Monday, March 13, 2017

sickness, new books, rain rain rain

i don't have a whole lot today, just popping in with some small updates. just as ashford was getting over his cold, guess who got it next? thatcher and me! thatcher had it during the week (which meant he stayed home from work for the better part of the week), and i got it this weekend. while it's never fun to be sick, i'm thankful we didn't have much on the calendar this weekend. thatcher was so good about taking care of the kids, grocery shopping, and making every meal. not that he doesn't normally do those things, but he did it all this weekend, while i moved between the bed and the couch, blowing my nose, coughing, and wiping my watery eyes. good times! i'm finally feeling better. i had recently told people that none of us had been sick this winter. dang it, why did i do that? 

so, that's pretty much the weekend recap. the good news out of all of this is, i've read 2 books in the last 2 weeks, which is really good for me! at least these days. i love reading, but i'm not the best about making the time for it (aka, i try to read right before bed and end up falling asleep after a few pages). these are the 2 books i read: 

i liked them both! i'll admit they are total "chick lit" but honestly that's my favorite type of book to read: friendship, a love story, light, airy, and humorous. now i have the reading bug and want to get back to the library asap. that's right, the good old library! 

finally, i must comment on the weather, if only so i can look back and remember the winter it rained foreverrrrr in seattle. i'm not kidding - i think it has rained 12-13 out of the last 14 days. the highs are finally hitting 50, so we are moving in the right direction there. i know i live in seattle, but seriously...enough is enough! i know it snowed in minnesota over the weekend, so maybe i should just be quiet now :) 

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Sarah said...

Good for you for reading! I've been meaning to but I'm just so tired or in the middle of watching Shameless and want to finish it!


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