Thursday, June 9, 2011

4th anniversary

today is thatcher's and my 4 year wedding anniversary! i feel like this is the most special anniversary yet because we have azalea to share it with. i can't think of a better gift. in honor of our anniversary, i put together this post that i saw on another blog that i read.

our wedding abc's:

we had around 170 friends and family in attendance.

i had 4 bridesmaids. 2 friends and 2 cousins. my best friend kelli was my maid of honor.


our hors d'oeuvres and dinner were catered by amore victoria an amazing italian restaurant in uptown.

our cake was from queen of cakes in edina. yum!

i got my dress from brides of france in uptown. it was the first dress i tried on, i got it for only $200, and it didn't need any alterations. i'm pretty sure it was meant to be :)

we got engaged a year before our wedding on may 2006 in venice, italy! i couldn't have asked for a better proposal!

i got my flowers from the flower guys. they are super quirky, do a lot of farmers markets, and don't even have a website...but they did a great job! i had lillies and roses in my bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets and "market bouquets" for our centerpieces.

thatcher had 4 groomsmen. 2 friends, his brother, and my brother. he also had 2 friends as ushers.

we had our honeymoon in maine, new hampshire, and boston. i came down with a strain of meningitis and took a trip to urgent care, so it was a trip not soon forgotten :) we managed to have a wonderful time, between all my naps!

as a gift to us, our family friend april (who is an artist) created our invitations for us. they were non-traditional, but i loved them! pics of them. 

justice of the peace:
both of the pastors from my lutheran church married us. one has been the pastor there since i was 5, so that was cool!

as in favors? we just did these little bags with chocolates inside. who doesn't like chocolate?!

ladies night:
i had a really fun, fairly tame bachelorette party. dinner at a hibachi restaurant and a sleepover at a hotel. the girls did make me wear a blindfold though when i left the house. ha!

for the ceremony, my college roomate sang 2 songs and she did a wonderful job! for the reception, we had a dj and he wasn't great, so that was sort of lame.

newlyweds? we're pretty much an old married couple these days ;)

old, new, borrowed, blue:
i was pretty bad at this one. i don't think i had anything old...or borrowed. obviously my dress was new...and my garter had some blue!

most of these pictures you are seeing were taken by our wonderful photographers at graddy photography. we would definitely recommend them to anyone!

question popping:
i'm pretty sure we already went over this in "engagement", but he asked and i think my response was "are you serious?" followed of course by "yes!"

we had our reception at a greek orthodox church overlooking lake calhoun. (we are not greek orthodox), but they had a great event hall. it was perfect! some friends of ours recommended it and we went on to recommend it to another couple.

i don't think we actually got any pictures of my shoes, but they were white strappy sandals with little rhinestones on them. cute and fairly comfortable, but i think i went barefoot for most of the reception!

trash the dress:
well, i never actually got it professionally cleaned, so maybe that counts? haha. but no, my dress is still intact.

i don't know that there was anything especially unique about our wedding, but we were surrounded by all the people we love and who love us, and that's enough for me!

we took fairly traditional vows, with a little editing to fit us.

wedding woes:
everything went nearly perfect that day. it started to rain a little during our pictures, but not much. and we managed to get pictures with some pretty cool clouds in the background. the florists forgot the flowers for our cake, but a good friend of ours just pulled some from the centerpieces and made it look great!


young children:
we had our friends' daughter celia as the flower girl. she was adorable and did a great job. she was a little nervous and stopped halfway down the aisle, but that's the fun part of kids in a wedding, right? :)

we stayed at the grand hotel in downtown minneapolis. we didn't get there until almost 1am and we were tired from a great day!


Diana said...

I love this Melissa! Hope you don't mind that I might steal it for an anniversary post!

Melissa said...

Of course I don't mind. Like I said, I stole it from someone else. It's sort of like those forwards from middle/high school. haha!

The Raymonds said...

Happy Anniversary!! This was so much fun to read! Your wedding looks beautiful- those flowers are stunning!!! Have a great time celebrating with Azalea, too- so special!!

kim23 said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Those anniversary flowers are fantastic and gorgeous! You really had an amazing wedding! Congratulations!


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