Tuesday, May 30, 2017

a relaxing memorial weekend

we just wrapped up the most glorious memorial day weekend here. we had (almost) no plans the whole weekend and the weather was nearly perfect the entire time! living in minneapolis and now seattle i've had more than my fair share of crummy weather on memorial weekend. it felt like a dream to have it be 80 and sunny for most of the weekend. it's much easier to celebrate the unofficial start of summer when it actually feels like summer! sadly it's already gone back to more "normal" weather for this time of year. 

before i get to the weekend recap. i need to get a little #reallife on you. afterall, this blog is to record the good, bad, and the ugly of my life right? so, we had some lovely...ahem "visitors" we here last week. the day after my mom left, we got an email from azalea's kindergarten teacher that there is a lice outbreak in her classroom. fantastic! i was hopeful that we would not be affected, but sure enough when we checked azalea's hair that night, there were live lice in there :( if that wasn't bad enough, thatcher checked my hair just to be safe and there were bugs in mine too! ahhhhh. it was the kids' bedtime, so we put them to bed and thatcher went to the drug store to get the lice-killing shampoo. we did my shampoo and comb through that night and it took almost 2 hours. what a pain. we kept azalea home the next day and thatcher stayed home from work in the morning and we did her hair and looooots of laundry. we had a pretty mild case, but it's still a lot of work to get rid of them. we have to do a follow up shampoo treatment for both of us this week to make sure they are totally gone. i hope we don't have to deal with this again. i remember getting lice a couple times when i was a kid. it's a lot more work when you are the grown up ;) 

now onto the good stuff...friday night we stayed in and made tacos and put the kids to bed early because they were super tired. it seemed like a good idea at the time, but backfired on saturday morning when they were both standing next to our bed at 5:30am ready to start the day. they are early risers - but that was especially bad! thatcher took azalea back to her bed and laid with her and i laid with ashford in ours until 6:30am. except no one got any more sleep. sigh. we had no plans on saturday, so i ended up taking the kids to a playground in the morning while thatcher cleaned our apartment. 

the park started off fun, but the kids kept fighting with each other and i warned them multiple times if they didn't stop that we would leave. and they didn't....so i started marching them to the car while they both screamed and cried in protest. it was quite the show for the 30 other people at the park. sighhhhh. in the afternoon, thatcher needed to drop off his bike at his work downtown for the emerald city bike ride he was doing early sunday morning. i drove the kids to lake union park to go to the splash park. it was the first day of the season! they had a blast - and didn't fight once! thatcher met us there and we all hung out and enjoyed the sunshine.

blurry but too cute not to post

 after we got home, i went to the grocery store then we made dinner and watched moana for the first time. it's such a cute movie! 

sunday morning thatcher left at 5:30am for his bike ride. he met up with some of his co-workers for it and they had a great time.

yes they biked on the (closed) highway for part of it :) the ride was 25 miles!

it was a beautiful sunny morning, but all the kids wanted to do was stay home and play board games. (huh?). so that's what we did. they are obsessed with games right now: candy land, go fish, race to the roof, uno, slamwich, you name it! thatcher got home at lunch time. i escaped for a while to finish up my invoicing for work at java bean. later in the afternoon we took the kids to the playground with their bikes then we decided to go to mod pizza for dinner (that place is giving chipotle some serious competition. ha!) 

ashford fell asleep in the stroller during the walk over and proceeded to sleep through dinner. not my favorite time of day for him to nap! we picked up ice cream on the way home and the kids watched some shows before bedtime. 

monday we had no plans, so thatcher decided to take ashford to carkeek park and i took azalea to target. divide and conquer! when we came to the park to pick them up, it was insanely busy and i was thankful that we weren't looking for a parking spot. memorial day picnics galore! here are a couple pics from their hike: 

we ate lunch at home and then i took the kids to a nearby playground (third one of the weekend, if you are counting) to meet ashford's buddy ewan and his dad matt. azalea also ran into one of her classmates there, so that was fun. we spent a long time at the park. it was another gorgeous day! we grilled burgers and corn on the cob for dinner (best summer meal ever!) and it was early to bed for the kids again. hope you had an enjoyable weekend too! it's back to business as usual today. i have to pick up azalea early from school for back to back doctor and dentist appointments. wish us luck! 


Faith said...

Ugh, lice! I remember getting it as a kid and my mom using some shampoo that turned my hair green! It was green for weeks, lol. But yeah, just the thought of lice gives me the creepy crawlies.

Laura Darling said...

Ahh so sorry to hear about the lice. That's a major bummer. We had a mod pizza near us and I've never gone but it looks really good!!


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