Monday, November 26, 2012

thanksgiving weekend: part 2

if you missed part 1, you  can scroll down  or click here to read it.

friday we didn't do any hardcore black friday shopping, but we did head to uptown like we've done many years in the past to look around and check out a couple new stores that have opened recently. thatcher is very involved in the uptown business community, so he likes to see how things are going for the new stores. i didn't purchase any gifts, but i wasn't planning on accomplishing much with the cute but impatient toddler in tow. :) 

while azalea napped in the afternoon, i put up all the christmas decor, minus the tree, which we got on sunday. i'm realizing that i have more decor than surfaces to put it on, which is a bummer. pics of my decor are at the end of this post. in the evening, we made pizza and ginger snap cookies and watched a movie after azalea went to bed. 

saturday was a really busy day! in the morning, azalea and i drove to farmington to dawn's house for a play date with her two daughters, and andrea and her daughter, avrie. it was so much fun! the girls had a blast together and the moms had fun catching up. dawn's husband even made us an awesome lunch of enchiladas and tostadas. so delicious! 

azalea, lillian, alexa, and avrie

in the afternoon, i met up with my friend kelli to do a little shopping while azalea napped. i got a tree skirt from homegoods (my first one!), a christmas outfit for azalea, a gift for azalea, and my tacky christmas sweater for the blogger get together! it's pretty low on the tacky scale, but it fit and i wasn't going to go to a third store to find something. 

saturday evening, i had my 10 year high school reunion. whoa! thatcher graduated a year ahead of me from the same high school (minneapolis southwest high), but they didn't have a reunion, so he decided to come along. i was feeling sort of down about the whole thing because as of a week ago only 30 people had signed up (out of a class of 350). they even had to switch the venue because of low interest. well in the last week, 50(!) more people bought tickets, so we had 80 people crammed into a small area of a wine bar. it was such a fun night! i've kept in touch with some people from high school, but there were plenty i hadn't seen in the last 10 years. i didn't really take any pics, but it was a blast (from the past)! so weird to think about what our 20 year reunion will be like! 

sunday was christmas tree cutting down day! we drove down to farmington (again!) with my parents to this cute little tree farm we found last year. we found our trees and cut them down. i love that we have this tradition. it was pretty chilly out, but azalea did ok. 

someone was done with pictures by this point ;)

when we got back to our house, my mom and i picked up gyros for lunch. here are some pics of the decor i put up this weekend:

and here is the living room, complete with the tree!

we'll see how this goes with the curious toddler!

i love the coziness!

i finished off my looooong (but fast!) weekend going to see breaking dawn pt. 2! finally, as if my christmas obsession wasn't bad enough, i've given my blog a little holiday makeover...come check it out


~Dawn~ said...

So fun seeing you and Azalea this weekend. Thanks for coming over!!

Your tree looks great! :) I am going to have to convince my husband to cut down a real tree next year :))

Sarah said...

I love the new Christmas-y design!

I am jealous that you have such cute Xmas decor too. I am so not a holiday decorator- our house is too small and it's a lot of work, so we have very minimal decorations... maybe someday!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love the cute red/green christmas design. it was so fun seeing you and Azalea this weekend, she's too cute!

so funny that 50 MORE people showed up!

i cant wait to see that cute little sweater you purchased! oh and those TIGHTS!

Leah said...

I noticed the new design right away!! I love it! It is so festive! And I love your decor. That's the worst thing about living with Grandma, she already decorates her own way and I miss my cute apartment with all the cozy holiday decor!

Brittany said...

Oh fun! I love real trees! I haven't had one since I was little


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