Saturday, April 28, 2012

spring concert fun follow up

remember how i wrote about three concerts i had tickets to this spring? well, i was only able to attend 2 out of 3 (because one fell when azalea got sick), but i wanted to do a little recap for ya. 

first was of monsters in men back in march at the fine line. thatcher and i went to that one and it was so so good! after nearly two hours of standing while waiting for just the opener (who was decent), of monsters and men did not disappoint! i loved their icelandic accents and they seemed genuinely appreciative of everyone who came out to see them. the crowd was really into it! i can't wait for them to come back in town. i've been listening to them a lot ever since the show. grade: A.

second was ingrid michaelson at the guthrie. i went to this one with anna, michelle, and sarah. i had never been the the guthrie (for a show), so i was really excited about that. the show had assigned seats, which was so nice. you know you are getting old when you can't handle "standing room only" concerts anymore. this show was also really good. the only downside is that i'm a bad fan and i didn't downloaded her new album (that's been out forever) before the show. naturally most of the songs she played were from her new album, so i felt like i didn't know many of the them. my fault! she did play some of her old favorites though, which were fantastic. and she is just downright hilarious. i want to be friends with her! grade: B.

and then there was my beloved eric hutchinson, who i had to miss :( luckily i was able to find someone to use my ticket, so it didn't go to waste. actually, one of the other girls who was going to go got sick as well. bummer! kelli reported that eric was awesome, but it wasn't the same without me there. aww. i'm glad i've gotten to see him a couple times before and i'll definitely be going next time he is in town! 

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