Wednesday, June 16, 2010

top ten favorite things about summer

it appears that the weather gods read my last post, because we had a gorgeous, perfect summer day today and it got me thinking about my favorite things about summer. obviously summer has morphed over the years from 3 months of carefree, run around barefoot, have sleepovers with the bestie every night to 8 hour days at the office and living for the weekend, but I  love it all the same. and i'm so glad summer is just beginning, because the anticipation is half the fun.

my favorite things about summer (in no particular order): 

1. going to my best friend kelli's cabin. i've been going there since i was little and it always makes me feel like i don't have a worry in the world. eating, drinking, tubing, and tanning. perfection. 
2. walking around the lakes and getting ice cream. there's something about lake harriet on a warm summer night when theres a concert going on, kids running everywhere, elderly couples holding hands. 
3. having bonfires and making smores in the backyard with friends. we bought a fire pit from the past owners of our house for $20 and i LOVE IT! 
4. sitting on outdoor patios at restaurants around the city. there are so many great patios, but I think it's greek to me might be my all-time favorite.
5. going to weddings. especially outdoor ones.
6. sleeping on top of the sheets with the windows wide open and not being too hot or too cold. followed by sunny morning so inviting you don't even grumble about having to wake up at 6.
7. wearing flip flops. i wish i could do this one year round! socks suck. 
8. block parties with the neighbors. i love seeing neighbors that we hardly see all winter long. we have the BEST neighbors. 
9. the mn state fair. food on a stick? yes please. 
10. art fairs. there are so many in the twin cities. even if i usually don't buy anything it's fun to look! 

i've been trying to remind myself that the reason summer in mn is
so satisfying is because it's such a sweet reward for the crap-tastic weather we deal with every winter. as much as i complain about the cloudy cold days, i honestly don't think i'd savor summer as much as i do without them. 

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