Wednesday, June 28, 2017

favorite outfits from the last 6 months

i'm here for my twice yearly fashion post! get excited! ;) it's just starting to get warm enough for shorts/skirts/dresses in seattle, so most of these are cooler weather clothes. i feel like i have completely re hauled my wardrobe over the last couple years that i've lived here. i've gotten rid of so many pieces of clothing that i was hanging onto even though they didn't fit right and i didn't even like them. so freeing! so here is a rundown of the outfit collage with links to stuff that is still available online. my opportunities to shop kid-free are extremely limited, so my go-to places for online shopping are nordstrom (free shipping on everything, i only shop the super on sale stuff!), old navy (free shipping on $50, but i usually wait for a free shipping on $25 promo), and target (used to be free shipping on $25, but they recently raised it to $35 - boo!). aside from free shipping, i pretty much only buy clothes online from retailers where i can easily return anything that doesn't work in-store. 

1. black tank from target (old), long open black cardigan from old navy (super soft and versatile), patterned "soft pants" from old navy. i have to admit, while these pants looked super cute on the model, they were totally out of my comfort zone to order, but i'm so glad i did. i love them and they are so comfortable! and yes, they are regular pants, not pajamas. and don't mind my wrinkles ;)

2. same long open black cardigan from old navy, black and white swing dress from old navy, cognac sandals from amazon (i bought mine from ;)) if you don't own an old navy swing dress yet, run don't walk and get yourself one! they are seriously the most comfortable piece of clothing ever. they are thick, stretchy, super flattering and only around $15! i want 10 more! finally, while these sandals are cute, mine got ruined after two wears because the oil (?) from my sunscreen got on them and dyed them. weird huh? 

3. gray cardigan from target (old), striped swing shirt from target (i can only find the tank top version), bp skinny jeans from nordstrom (from last fall, can't find online), tan canvas shoes. this top is very similar to the old navy swing dress and the lace detail is fun. i love it! these shoes are one of my favorites ever, but they get destroyed by dirt/rain pretty easily, so i have to be careful when i wear them. 

4. long open cream cardigan from old navy (old, but the same style as the black one), striped old navy tank (they don't sell the blue/white striped one anymore), old navy distressed rockstar jeans, tan h&m booties (no longer sold). these jeans are my absolute favorite ones i've owned in years. they fit perfectly and despite claiming i would "never" buy jeans that came with holes in them, i love the small amount of distressing. they are super popular and almost always seem to be sold out online. i've been wanting to get another pair, but haven't found my size online or in store for months.

5. i've talked about this blanket scarf on here before (it's from etsy and was a gift). i was trying to come up with new ways to wear it and i saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers "putting me together" posted an outfit like this (all black, blanket scarf, tall cognac boots) so i gave it a try. super cute! the jeans are from gap outlet and the boots are target riding boots from last winter. sorry no links on this one :) 

6. i've also talked about this green army jacket before from target. it's a couple years old now, but they seem to have similar ones each year. it looks so cute thrown over just about anything, but especially over stripes :) these jeans are old from gap and the shoes are older sperry's from nordstrom. 

7. cream pullover sweater is old from old navy (i'd love to find some similar new ones). cranberry lace tank is from target (old). this outfit was an attempt at combining clothes that i hadn't thought of before. i usually wear the cranberry shirt under a cardigan and hadn't thought to put it under a pullover sweater. it's the little things people! :) also, the pop of color was just too perfect with my hunter boots (which have holes in the bottom after 2 years. i'm so bummed!) 

8. hello again black and white striped shirt - i could wear you every day! also...behold the coral denim jacket i bought this spring. sadly it looks like old navy doesn't sell it in that color anymore, but here is a white one that is cute. both just scream spring! i haven't owned a denim jacket since the 90's and i'm not sure what took me so long to get back on board. i think these are the bp jeans again, can't really tell. ha! 

9. finally, we have come what i have dubbed my picnic tablecloth shirt. haha. it's a gingham pull-over top from banana republic, but i got it at goodwill for super cheap! (i really need to do another thrift store run). gray jeans from h&m (old). i love having gray jeans for something different, but i might be retiring these soon and looking for some that are less jegging-like. bongo canvas shoes as seen earlier. 

so there ya go! 9 of my favorite outfits from the last 6 months that are not currently weather appropriate :) 

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Faith said...

Cute looks! My favorites are #4 & #6!


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