Monday, April 3, 2017

hello april: the good and bad of the weekend

it was a weekend of some serious highs and lows here. nothing terrible, but the stress of fighting kids, potty training, etc just about pushed me over the edge on a few occasions. thankfully there was sunshine, nature, and hugs and kisses to make up for it. 

friday night we made dinner, gave the kids a bath and then they were off to bed. thatcher went to his friend chris's house for a game night and i stayed home and had a date with the couch where i drank wine and watched sex and the city. doesn't get much better. :) 

saturday was a rough day. the kids and i mostly hung out at home because we are in the throws of potty training. thatcher helped a friend move around lunch time, and i planned to take the kids to scooters for lunch and then to the library, but ashford refused to use the potty (it had been many hours) and was melting down left and right, so i canned our trip out. let me tell you, that went over real well with the two of them ;) it was not a fun day and if i'm being honest, there were some tears on my part. thankfully i got to escape to the grocery store in the afternoon to get ingredients for a dinner we were hosting for thatcher's co-worker and her husband and daughter (who is azalea's age). they came over for a few hours and we made asian-inspired pork and veggies on the grill for dinner. it was our first time meeting them and it was such a fun night! the kids had a blast together and the adults actually got some quality conversation in. win-win! the night ended on a much better note. 

sunday was a fantastic day all around. sunshine, fun family outings, as well as lots of successes on the potty for ashford and no accidents. i'm planning a whole post on our experience this time around. i know you are on the edge of your seat ;) the cherry blossoms were at peak bloom this weekend, so we headed to the university of washington, where there is a huge concentration of them. i had heard it's the place to go and that was definitely evident. it was pretty much a mob scene, but the flowers were worth it. 

he fell face first in the mud and was not a happy camper :(


not a cherry blossom, but how cool is this tree?!

we grabbed some lunch after and then took the bus home. after relaxing at home for a while, we took a trip to the library and then i got some groceries while thatcher took the kids home. we rounded out the week with dinner and a little family uno game before bed. next weekend we are heading to portand and i can't wait!

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katielookingforward said...

Gorgeous blooms! Minnesota doesn't quite of the spring feeling, things are thawing, but they aren't that pretty yet.


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