies and pregnancy the whole time :) it's so interesting to hear how different things were back when she was having her babies in the 50's. i'm thankful that i'm having my turn in 2010/11. technology and modern medicine make things much easier. not that i'm expecting this to be easy, just in comparison to those days. a lot of things we take for granted now didn't even exist back then. after our visit i might have gone to the old navy a few blocks away to browse the baby section. i've said it before and i'll say it again...where are all the unisex clothes? i managed to find one cute little green and grey striped onesie on sale, but that was it! it's mom is a big believer that people should wait until the birth to find out the sex, but she actually said to me last night, "i'm starting to understand why so many people find out the sex nowadays. you can't hardly buy anything unless you know if it's a boy or girl!" haha. speaking of which, we can find out the sex on nov. 5th!

saturday, september 11th
today marks 11 weeks! i'm so thankful to be almost done with my first trimester. i've had it very easy so far, but i can't wait for the rest of my pregnancy when more people know and it feels more...real. i can't wait to feel my baby move, know the sex, etc. i know i shouldn't be wishing my pregnancy away. i'm trying not to. this weekend my mom hit up a huge neighborhood garage sale and bought lots of stuff for baby and me! thanks mom :) here i am at 11 weeks: baby is still only 1 1/2 inches long. how can the bump be so...bumpin?

saturday, september 18th
yesterday we reached the all important 12 week mark. our baby is now 2 inches long and weighs half an ounce. i'm getting to excited to feel it move for the first time even though that's likely still a month or more away. we go to the doctor on monday and i'm praying that everything is still going well in there. my mom continues to be my personal shopper lately! she gets really into it and i think it's so cute. she buys me cute maternity clothes that she finds on sale at various stores and we also went to a baby sample sale today. since we don't know the sex yet, it's still hard to buy a lot of stuff (which i'm sure thatcher is thankful for-haha) but i did get a cute tan colored fleece winter hat and some christmas socks. yes, christmas socks. what baby doesn't need christmas socks? :) i haven't worn any maternity clothes yet, but i think i will start soon since i'm entering my second trimester soon. here is our official 12 week pic: 

sorry for the awful lighting the last 2 weeks...cloudy days

monday, september 20th
this morning we had our 12 week appt. for some reason i was sort of nervous about it. probably because if we were to find out there is no heartbeat at 12 weeks, it would be much more devastating than at 8 weeks. but i had no reason to worry. my doctor found the heartbeat without much trouble. 150 bpm...perfection! it was the best feeling in the world to hear that whooshing sound :) baby was swimming all over the place and my doctor had to chase it with the wand. haha. it's very comforting to know that my chances of miscarrying have now plummeted. the second best part of the appointment was finding out that i didn't gain any weight since last month. this comes after gaining a little a lot more than i would have liked at my 8 week appointment. i think i'm evened out now. that's what i'm telling myself. i also got a flu shot, so hopefully i'll make it through this winter without getting sick!

saturday, september 25th
yesterday marked 13 weeks in the baby making process. :) i think it's safe to say i'm done with the 1st trimester now (everything you read says something slightly different). baby is now 3(!) inches long and weighs about an ounce. he or she also has fingerprints...and is now urinating inside me (cute, huh?). today i had brunch with my friend mollie from high school. it was fun to see her. i ate entirely too much, but it's okay because i'm going to spend the afternoon walking around mall of america with liz. she only has a few months left before she meets her little one. i can't wait! here i am at 13 weeks: 

one of these days i'll master holding the sign straight :) 

thanks for following along so far. i promise any posts from here on out will be shorter and in real time. 

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