Monday, March 20, 2017

happy first day of spring!

it's officially the first day of spring today, and this weekend was pretty much perfect in my book. seattle reminded me of minneapolis because on sunday the sun came out and it was 49 degrees and everyone acted like it was summer! ha! i was giddy because everyone was healthy in our house, which meant we got to do fun things. the weekend flew by! 

friday night both kids were asleep on the couch by 5pm. ummm yeah, not good. i tried waking them multiple times, but they were out! we finally got them up at 7pm and kept them up until 9:30, knowing that they wouldn't be tired for bed. at 10:45 they were still awake in their room and complaining that they didn't want to go to bed. i had fallen asleep, but woke up to thatcher trying to get them to go to sleep. it was after 11 by the time they actually did. and they only slept about 15 minutes later than normal on saturday morning. of course! ashford is in a tough phase where he refuses to nap most days, but can't quite make it through the day without one. and azalea is always really tired after her 6+ hour day at school, as well. 

saturday morning we got together with our minnesota friends mark, tina, and emily who live in bothell. we hadn't seen them since september (how?!), so needless to say it was nice to catch up. they came to our place and the kids played for a bit. emily is 15 months now, so she looooved playing with my kids. so cute! we all walked down to 8oz burger co for lunch and stuffed ourselves. it was a fun morning. here is my attempt at getting a picture of all 3 kids together: 

in the evening, our friends vanessa and matt dropped off their son ewan so they could have a date night. the boys were pretty wild per usual. azalea just looks at them like they are crazy. haha. we hung out with matt and vanessa for a bit when they returned. if you don't have grandparents in town, i can't recommend date night swaps enough! 

sunday morning we woke up to SUN! you would not believe how rarely the sun has come out the last few months. it's crazy! thatcher headed out early for a hike with a friend, so it was just the kids and i for the morning. i took them to top pot donuts. i hadn't been to a donut shop in months. i've mentioned my attempt to clean up my diet a bit and there is your proof that it's working ;) it was such a treat to go there! 

after donuts, we drove about 30 mins north to the town of mountlake terrace. the kids love the indoor play area at their recreation center. as of next week, our soon-to-be 6 year old will be too old to play there, so we made one last trip! thatcher was back from his hike by the time we got home. here is a picture from his hike: 

 he entertained the kids for most of the afternoon. i brought nine grocery bags of stuff to goodwill to donate (that felt so good!). i also may or may not have browsed the store and brought home 6 new articles of clothing. oops! i just can't help it. this goodwill is like a goldmine for inexpensive, nice quality clothing. i got 3 tops, 1 pair of jean shorts, a casual blazer, and a lace skirt for $27! 

when i got home, we took the kids to the park for a bit, then i went grocery shopping...alone :) we grilled dinner and ashford fell asleep at 6:30 in thatcher's arms. yiiiikes. 

hope you had a good weekend. ashford and i are off to co-working preschool this morning. 

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Sarah said...

That goodwill sounds amazing! I've been meaning to try the one in Chanhassen but haven't yet. I hope I can score like you did!


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