Monday, June 26, 2017

it's beginning to look a lot like summer...

it was a busy week around here last week! i guess that's to be expected when it was azalea's last full week of school. wednesday the sun made a welcomed return. most of june has been cool and cloudy, so i was pretty excited for some warmer temps. it was also perfect timing because azalea had her class picnic at golden gardens after school on wednesday. it was such a gorgeous night! it was a potluck and people brought so much good food. the kids played on the beach and the parents chatted, and her teacher came too. 

 last year when she finished preschool, i was like "kindergarten - let's do this!" but i'm feeling much more sentimental this year. i think i'm realizing how quickly elementary school is going to go and how fast she is growing up in general. i'll just try to hold on for the ride! what else can you do?

thursday she had field day at school in the afternoon and i was hoping to go watch, but ashford fell asleep in the afternoon instead. oh well! friday was another picnic - this one for all of the kindergarten classes at another park in our neighborhood. there were tons of kids there and it was another fun evening. it'll be interesting to see who she has in her class next year. she made lots of friends this year, but i wouldn't say she is especially close with any one kid. 

we had no plans going into the weekend and it was a hot one! it was weird to go from upper 60's to 80's-90 so quickly! saturday morning azalea and i walked to the library while ashford and thatcher stayed home and built legos :) we all went to chipotle for lunch (birthday giftcard for the win!) and then walked around uvillage outdoor mall for a bit. we came home and got our swimming stuff ready for our first trip this year to the seattle center wading pool. it's seriously the best wading pool ever. not suprisingly with the warm weather, it was packed there! the kids had a blast and it was fun to have thatcher along too (we've only gone during the week before). 

we grilled turkey burgers for dinner and then rented the new beauty and the beast from redbox. i've been wanting to see it for months and it did not disappoint. such a good movie! it was almost 9 by the time the kids went to bed.

....andddd they woke up at 5:55am on sunday :( i love the bright sunny mornings of summer, but they definitely don't help with the early waking from the kids. oh well. thatcher left early to do a solo bike ride out to the city of redmond. he left us directions to a park where we would meet and hang out at the playground and beach. the high was 90 on sunday! we drove out there around 10 and could not find anywhere to park. the lot was full, there was very little street parking and the overflow lot was blocked off. we gave up after about 15 minutes of driving around. thatcher loaded up his bike and we decided to go to a state park a little ways away near issaquah. thankfully we found parking at lake sammamish. it was packed there too because there was a pro beach volleyball tournament going on. so cool! i wish we could have watched, but you couldn't get in or even see anything without a ticket. instead we played on the playground (which was so hot!) and then the kids waded in the lake. it was nice to wade in water that wasn't as freezing as the sound :) i wasn't thinking and didn't bring their swimsuits or even a change of clothes, but we let them get soaked anyway.


after about an hour we decided to leave because we felt like we were melting. there was no breeze! in the afternoon, i worked on invoicing at java bean then got groceries. we grilled dinner (surprise surprise) and then watched the lego batman movie. we are on a roll with renting movies lately, well kid ones at least.

today is azalea's official last day of school! pretty sure 50% of the kids weren't coming back after friday. they extended the last day to today after we have an extra snow day this winter and a lot of families had already made travel plans. ready or not summer, here we come!

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