Friday, June 30, 2017

goodbye kindergarten, hello 4th of july!

just a quick post on this friday before the holiday weekend. i can't believe azalea getting out of school and the 4th of july are only a week apart this year. so weird! monday the 26th of june was her last day. i love when people share their kid's first and last day of school pictures on social media, so i did it too: 

it's sort of hard to tell because of the composition of the pictures, but she has definitely grown! 

this week has been a bit of an adjustment having both kids home. read: so.much.fighting. i'm starting to get the impression that my kids fight more than the average siblings...lucky me! ;) thankfully i signed up azalea for a half day art camp this week that her kindergarten teacher was co-teaching. i'm so glad we got another week with her, she is so wonderful! it's also given the kids a few hours break from each other every day. 

it's always awkward when the 4th falls in the middle of a week, isn't it? i persuaded thatcher to stay home on monday (it's my birthday!). he will be working a half day from home then i'm leaving in the afternoon for a 24 hour staycation at a hotel downtown with my mama friends. it's actually not for my birthday, but instead a going away last hurrah for two of them who are moving away from seattle this summer :( my birthday was the only night that worked for everyone, so that's just a bonus for me! i cannot wait! 

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