Friday, November 23, 2012

thanksgiving weekend: part 1

splitting up my 5 day weekend into 2 posts in an attempt to not overwhelm you with too many exciting details ;) wednesday was technically my normal day off, but i think it's more fun to count it a part of my long weekend. ha. and a fun day it was! azalea and i met up with our friends liz, max, and jake (and liz's mother in law, who is in town) at the children's museum in st. paul. it was my first time taking azalea (and my first time going since i was a kid). i've heard so many good things about it and it did not disappoint. as liz put it, "it's nice to take your kids to a place where the answer is always yes." so true! they can run around and touch and explore as much as they want and nothing is off limits. 

 she loves checking the mail at home, so having a mailbox at her height to play with was pretty fun!

 one of the many water tables, which were also a big hit! 

liz and the kids having a little snack after playing. 

within 5 minutes of being in the car, she was out! playing and exploring is hard work! :)

luckily she went down for another hour and a half when we got home. when she woke up, we sat in the glider and snuggled for a bit (pretty much the only time she will let me do that). next thing i knew, we were both waking up and it was an hour later. ha! the best kind of nap....except my neck hurt. :) wednesday night we picked up a movie and stopped at the thrift shop by my house to look for a tacky christmas sweater for the blogger get together in a couple weeks. they actually had a lot of really "awesome" ones, but nearly all were size xl.....or larger! hmmm. so i left empty-handed. 

thanksgiving day started dark and early (azalea is on a 5:00 hour wake up streak lately - not fun!). we relaxed at home most of the morning. i made some hot chocolate and watched the parade. azalea wasn't super into it, but she'll learn ;)

it started off as a really warm day (50's and sunny), so we took azalea to the park. lots of other families had the same idea!

in the afternoon we headed to my parents for dinner #1 of 2. i paced myself and ate a small plate of turkey and sides and no pie. this was no easy task ;)
scenes from thanksgiving #1

next we headed to thatcher's parents' house for dinner #2. i'm so thankful that both of our families live in town, even if it does mean a bit of running around on holidays. there i ate another small (ok, more like medium) sized meal and pie. i was definitely full by the end of the night! by the time we left, the temp had dropped to the upper 20's and there was snow on the ground! crazy! 
just a couple pictures from thanksgiving #2. 

we had a great time celebrating with both of our families and i'm super excited that it's now socially acceptable to geek out about christmas. the rest of the weekend includes a blogger mama and kiddo playdate with andrea and dawn, my 10 year high school reunion (eeek!), and getting our christmas tree! stay tuned! 


Kenzie said...

Hey girl! I found you through the MN bloggers blog... :) I'm a MN blogger, too! So glad I'm connected with you now!

Your little girl is precious! I hope y'all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! XO!!

ajs {of MN} said...

cant wait for tomorrow, you have such a BUSY weekend so glad we get to be apart of it ;)

Britni Kesselring said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

Looks like you had a great weekend.

Carolyn said...

You had an eventful weekend!! :)


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