Monday, February 21, 2011

happy snow day...again

we're in the midst of our second major snowstorm of the winter here. luckily it isn't as bad as this one was, but it has dropped 13+ inches on us. i have to say, i am so thankful that i have the option to work from home on days like this. it's a lifesaver! i was also supposed to go to the doctor today for my 34 week check up, but i called and rescheduled out of fear that my car wouldn't make it out of our barely plowed alley. i'm going next monday instead. 

i haven't been outside since saturday evening, which is slightly pathetic, but baby and i think we're wise to just hang out inside and watch the snow fly. i feel bad that i can't really help with the shoveling. poor thatcher has been going at it alone. maybe a month from now when i want to go into labor, i'll help out. ha. 

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