Tuesday, September 12, 2017

weekend recap: mama night, lao festival, co-painting

one more thing from last week before i forget...ashford started swimming lessons! he took a parent-child class a year ago with me, but this is his first time taking one on his own. it's at the ballard pool on thursday mornings and he is in a 3 year old class with only one other kid (so far). he was a little nervous about going in without me, but the teacher was great with him and he warmed up to it right away. i was so proud of him. 


on friday thatcher had a friend in town from minnesota, so he took most of the day off work to hang out with him. i had dinner plans with some friends, so we agreed that we would trade off kid duty at that point in the day :) my friend teresa who has been part of my mom friend group for the last two years recently moved to the phillipines with her family for a two year contract for her husband's job. pretty cool for them because she is from the phillipines. anyway - they were back in town for a week to tie up some loose ends, so she wanted to have dinner with our friend group. unfortunately vanessa and i were the only ones who could make it to dinner, but we still had fun! we went to a mexican restaurant on ballard ave called gracia and it was delicious! it was so nice to have a night out with them.

saturday morning we hung out, played board games at home, etc. after lunch we drove down to south seattle to check out a lao festival that was happening. we were excited to go since we have a lao connection in our family now :) it was held at a park and there was a stage setup with live music, food vendors, and a playground right next to it. we felt a bit out of place because were were literally the only non-lao attendees, but i don't think anyone cared. it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. 

we stopped at the grocery store on the way home, then made meatball hoagies for dinner. thatcher also made pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting for dessert. tis the season! yum! the kids played some video games, had a bath, and then went to sleep. i was so proud of ashford. he still wears a diaper at night and goes #2 in said diapers at least a couple times a week, but that night he woke up because he felt like he needed to go and called for me to take him to the bathroom. yay progress!

sunday was a cool but bright and sunny morning. almost-fall perfection! thatcher did some work around the house and i took the kids to a playground. the playground was packed - seattleites sure love their cool weather! we came home for lunch, then i left to go to the coworking space to help some of the other board members paint. we rent space in a church and the "work" room had this super loud neon green wall paired with blue paneling. we've been dreaming of painting it since we opened back in february. we worked with the church and a designer to get a new color palette of soothing greens, light pink, and orange. it was a fun little project. it looks soooooo much better and it's not even done yet. maybe i'll share a before and after on here when i get some good pics :)

 i got some groceries on the way home, the kids played their video games, we grilled dinner, and ashford fell fast asleep. azalea stayed up late due to an afternoon nap. 

my mom comes into town for a week tomorrow and we are so excited! we don't have any set plans while she's here (besides thatcher being gone for 5 days for a work trip). 

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