Sunday, May 6, 2012

a rainy weekend

friday night we planned on working on the basement after azalea went to sleep, but i had a little incident while putting her to bed. i was carrying her across the room and managed to step on and crush the spout of that little metal watering can that the easter bunny brought her. and then i fell over! ouch! luckily azalea didn't hit the ground. i have a huge purple bruise in the arch of my foot now and it's is still sore. i ended up falling asleep on the couch and thatcher did some work in the basement. i know, it was sort of desperate for me to go hurt myself just so i wouldn't have to do any work. ;) 

saturday morning we had a 5:40am wake up call from azalea (ummm thanks for that, cute girl). she's been waking up really early lately and refusing to go back to sleep. it's a little rough, but it's ok. i know these days won't last forever. 
i can't think of anyone cuter to wake me up

later that morning, i got my hair cut. not a major cut, but it was much-needed. and much enjoyed! someone else washing your hair = heaven. 

hey look - my hair has volume...for a day

azalea took a nice 2 hour nap in the afternoon, so thatcher and i were able to make some progress in the basement. it poured all afternoon, so we had lots of inside play time when she woke up. we were going a little stir crazy after a while, so we called my parents to see if they wanted to meet us for dinner at burger jones. it was a yummy, calorific meal, as usual. :)

we decided to take azalea and maggie (my in-laws' dog) for a walk when we got back. a couple blocks from our house, we came across a loose pit bull. i know not all pit bulls are mean, but this was not a nice dog. it was growling and barking at us and maggie was going nuts. (cue me almost peeing my pants). it was pretty terrifying. there happened to be a woman walking her less scary pit bull who was nice enough to distract the loose one, so we could get away. thatcher called 911 because you do not want a dog like that just roaming the neighborhood. we kept looking over our shoulder the whole way home. i was very happy when we made it back home and locked the door (because that's important when it comes to dogs). :) no idea what happened to it in the end. 

on sunday, thatcher's parents picked up maggie and we visited with them for a while. azalea showed off her new skill of walking with her toy across the room.

after lunch we went to buy a bike trailer for azalea. thatcher is really excited about this purchase. if you don't know, he's an avid biker. maybe it will inspire me to bike more, too! we got the burley honey bee. isn't it pretty? (he would kill me for saying that)
it's a two could call it an investment for the future :) (no, i'm not pregnant).

after that, we went to southdale, so i could find a dress for azalea's baptism next weekend. i found a cute dress at ann taylor loft. on sale too! it was a successful day in the shopping dept. we also went to our first bbq of the season at our friends, jeff and chrissy's. it was fun to see them and their little girl tegan (who is 2 months older than azalea). the weather definitely could have been better, but we all still had fun (inside). i'm hoping for lots of sunshine next weekend to make up for this gloomy one! 


KERRY said...

Hey Melissa! Sounds like a lovely weekend was had :) If it's any consolation, it's coming into Winter here, so count yourself lucky lol
You know, Liam has that same walker/bike!
Sorry to hear about your foot and your near miss in falling over :( That had to of hurt!
Enjoy your week with your beautiful daughter!!

Lisa said...

Ohh, that is so exciting Azalea is getting baptised! On Mother's Day I am guessing?? I think that is the perfect day! Too funny that you guys are Lutherans, too! See, I just need to visit Minnesota because as a Swedish Lutheran I think it's a nice match for me! hehe
I'm sorry about your foot. I know that toys are everywhere in our house, but a metal watering can would be especially painful to step on. :(
The new bike trailer is so cool! My Hubby loves to bike, as well (cue his obsession with the Amgen Tour of Cali) so he talks about those trailers often! That looks like a great one!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment Lisa. Yes, her baptism is on Mother's Day. I'm pretty excited about that :) Minnesota is land of the Lutherans! hehe. You would fit in well here. And Minneapolis is a big biking city!


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