Wednesday, April 19, 2017

spring break and easter 2017

i mentioned that last week was spring break and while i would argue it was far from a "break" for this mama, i'm happy to report we all survived ;) i filled our mornings with fun outings and then we spent most afternoons at home because i needed to work and i want the kids (*cough cough azalea*) to get better at having downtime/entertaining themselves. we went to playgrounds, a coffee shop, the zoo - including a ride on the carousel:

we also went to the church playspace, and the co-working space (they had a school age art camp that azalea attended while ashford was in the preschool room). i was "on duty" as the point person at the co-working space, so it was a pretty hectic morning of running around and helping out the teachers. by saturday morning i was feeling so depleted from the week that i begged asked thatcher if i could get a couple hours to myself. so, he took the kids to carkeek park and i grabbed my book and headed to java bean coffee shop. i got a cafe vienna latte, a muffin, and enjoyed the rest of my book. it was heaven

it was a gorgeous sunny morning, so i walked down to market street. i ended up at buffalo exchange (shocker) and bought a cute dress that i ended up wearing for easter. i'm ready for warmer weather!! the rest of the day thatcher ran some errands, we took the kids to the playground with their bikes, and we made breakfast dinner. 

the kiddos were so excited going to sleep knowing the easter bunny was coming that night. ashford had a lot of questions including "how does the easter bunny get in our house?" and "is the easter bunny big or small?" azalea knows the easter baskets are kept on a shelf in the laundry room during the year, so she wanted to be "helpful" and get them out for the easter bunny. ha! 

here are their baskets this year: 

azalea got tights, colored pencils, bubbles, and some candy. ashford got a hot wheels, a lego train engine, crayons, and some candy. the kids didn't get up until after 7, which was surprising. they were thrilled to see their goodies when they came out. 

we hung out at home all morning, getting food ready and cleaning for our friends to come over for lunch. we skyped with family in minnesota and i also took the kids outside to do a little photo shoot: 

vanessa, matt, and ewan came at 11:30. we made a super traditional lunch (*wink*) of asian marinated pork and veggies with rice. it was delicious. they brought fruit and cupcakes and thatcher made a chocolate souffle as well. we were all stuffed and the kids were on a sugar high. it was pretty chaotic in our small space, but i was so thankful to spend easter with them :) 

 they tried peeps for the first time. apparently they don't have them in canada!

 we made a frozen pizza for the kids because #easy

azalea loves to hug ewan. he is like her second little brother. 

by the mid afternoon we were all crashing, so i took a nap with ashford and thatcher and azalea fell asleep on the couch. is there anything better than naps after holiday festivities? i think not! in the evening, we watched the "bee movie" and heated up some leftovers for dinner. it was a nice low-key way to end a busy week! 

now we're back to our routine and counting down the days til my brother comes into town (a week from today!) 

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