Monday, October 9, 2017

school stuff, brickcon, sunday in fremont

i have to say, ashford being in preschool 3 mornings a week has been amazing for my productivity (and sanity, let's be honest). i drop them both off at 9 and i'm back home in 5 minutes. last week i was able to do my book keeping work, run errands, fill out volunteer paperwork/watch a training video for azalea's school, have my first volunteer stint, make a dentist appointment for azalea, and clean the bathroom. all things that are much harder to accomplish with having to answer to "mama! mama! mama!" every second from a cute 3 year old little boy. and he loves his new school, so it's a win-win! 

backing up to thursday night, we all attended the open house for azalea's 1st grade classroom. they had a list of stations to take their guests through around the room. it was really crowded and loud (it seemed like everyone came at the same time), but a lot of fun!

the next morning was my first time volunteering. i went from 11-11:45 to help with science. it was so fun! azalea was so excited to have me there and she introduced me to the class as "melissa" :) the teacher did an experiment with tuning forks and water and the kids loved it. i'm going to volunteer every friday at 11am. i'm so thankful to get this opportunity! 

friday night i met up with a couple 1st grade mom friends (that go back to preschool) for food and margaritas at matador restaurant in our neighborhood. it was a really fun night. it's not too often i get to have uninterrupted conversations with them, so it was a treat! 

saturday morning thatcher and the kids worked on shooting a video for a contest at his work. he's done it the last 2 years. they give you a theme, some lines that need to be included, and the time constraint (60 seconds). the kids always think it's a thrill to help him with it! here is the final video if you are interested. in the afternoon we went to seattle center to attend brickcon (the largest lego convention in the united states). thatcher and the kids went last year and it turned out to be waaaaaay more popular this year. we got there at 1pm and had to buy tickets for 2pm. we went to the artist playground while we waited. 

it was super crowded and chaotic inside. the lego creations were fun to see, but after an hour we were ready to escape!


 ashford fell asleep in the car and slept for a while when we got home. we grilled chicken and veggies for dinner and skyped with uncle anders and aunt nith before bed. 

sunday we had no plans. we debated going somewhere outside the city, but decided to take a bus to the fremont neighborhood instead. we visited the famous troll. 

we hadn't been there since our first summer in seattle. we also went to the fremont farmer's market. 


it was getting to be lunch time, so azalea and i decided to go to a burger place nearby. the boys didn't want to go, so we parted ways with them to have our own little date :)

azalea took a nap on the couch in the afternoon (i may have dozed off too). thatcher and ashford played legos and i went to the grocery store. we made lasagna for dinner (we made it last weekend too and it was so good we wanted it again. it was even gluten and lactose free for thatcher!) it was bath night and then off to bed. 

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