Tuesday, May 9, 2017

grandpa durant's visit

it's been another busy stretch around here (hence the tuesday recap). thatcher had a local conference for work last week, so i did a lot of solo parenting in the evenings. thankfully grandpa durant arrived thursday afternoon! he took transit from the airport to our place. ashford was very excited to see him walking down our sidewalk with his suitcase. it was so nice out that day, it felt like summer! we picked up azalea from school and the kids played on the playground for a bit before it got stormy (which is rare in seattle, so it was kinda fun!) durant took the kids and me to scooters for burgers and shakes for dinner. yum! their building is a bit dilapidated and at one point during our meal, it started flooding because it was raining so hard! 

friday durant took ashford out for a few hours so i could get a break, which was very much appreciated. i made stuffed shells for dinner and we hung out with thatcher in the evening. 

saturday i had my board retreat for women's business incubator from 9-4. it was held at a creative firm's office in central district (east of downtown). it was probably the nicest office i've ever set foot in. it had anything and everything you could ever want: a basketball hoop, ping pong table, tv area with comfy couches and video game consoles, a gorgeous kitchen, and even a bunk room (which is sort of alarming. ha!). the space was just beautifully designed. the board had a very productive day and lots of yummy food and drinks to fuel us through it. it was a nice change of pace for me considering i never go into an office anymore. myself and a fellow board member named sarah were the only ones who could make it to the happy hour after. we went to a german bar about a half mile away. it had a huge patio. it was only 57 degrees out, but sunny, so it felt amazing. it was packed there! 

sunday we all took the bus downtown then took a ferry to bainbridge island. it was a beautiful day for it! the kids always love riding the ferry (and the grownups too).


we walked along the main street of bainbridge and then had lunch at a vegan vietnamese place that is just a little hut with all out door seating. azalea was actually excited about it and ate spring rolls and fried rice. ashford was less excited. ha!


since we are on a children's museum kick lately, we decided to check out the one that is on the island for the first time. it was similar in size to the tacoma one. i love that each one we've been to has their own unique activities. the kids loved it and were not happy campers when it was time to leave. 

we were all pretty tired by the time we returned home, but we hadn't planned anything for dinner, so we walked to mod pizza in our neighborhood, which hit the spot. 

monday thatcher took the day off. i asked if i could get a break from the action, so he took his dad and ashford (azalea had school) to deception pass and whidbey island. we have been there as a family. here are some pictures of their outing: 

i did some book keeping and board work at home, then went for a stroll in our neighborhood and also got some groceries and finished my book. they were gone for most of the day! we made smoked salmon pasta for grandpa's last dinner with us.

he is off to the airport this morning. we will miss him! my mom (guest 3 of 3 for spring 2017) arrives a week from tomorrow. time is a flyin' these days.  

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Faith said...

Looks like a great visit! Beautiful images :)

And your meals that you made for dinner sound amazing especially the salmon pasta!


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