Monday, February 12, 2018

winter olympics, deception pass, science center

we just wrapped up a weekend full of sunshine and it felt so good! it was cooler than it's been (low 40s rather than low 50s), but it was still exciting to see the sun for so long! we definitely don't take it for granted here. 

friday night we had our neighbor friends martine, josh, bruce, and beatrice over for the olympic opening ceremony. admittedly we didn't watch much of it when they were actually here. the kids kept us busy and we also ordered thai for dinner and mostly chatted. but after they left, i caught most of the ceremony, which was so cool! it was a fun night. we rarely (never?) hang out with the kids + husbands, but we should more often! 

we didn't have any plans for the rest of the weekend, so when we woke up to sunshine on saturday, we decided to take a trip to deception pass, which is about 1.5 hours away on whidbey island. we didn't get going until after lunch and we decided to take the ferry on the way there. when we got to the ferry terminal in mukilteo, there were quite a few cars in line. we ended up having to wait an hour to get on a ferry, but such is life! at least the view didn't suck: 

 the ferry ride is only about 20 minutes and the water and sky looked incredible: 

we got to whidbey island and drove to deception pass state park, which took almost another hour. lots of people had the same was hoppin' there. it was my second time going to this beach. thatcher and ashford went there another time when thatcher's dad was in town. it's so beautiful there. since it's still winter, the sun was pretty low in the sky at 3:30pm. we got some beautiful pictures, threw rocks, and climbed logs. 


on the drive home (we did the bridge drive instead of the ferry), we stopped at a mod pizza in marysville for dinner. it was crazy crowded. it's supposed to be a "quick casual" concept, but it probably took 45 minutes to order and get our food. whew! we didn't get home until after 8pm and it was right to bed for the kids! 

for some reason, ashford was wide awake for a good two hours in the middle of the night. he was in our bed and kept telling us he couldn't sleep. it was pretty brutal. he and i slept until 8:30am, but we were still tired from it. sunday was another no plans day. we hung out at home in the morning and then decided to go to the pacific science center after lunch. it's so nice to have a membership there now! the kids love trying out all of the exhibits. 

we came home and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. we grilled burgers for dinner, did showers, and put the kids to bed early :) 

it feels like february is flying by! this week is valentine's day and then next week both kids are off the whole week for "mid winter break". should be interesting! i'm starting to think of stuff to keep them busy and peaceful towards one another, and my sanity intact. 

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