Wednesday, March 29, 2017

women's business incubator

i'm excited to share that i have joined the board of the 'women's business incubator', a non-profit here in seattle. i've talked a bit about how ashford and i have been using their co-working space with on-site childcare. i've been building a friendship with one of the board members since we started going and she asked if i would be interested in serving on the board. sure! i went to my first meeting a couple weeks ago. there are 5 board members and they voted to add 3 more of us, so the group is growing. i'm excited to get to know everyone better while doing work for this awesome organization.

what exactly does women's business incubator do? they started off with the mission to help women entrepreneurs balance their work and home life. the traditional work place can leave very little flexibility for parents, and they want to remedy this. before the co-working space opened in february, they had pop-up work spaces at kid-friendly businesses in town. i actually saw them at one about a year ago, but didn't have any contact with the organization at that point. they also host 1-2 events a month. networking, speakers, panels, and more. 

fast forward to february when my friend heather sent a facebook event about their co-working space / preschool opening in a church about 15 minutes from us. ashford and i went to the open house, could tell it was the perfect fit for us and signed up right away. 

the co-working space is definitely still in the growth stage - every one loves the concept when they hear about it, but getting people to sign up and use it takes a little more effort. it's perfect for work from home parents who own their own business, or who work remotely like i do. 

if you are interested in supporting the work we do, visit our fundraising page

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Sarah said...

This is so awesome! Congrats on joining!


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