Friday, May 5, 2017

four on friday

happy friday! i'm coming at you with a little brain dump this afternoon. sometimes i get in this "i wanna write a blog post!" mood yet i have nothing formal to share. so, here is some informal stuff on my mind today :) 

1. old navy summer wear. i love old navy in every season, but especially for inexpensive spring/summer clothes. i recently bought this shirt and this dress on sale and i love them both (i have a long-sleeved version of the dress too, they feel like pajamas. so comfy!). this week we got our first 70+ degree days of the year, but now it's back to the 50's. it was sort of a tease, i have to say! i'm excited for consistent warm weather, so i can wear short sleeves, dresses, and sandals. 

2. grandpa durant is here. my father in law is visiting us for 5 days right now. the kids are loving getting some grandpa time and i'm loving having another grown up to hang out with during the day ;) he offered to take ashford out this morning to the locks and mighty o donuts to give me a break. how lucky am i? it is much appreciated. i did some work at a coffee shop, then came home and read/am writing blog posts. i'll have a recap of his visit next week. 

3. summer is coming. as i already said, i cannot wait for summer. (for more than just the clothes) ;) last summer it felt like i had so many big things to look forward to: a bachelorette party, multiple friends visiting seattle, a trip to minneapolis, etc. this summer is looking a lot more low-key, but i know it will still be fun. azalea is in school until june 26th (crazy late, right?). we are actually going to take her out for 1 day in mid june, so we can go to the coast of washington for a 2-night getaway. it will be our first time visiting the coast. fun fact: we will be visiting the area where the twilight books/movies are based. ha! 

4. women's business incubator retreat. tomorrow morning i have a board retreat for the nonprofit i'm a member of. lest you think, a "retreat" sounds exotic, i assure you it's just a fancy name for an 8 hour meeting :) the plan is to assign the board members to committees, refocus our mission, and plan for the future of WBI. i think it'll be a very productive day! also, shameless plug: give big seattle is tuesday, may 10th, but you can schedule your donation ahead of time

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Leah D said...

I have that jersey swing dress in like 3 colors!! So cute and comfy and light with the Vegas summers. I love it!!!


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